Phir Wohi Mohabbat – Episode 16 29th June 2017 Written Update

Phir Wohi Mohabbat – Episode 16 29th June 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Waleed ask Sana that why she did this? Sana ask that who brought her here and why they saved her? Waleed ask that what she want? Sana says that she wants him. Waleed says that he is married now. Sana says that’s why she is in this condition. Sana ask that he has no feelings for her? Waleed says that she is his friend and will remain forever. He says that he can’t keep any relation with her. Sana ask him to let her die. Waleed says that she is educated and she is having whole life to live and anyone can marry her. Sana ask him to marry her and she needs his company and if he can’t do this than let her die.
Ramsha says to Samra that she is not having her stick. Samra says that she thinks that things which they don’t need, not to make them their addiction otherwise they remain with them forever. Ramsha ask that why she said this? Samra says that they don’t need Sana here. Ramsha says that she kept her here to help her. Samra says that they are having class in their society and she is ruining that. Ramsha ask her to talk to Waleed. Samra says that she knew that Waleed didn’t feel for Sana now. Waleed come and tell that Sana is out of danger, Samra ask him to send her back. Waleed says that she is not in the condition to travel. Samra ask her to send to their farm. Waleed ask her to let her to stay here because she is getting emotional day by day and she can do anything and when she will be fine than he will ask her to leave. Samra says that she is leaving that on him. Ramsha smiles.
A man tries to found Waleed every where.
Sana come back home and Waleed ask her to take rest and if she need something than she can tell him or Naheed. Naheed ask to massage her head. Sana refuses and ask her to leave.
Waleed says that she will stay here for some days and than she will leave. Alishba says that she don’t know why she is here and says that she can’t be betrayed again and can’t love again. Waleed ask her to not to worry. Alishba says that he says that she is having all rights but Sana started living here whom he wants to marry her and he is asking her to not to worry. Waleed ask that she don’t trust him? Alishba says that she started living again because of his trust but she is afraid of her. Waleed says that he will ask her to leave as her love is more important than Sana’s friendship. Alishba refuses but ask him to not to talk to her. Waleed says that she is getting possesive. Alishba says that she is because she is having right on him. Waleed says that only she is having right on him.
Sana calls Waleed at night and ask that he was sleeping? Waleed says that it’s 3 am. Sana says that she was not feeling asleep as she used to sleep at 10pm before. Sana ask him to talk to her on call for sometime. Waleed went out of his room.
Alishba woke up in the morning and didn’t found waleed on bed. She finds him everywhere. Alishba saw him sleeping on the couch in the garden. She ask Waleed that why he was sleeping here? Waleed says that he was dealing his international clients on call and says that he will went late to the office as he wants to sleep more.
On the breakfast table, Ashar ask that why there is so much silence. Samra says that everything is alright. Sana come and ask to sit here. Ramsha ask about her health. Sana says that she is weak because of medication. Samra ask her to take rest instead of coming here. Sana apologizes and says that she was feeling suffocation in the room that’s why she came out. Ashar ask about Waleed. Alishba says that he is sleeping as he was dealing with the client of Canada at night and will go late to office. Ashar says that they are not having any client in Canada. Ashar and yasir leaves for office. Sana see Alishba and smiles.
Alishba ask Waleed that whom he was talking to at night? Waleed ask that she is doubting on him. Alishba says that she needs explanation as Sana was smiling on her like she won something. Waleed says that he don’t know. Alishba ask him to swear to her that he was not talking to Sana. Waleed says that he can’t do that and he is getting late.
Waleed’s guard tell Waleed that someone was asking about him and he was not looking good by dressing and he was taking everyone’s name and wanted to meet him. Waleed ask him to let him come as he can be poor.
Alishba ask Sana that for how many days she is here? Sana says that these medicines will not let her leave. Alishba ask her to leave as this would be better for her. Sana says that she is saying this to her as she snatched Waleed from her.
Alishba says that she didn’t snatched him but it was Waleed’s decision. Sana says that she forgot that she used to love Shehryar. Alishba says that she is now married to Waleed and ask her to leave as early as possible. Alishba says that if she thinks that she will snatch him from her than she must forget that. Sana tell her that her husband talk to her at night as she is her client from Canada.
Waleed calls Sana and says that this is not right as she called him at night. Sana ask that he is afraid of her. Waleed says that she can be doubtful and they both love eachother. Sana says that she felt good to talk to him as she is not asking him to love her. Waleed says that he will call her at the right time as he don’t want his wife to be worried and upset.
Alishba went to Samra while crying and says that Sana came here to ruin her life. Samra ask what happened and tell her the whole story.
Ramsha tell Sana that everyone is talking to send her back. Sana says that she is not a kid as she came here with her choice and will leave when she wants to. Ramsha says that in this house, all decisions are taken by Samra and if ask her to leave than she has to leave. She says that she don’t think that anything can happen. Sana ask that she is informing her or challenging her or making her afraid. Ramsha says that which one she likes? Sana says that she likes challenge as she don’t need information and she is not afraid of anyone. Ramsha says that she liked her attitude and ask her to think that this is challenge and if she will seperate both of them than on the next day she will arrange marriage of her with Waleed.
Samra ask Alishba that she was agreed with Sana and didn’t listened to Waleed. Alishba says that she saw him sleeping on the terrace and he was hiding his phone from her. Samra says that Sana will tell a lie as she wants this and why she is making Waleed complicated. Her mother ask her to wait and keep patience as Waleed will think that Sana is innocent. Alishba says that she came to ruin her home. Samra says that her weakness is this that they both are married and she will win if they will fight. She ask her to remain the same as she was before as she will handle everything and ask her to refresh. Alishba felt ill. Samra ask her to sit.
Waleed ask Alishba that why she didn’t told him that she is sick. Alishba says that she felt unconsious. Waleed ask that what doctors said. Samra says that he is going to become a father. Waleed was shocked to hear that. Waleed was so happy. Alisbha says that she wanted to see his expressions. Waleed went to tell everyone and everyone says that they needs a treat from him. Sana ask waleed that why he is so happy? Waleed says that he is going to be a father. He ask her to remove everything from her heart and get married as early as possible. She congragulate him.
Waleed says to Alishba that he needs a baby girl like her. Alishba says that she needs a baby boy like him. Waleed says that she want her baby as like he was before or like he is in present. Alishba says that she don’t want her baby like he was before otherwise he will also find Sana. Waleed says that she will stay her for somedays and will leave than. Alishba says that she is not ashamed as no one wants her to stay in house and she is living at her ex lover house. Waleed says that he loved her only once in his life.
Sana started packing her bag and Ramsha ask that what is she doing? Sana says that she is leaving as there is no need to stay here. Ramsha says that she was saying that she likes challenges and what happened if she is becoming a mother and she is not happy anymore. Sana says that he will not give her time. Ramsha says that they will do something and she has to stay till tomorrow.
An unknown person ask Waleed that where is his wife Hina. Waleed says that he don’t know anyone. He says that he know that where is his wife. Alishba come out of the car and He says that she is Hina. Waleed ask Alishba to sit in the car. Waleed and Alishba leaves. He laughs. Alishba says that who was that guy as he was coming closer to her and was trying to hold her hand. Waleed says that next time he will kill him. Alishba ask her to make him arrested.
Waleed recieves call from that person and he says that he thinks that he will make him stay away from him as he is his wife. Waleed ask him to shutup. He says that he will ask police to arrest him but he will show his nikah copy that she did nikah with him second time as this is wrong in Islam. He says that he will get her. Waleed drops the call to see Alishba. Alishba silently went to sleep.

PRECAP: Alishba says that she thinks that Sana talks to Waleed at night. Samra ask that she saw them with her own eyes. That man says to Waleed that Hina is his wife. Waleed says that he is talking rubbish. That man ask everyone that they are having Rafeeq as a servant in their house and ask Hamda that they were married when they were kids. Waleed says to Alishba that he knew that he is talking rubbish but he knew everything. Sana says to Alishba that Waleed is having doubt on her that she is Alishba or not as he want her DNA test.

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