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Ahmed’s mother ask that what happened? Amir tell her that Naila asked for divorce. His mother was shocked and says that she can’t do this and she will apologize her and ask her to take her there. Amir says that he will not allow her to do that as Naila is so much rude. His mother says that she can’t made her do that as she can’t see her son ruined. Zubair ask her to relax and says that they will go there and talk to Naila’s father and her brother.
Zubair and his wife went at Naila’s house and Kami ask them to sit as he will call his mother. Kami says to his father that Ahmed’s parents are here and he ask him to meet them as they are waiting for him. Naila’s father says that he is ashamed and he can’t face them. Kami says that they are here by themselves and they will feel insult if he will not meet them. Kami ask him to meet them. His father says that he can’t face himself and he don’t know how to face them. His father says that Naila made him ashamed infront of everyone.
Mariam ask Kiran that where her father went? Kiran says that he went for some work and he will come soon. Mariam ask her to call her mother to take them back. Amna says that she will not go and if she wants to go than she can leave. Kiran says that why is she saying like that about her as she scolded her? Amna says that she is not nice. Kiran says that she is her mother and she loves her.
Ahmed’s mother says that she wants to talk Naila by herself and she wants to make her understood that she can’t do this. Naila’s mother says that she thinks that she didn’t talked to her or didn’t made her understood. Ahmed’s mother says that she knew that she made her understood but she wants to talk to Naila once. Naila’s mother says that she will talk to her and ask them to not to worry. Kami says that he will call her by himself.
Kami comes to Naila’s room and call her but didn’t found her anywhere. Kami says that where she went?
Naila was at Rehan’s house and tell him that Ahmed with his parents went to her house and they will make her life more problematic. Naila says that she will not go back there. Rehan ask that where she will live than? Naila says that she will live in her apartment as she is having keys. Naila ask him to come with her for divorce papers preperations.
Mariam ask Amna that she don’t remember her mother. Amna says that she remember her sometimes. Mariam says that she was saying her to meet her. Amna says that she don’t wants to meet her ever.
Zubair says that Naila didn’t done gud as she sent divorce papers. He says that it’s their duty to save their respect. Naila’s father says that she ruined their respect. Ahmed’s mother says that they fulfilled her every wish and they will fulfill her more wishes. She says that she just wants to meet her once. Naila’s father says that there will be no advantage to meet her. Kami says that she is his sister but she crossed every limits and he is ashamed. He says that Ahmed is having guts that he wants to find solution. Amir says that this is just for Amna and Mariam. Zubair scolds Amir. Naila’s father says that they are innocent as after all this he is not allowing anyone to talk against Naila. He says that he is ashamed of her as he didn’t thought of their respect and not about her in laws and her husband as well as her daughters. He ask Ahmed to signature on the divorce papers. He says that he is so unlucky that he is asking himself for his daughters divorce. He apologize them and says that she didn’t deserve them and ask Ahmed to signature on the papers. Everyone was upset. Zubair gave Ahmed divorce papers.
Ahmed says that she had not done this to him and says that she is a mother and she left her daughters for some stranger. Amna and Mariam come and he ask that they don’t want to go to meet her mother. They both refuse and says that they will not go. Amna ask that why is he crying? Ahmed refuses and says that he is father of them and he can’t cry. He ask them to get ready as they will go for outing.
Amir says to Naila that Ahmed did signatures. Amir says that he also wants some signatures of her on papers. Amir ask her to sign on the papers of apartment which she made on her name. Naila sign on the papers. Amir again stops her from taking divorce papers. Naila ask what type of papers? Amir ask her to sign and accept that she is leaving her daughters by herself. Naila panics and says that they are her daughters and she is her mother and she will not signature. Amir says that she didn’t fulfilled her duty of a mother and if she will sign on these papers than she will get divorce papers. Amir says that for whom she has taken this step, dream of living with him will not be fulfilled. Naila signature the papers. Amir leaves.
Amir and Kiran come to Ahmed and gave him divorce papers. Ahmed says that she didn’t done bad with anyone than why this happened with him. Amir says that Allah can’t do bad with nice people and she didn’t deserve them. Ahmed says that she was the mother of his daughters. Amir says that she didn’t fulfilled her right of a mother. Ahmed says that he is worried about Amna and Maraim that how they will live without her mother. Kiran says that Naila used to tont her on not becoming a mother and now she became a mother of her daughters and she will become mother of them. Ahmed thanked her. Amir and Kiran leaves.
Amna and Mariam returned back from school and Ahmed tell that Amna and Mariam got 1st position in their school. Zubair says that he knew that they both are intelligent. Ahmed ask him to thank Kiran, because of her hardwork they got positions. Amna ask Ahmed to call Amir. Ahmed ask Kiran for the gift. Kiran says that she needs their prayers. Zubair says that he will take them for outing. Ahmed’s mother says that today is the day of happiness. She ask for tea. Zubair refuses.
Rehan and Naila’s wedding ceremony held.
Kami’s wife ask her father in law to eat food. Naila’s father says that he wants to eat poison so that he would be able to sleep as everyone will tonts him and he will not be able to bear that. Kami says that he is right. Kami’s wife says that instead of make him understand he is saying that his father is right. Kami says that what should else he say as Naila ruined their respect. Naila’s father says that her mother is taking her side as he stopped her but she went in her nikah and he will not apologize his wife for this.
Zubair ask Ahmed that why is he sad? Ahmed says that he was thinking that they both didn’t forget her mother as they didn’t asked him to take them to meet her. Zubair says that she has no feelings for her daughters and why he is ruining his life because of her. His father ask him to see that they are happy and ask him to pray for their happiness.
Naila waits for Rehan in room. Rehan come and says that he knew that she did alot for him but he didn’t done much for her. Rehan gave her a ring as a gift. Naila says that she left everyone for him and now she has a dream to live a happy life with him. Rehan says that her dream will come true.
Kiran says that Amna and Mariam was so happy today. Ahmed’s mother pray for their future. Zubair says that they want to talk something important from him. Amir says that he has to be agreed. Ahmed says that he can’t reject his father. Zubair says that they want him to marry again. Ahmed refuses. Amir says that he has to agree. Kiran says that they just want to listen his yes. Ahmed says that his daughters are adjusting with so much difficulty and he can’t make them more difficult. His mother says that his daughters already met that girl and they were happy to meet her.

PRECAP: Ahmed married again and his wife says that she will make tea for him. Ahmed refuses. Rehan says to Naila that it was her decision to marry him and she does this for her only. Naila cries and says that he looked at her face as her face is ruined. Rehan says that she is so much worried about her beauty.

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