Woh Aik Pal – Episode 15 17th June 2017 Written Update

Woh Aik Pal – Episode 15 17th June 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Unaiza says that he is feeling awkward as he will feel that he is in Faris office. Aarish says that he felt that he is capturing his husband’s bussiness. Unaiza ask to close the business as there is no one to handle that. Aarish says that people will talk. Unaiza says that this business is of Zaid now. Aarish remember when he said that this business is of Zaid. He says that it is more good that she will be at home and he will handle office.
Hina’s friend ask that how Aarish left her as her husband is so caring. Hina tell her that Aarish is married now. Her friend says that Aarish is so bad as she used to care him alot. Hina’s another friend ask that why is she crying? Her friend tell her that Aarish married to Unaiza and she can’t do nothing as she will cry and remain silent. Her friend says that he should punish him. Hina says that she don’t want to do anything. Her friend says that she must have been killed her husband if he did this to her.
Mushtaq celebrates with his employess by having a project. Unaiza come and He tell her about celebration. Unaiza says that she will wait outside as she can’t see Faris room like this and says that when he will be free than he can call her.
Aarish apologizes Unaiza. Unaiza says that she used to ask Faris to prepare Zaid for handling the business and he used to smile. Unaiza says that now she remember that what he wanted to see as her own can’t do anything than she should not keep hope from employess.
Hina come to Unaiza’s home and see Aarish and Unaiza’s picture together.
Unaiza thanked Mushtaq for handling his business. Mushtaq says that he used to ask her to come office and he will make her learn about office work. Unaiza says that Aarish will handle the business as she believe him. Mushtaq says that this is good if she will relax at home and he will handle the business of Faris.
Hina broke the picture of Unaiza and Aarish in anger. Unaiza and Aarish come and ask that how this picture is broken? Hina hide somewhere. Aarish ask Unaiza to bring food and he will bring Aarish till them. Unaiza was upset because of picture.
Mushtaq went to Ahsaan and tell him about Unaiza and Aarish. Ahsaan says to Nazia that her sister went to office and says that she anoounced infront of everyone that Aarish will handle Faris business from now onwards. Mushtaq says that he is shocked that singke girls diddn’t get boys to marry and here widow and a mother of a child got someone. Ahsan says that she trapped him and he don’t know and he says that he should be thankful that he is save. Mushtaq says that Nazia didn’t like their joke. Ahsan says that Ngo called his sister Lubna and congragulate her. Mushtaq says that bad happened th him. Ahsaan says that no one can see and thinks that he is bad but he told that this will happen. Mushtaq ask him to warn him as well if he knew this. Ahsaan says that so he would be able to hide his mistake. Mushtaq says that he didn’t done anything. Ahsaan says that he knew everything. Mushtaq ask him to beware as Nazia is here. Ahsaan ask Nazia to call Lubna as she want to know the explanation. Ahsan says that he knew that Unaiza was characterless. Mushtaq says that Faris was diamond.
Sara ask Hian to be well as she will take her to parlor for make over. Hina says that by all these things life will not change and says that she is fine. Sara says that she is not fine as she took too much time by coming at her house. Hina says that she was busy. Sara says that she can give her company as she can’t do anything else. Hina says that why is she guilty as he is not her brother and if he would be her brother than she would have taken revenge and says that they are not nice. Sara says that they are not like that. Hina ask her to not to talk about them. Sara says that she came here for her. Hina ask her to not to come here as she is happy and says that she is no one to her and she wants to tell her that she is happy with her husband and his brother left her. Hina says that she don’t need her. Sara says that if she wants to be angry than she can but she can’t complain in police. Hina says that she is selfish as this is the reason she came here. Hina says that he betrayed her and ask her to leave otherwise she will talk in another way.
Unaiza went to Aarish and ask to help him. Aarish refuses and says that there is too much complexes. Unaiza says that Faris was good and this can’t happen under Faris. Unaiza apologizes. Aarish says that he can’t handle business like Faris. Unaiza says that he is also good and she didn’t mean that. Unaiza says that Faris was so innocent and he didn’t knew that this complex is happening. Aarish ask her to not to explain as Faris was more good than him. Unaiza says that he was Faris and he was he and she was just clarifying. Aarish ask her to not to care him that much as he can’t be more intelligent than Faris. Unaiza became angry and Aarish apologizes. Unaiza ask him that they shouldn’t marry eachother. Aarish says that she is now recognizing the mistake. Unaiza says that he is not comfortable. Aarish says that he is happy. Unaiza ask that he is happy with Zaid or her? Aarish says that Zaid is her son and he is so cute. Aarish ask her to give eachother time to understand eachother. Hina throw something on the window. Unaiza and Aarish panics and Unaiza ask him to not to go there.
Zaid ask Unaiza that she felt afraid when the glass broke. Unaiza says that she was afraid. Zaid ask her to come to her when she felt afraid. Zaid says that he don’t like Aarish with her.
Aarish ask Unaiza that she was afraid. Unaiza says that she was confused and ask her to not to be afraid as nothing will happen to him. Unaiza ask him to promise and ask that if he will die than nothing will happen to her. Aarish says that she will become widow again. Aarish apologizes and says that he says anything at any time and he has to keep her happy and making her more upset. He says that this would be better if he didn’t married to her. Unaiza says that he says right things at sometimes and he is saying right that he shouldn’t married to her.
Aarish went to sara and ask about his brother. She says that he is still angry and she called him hiddenly. She told him that she is afraid because of Hina. Aarish ask about her. She says that she is acting weird and not going to office too. Aarish says that she met her? She says that she met her many times but now she stopped meeting and tell him that she went to police station for complaint but didn’t complaint. Aarish says that this will happen. Sara ask him to apologize her as by doing this she will ruin his life and she thinks that he betrayed her. Sara ask him to talk to her and call her. Aarish says that he will talk to her. Sara says that she don’t know that when she went to police and complain about him. Aarish says that no one can stop this. Sara says that he is not trying to understand her and ask him to call her for her sake.
Aarish called Hina and Hina says that she will not pick up the call if he knew that she did all. Aarish ask that why is she not recieving his call? Hina says that she was busy. Aarish says that she don’t want to meet him. Hina refuses. Aarish force her. Hina says that why she should meet him? Aarish says that he know that he did bad to her and says that he wants to meet her and remembering their friendship. Aarish says that he is missing him. Hina ask him to meet her now as she is leaving for home. Aarish ask to give him half an hour. Hina leaves from office.
Unaiza ask that why Sara called him? Aarish says that she wanted to talk about Hina. Aarish says that he was thinking to meet her. Unaiza says that he came here to tell this. Aarish says that he can tell that on call but he thought to tell her by meeting her. Unaiza says that this is not right to take permission from her for meeting Hina. Aarish says that he thought that she will feel happy. Unaiza says loudly to not to make her happy. Aarish says that he can leave now and he will be back soon. Unaiza ask that is everything alright? Aarish says that he is not here to take permission but he is guilty. Aarish says that she was a big support for him and he can’t face her and if she demanded something from him than what he will do? Unaiza ask that what type of demand and what he is trying to say? Aarish says that he don’t know and leaves.
Hina tries dresses and says that he don’t get to know that sheis getting ready for him. Hina talks in mirror and practices that how she will talk to her. Hina says that when he will come she will say that she didn’t ordered food for her but this is the food which she ordered for her friends at night. Hina’s friend call her and says that she went to meet Aarish? Hina says that she didn’t done any preperations. Her friend says that she know her well and if he propose her than she should first ask him for his and Unaiza’s divorce. Aarish come and Hina ask him to sit. Aarish says that he did mistake that he didn’t waited for her before marriage. Hina says that he was afraid that he will change his mind after seeing her. Aarish says that he knew that he did wrong and apologize her. Hina says that he felt bad on what he did? Aarish says that he is ashamed and says that now he only apologize her. Aarish says that she was his well wisher. Hina says that if he married to her than they took care of them together. Aarish says that he did what he felt right at that time. Hina ask that why is he here? Aarish says that he is here as Sara forced him to apologize her and consol her and Unaiza ask him to take flowers for her. Hina says that how dare he?

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