Titli- Episode 23 23rd June 2017 Written Update

Titli- Episode 23 23rd June 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Ahmed says that his daughters are adjusting with so much difficulty and he want to take this step to disturb their life. His mother says that they were because of this. She told him that Amna and Mariam met that girl for their satisfaction. Kiran says that his daughters are so much happy. Amir ask Ahmed to answer. Ahmed says that he don’t want to marry and leaves. His father ask Amir to not to pressurize him and give time to think. Amir says that he will delay if they will give him time. Kiran says that he is right.
Rehan says to Naila that breakfast is ready. Rehan says that today is her first day. Naila says that she is happy with him in this house. Rehan says that from today all responsibilties are of her. Rehan says that their is another good news. Naila thought that they are going for honeymoon but Rehan tell her that his parents are coming and they will live with them from now. Naila was shocked to hear that. Rehan ask that she is not happy? Naila says that she is happy. Rehan says that he is also happy and he will bring things and she has to make food for them. Rehan ask her to eat.
Ahmed says to his father that he is scared from marriage now and now he don’t want to bear that pain again and ask them to forget about his marriage. His father says that today they are with him but in future what he will do without them. Ahmed says that nothing can happen to them. His father says that this is life and in future when his daughter will get bigger and they will get married. His father says that he will alone than and he needs a partner and he should agree from them. Ahmed says that he is happy like this as they are with him and he don’t need much more and ask him to leave this topic. His father says that he will feel difficulty but he has to believe in life and Beenish’s husband left her after nikah and her parents waited for rukhsati but his husband divorced her. His father says that she can feel pain and she will also understand his pain. His father ask him to see her and understand her and after that they will talk further.
Ahmed got married with Beenish and on his wedding night Ahmed come to his room and gave Beenish a gift. Beenish want to wore ring by his hands. Ahmed says that she will get all happiness in this house and her every wish will be fulfilled. Beenish says that she don’t need anything as she got him and that’s enough. Ahmed says that his daughters are most important and he want her to not to give them pain by her behaviour. Beenish says that Amna and Mariam are her daughters as well. Ahmed thanks her.
Beenish and Kiran plays with Amna and Mariam and everyone was looking happy.
Naila see dirty clothes and Rehan ask Naila to make soup for his mother as she is sleeping now. Naila ask him to give the clothes to the dry cleaner. Rehan ask her to wash them by herself. Naila says that how she will do so much work alone. Rehan says that she can wash them while cooking and ask her to hang the clothes. Naila says that she will not do it as she became tired. Rehan says that she didn’t done this before as she was having servant in that house. Naila says that they can keep servant. Rehan says that he can’t afford a servant and says that he is getting late. Naila says that he is taking care of his parents that’s why he is getting late. Rehan ask her to not to say a work for his parents and warn her.
Beenish says to Mariam that she is going with them to school for the first time and she don’t want to listen a complain. Mariam says that she will not get a complain. Amna come and ask her to make her hairs. Beenish put shoes of Ahmed infront of him. Ahmed says that he asked her to not to do that. Beenish says that she is just putting them infront of him not stealing his shoes. Beenish ask Amna and Mariam to take their things as they are getting late. Beenish gave Ahmed wallet and ask him to come as they are getting late.
Beenish got ready and ask from Ahmed that how is she looking? Ahmed says that she is looking nice and ask that why she ask daily? Beenish says that she felt good. Beenish ask him to change as she will make tea for him. Ahmed ask that why is she making tea as she is dressed. Beenish says that he used to drink tea after returning back from office. Ahmed says that from now he will not drink. Beenish says that she likes to do his work and she don’t want him to change his routine. Beenish ask him to get ready otherwise Amna and Mariam will panic. Ahmed ask that why she promise them that they will go for outing every weekend. Beenish says that whole week they listen to her and fulfill their duties nicely.
Naila went to kitchen and Rehan’s mother call her. Naila says that they should. Rehan listen and ask that what she said as they are his parents and if she said this again than he will not leave her. Naila says that work doesn’t end and they starts calling her. Rehan says that this is her duty and they are old and instead of cursing him she should take care of them. Naila says that Ahmed didn’t talked to her like that. Rehan says that Ahmed didn’t realized and now he know her well. Rehan ask her to not to talk about Ahmed infront of him and if she did bad with his parents than he will not leave him. Naila says that he was not like that and now he is having bad behaviour with her. Rehan says that he know how to keep people in limits. Naila says that he forgot the day when she used to spend a lot of money on him. Rehan says that she was spending Ahmed’s respect as well and he is not like him. Naila says that what is he saying? Rehan says that his experience is saying this and ask her to listen to his mother.
Ahmed ask Beenish that what is she doing? Beenish says that she is hanging his shirts as she felt good by doing his work. Ahmed says that he can’t believe that destiny gave her to him as she is so nice and she made his life beautiful. Beenish says that who will take decision that who’s life is beautiful as she is lucky as well. Ahmed says that they both are lucky. Mariam come and says that she wants to sleep with her as she is afraid. Beenish sat with Mariam and ask Ahmed to switch off the light.
Naila come and see Rehan working. She says that she didn’t dreamed this life as she left everything for him and her daughters as well. Rehan says that she didn’t cared for her daughters before as well and he remained shocked that what kind of a mother is she as she don’t love them. Naila says that she loved her daughters but she left them just for him. Rehan says that she did just for her as she wanted to live with him. Naila says that she didn’t wanted to live like this. Naila says that he looked at her face. Rehan says that she is so much worried about her face and he was like this before. He says that beauty doesn’t matter and taking care of her husband parents and doing house work can make place in man’s heart. He says that he can’t talk about her beauty all time. He ask her to sleep as he has a lot of work to do.
Naila says to her mother that she want to run from here as she is tired. She says that she want to meet Amna and Mariam and ask her to bring them here. Her mother says that this can’t happen as she didn’t saw on the divorce papers that she will not keep any relation with her daughters and can’t snatch them from their father. Naila says that they will be missing her as well and they must be sad. Her mother says that they are happy with Beenish as she love them alot. Her mother says that everyone is happy. Naila ask for help. Rehan come and ask that why she want to leave. Rehan ask her mother to leave and hold her mother’s hand to leave from here. Naila ask him to leave her hand. Naila says that she is her mother. Rehan slapper her and ask her to not to talk like that to him. Her mother says that he has no right to slap her. Rehan says that she did all and helped her. Rehan says that now he will not allow her to fullfill her dream by taking divorce from him and making her marry to someone else. He ask Naila’s mother to never come back again.
Naila says that he is blaming on her character. Rehan says that he betrayed her ex husband she can also betray him. He ask that who else is in her life. Naila says that there is no one. He says that he will not give her time to make divorce papers.
Rehan come back home and see Naila in weird situation and ask her to bring food for him and ask her to wash the clothes. Naila says that machine is not working. He ask her to wash clothes by her hands and ask her to clean the house. Naila went to kitchen and cries.
Naila met her old friend in the market and he ask that in what situation is she? Naila says to Sami that she felt good to see him. He says that he didn’t felt good to see her like this. He says that he want to talk to her and ask her to come with him. Naila refuses. He force her and ask to come with him.

PRECAP: Rehan says to Naila that he is not stupid and he is not Ahmed as he will not let her go so easily. Naila says that she didn’t understood before. Rehan says that he will kick her out of the house. He says that where she will go as her parents shut their doors for her. Naila’s father cries to see hear about Naila. Naila got accident.

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