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Chandi ask Rashid how much time he will take? Rashid says that car will start in 15 minutes. Chandi ask that why is he doing this for her? Chandi ask that he love her. Rashid says that his life will be in complex if he accepts. Chandi says that she is not having anyone in her life. Rashid says that he has his family. Chandi ask that why he is having too many daughters. Rashid says that Allah gave him.
Mariam went to Sammi’s room and Chaudhry’s maid saw her. She followed her and Chaudhry’s wife call her and ask her to massage her legs and says that she will take care of Chaudhry and ask her to massage her legs.
Sammi says that she is dead. Mariam ask that why is she doing this to her as she remain worried for her and prays for her. Sammi ask her to not to do that for her. Mariam ask that why is she doing this. Sammi says that she said that she is dead. Mariam says that she is alive and next week she will marry to Chaudhry and ask that she will meet her after that. Chaudhry come and took Mariam with her and call Zarina and Rashid. Chaudhry ask his maid that where was she? His wife says that she was with her. Chaudhry says that she is daughter of Rashid. Chaudhry ask Zarina about Rashid. Zarina says that he went for his work. Chaudhry says that he didn’t sent him anywhere. Chaudhry ask about Salima. Zarina says that she went to hospital as she is ill. Chaudhry says that she left her daughters to be a detective of him. Chaudhry says that Rashid betrayed him and now he made his daughter like him. Zarina says that she is her daughters and he can’t say her like that and she is taking them with her and will take Rashid with her as well.
Chandi and Rashid went to meet Hussain Baksh and he ask them to sit on the chair. He ask that he is Rashid and slave of Chaudhry and ask that she is his wife. Chandi says that she is not his wife. He ask that why they came here? Rashid says that Chaudhry’s wife sent something for him and said that she was not able to come by herself. He read the letter of Chaudhry’s wife.
Naheed says to lawyer that she can’t pay his fees but he can fight for justice and says that women has no right and all rights are of men. The lawyer ask to send notice to her brother as he has to fight for her.
Naheed’s brother ask Ghulam to leave from his house as he is cheap living. Ghulam says that he is saying him a living as well as cheap. Her brother says that he divorced his sister. Ghulam says that he didn’t divorced her as he is having a copy of his nikah. Ghulam says that he can torn that as he is having original and his friends will gave prove in court. Ghulam says that now he can’t slap him and if something happened to him than he will be responsible. Ghulam says that he will get to know about Naheed’s address and says that she is not alone now and he make him strong. Her brother ask him to leave. Ghulam says that now he is leaving but will be back with Naheed to get her half property. He thank to Aaliyan and leaves.
Chaudhry recieves call and Chandi come to meet her and tell her that the work is done. Chaudhry recives call from Hussain Baksh whom Rashid met and he says that he will come to meet him. Naheed come back to home and was shocked to see Ghulam infront of her. She was happy to see him.
Chaudhry ask his slave to see Fazal as he is calling him and he is not recieving his call and ask him to tell him that there is a conference at Hussain baksh house. Chaudhry says to Rashid that what happened to him and what he wants? Rashid says that Zarina packed her bags as she will not live here. Chaudhry says that she can’t do that with him. Rashid says that she has taken his decision and he can’t refuse him. Chaudhry says that who is he as he is no one and where he will go with his daughters. Rashid says that he is father of them and he has to take their responsibilties. Chaudhry says that he is upset and ask him to not to make him more upset. Chaudhry says that he needs him for statment and he will make Zarina understood. Rashid says that he will talk to her but he can’t promise him.
Chaudhry says to Zulaikha that if she will be called for statement then she has to take his side otherwise he will divorce her and he will take his son as well from her. He ask Zulaikha to take his swear otherwise she will see him dead and there will be no one of widow.
Chaudhry went for conference and Hussain baksh ask Chaudhry to sit with him. He thank to all and says that he is thankful to Chaudhry as well. He says that he is afraid of Allah wo has every right. Zulaikha do prayers. He ask that who is the father of Sammi. Sammi’s father come forward. He says that his daughter was a rubbish that he kicked her out. Her father says that he gave her against his son. Hussain baksh says that girls are for this and she didn’t made a girl by herself. He says that why he didn’t put him against her for his son. Chaudhry tried to say something but Hussain stops him and says that he is talking. Someone says that what his decision will be they will be agreed as they are muslim.
Chaudhry says that he took decision that he will marry that girl as everyone is ready to give their statement. He says that he is also having a man anyone who can prove. He ask that how many men want to take Sammi’s place and how many can burn themselves for respect. He ask Chaudhry that he will be ready to marry an old women if she ask for safety. Waqas ask him to arrest him. He says that he will be arrested. Hussain says that Sammi is not vani and this is wrong and he will give his statement. He says that she is free and she will take her decisions by herself and says to Sammi’s father that he gave birth to her and did wrong with her.
Chandi did pedicure of Sammi and Sammi says that she don’t need that. Chandi says that she is trying to give back everything what she did for her and she waited alot as she wants to do her pedicure. Sammi ask her to stop and hug her.
Chandi make Sammi bride and ask that if she gave birth to a son than she will give him name salaar. Sammi says that if there will be daughter than she will give her name Salaar. Chandi ask her to take care of her husband and gave her gift and says that her parlor is of her now. She ask her to be confident. Chandi says that everyone needs her. Sammi ask her to not to leave her. Chandi says that in that city other Sammi’s will need her. Zulaikha ask that bride is ready? Chandi says that she is ready. Zulaikha says that Chaudhry wants to talk to them. Chaudhry come and says that in his house there is a tradition that brother gave a shawl to his sister. Chaudhry gave that to Chandi. He gave money to Sammi as a gift.
Rashid took Chandi with him and says to her slave that she is not having anything to give him. Her slave says that he don’t need anything.
Sammi and Aaliyan’s wedding took place and Waqas apologizes her.
Rashid says to Chandi that he wants to say something to her and ask her to not to get hurt as he didn’t loved her before but now he started loving her. He ask her to not to love him as he is not capable. He saw Chandi that she was unconsious and was shocked to see that Chandi was dead. He went to call someone on the station.
Sammi and Aaliyan got married.


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