Phir Wohi Mohabbat – Episode 14 15th June 2017 Written Update

Phir Wohi Mohabbat – Episode 14 15th June 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Ramsha’s maid tooh her into her room and ask her to bring her things. Yasir ask that she is finally back? Ramsha says that she is feeling better and she thought that she should not irritate them more. Yasir says that she didn’t listen to anyone and says that she noticed that this is weird how Alishba told Waleed that she love him and he felt that there was something different in her as she was confident. Ramsha says that she was also shocked. Yasir pray for their happiness. Ramsha ask that what is he thinking? Yasir says that there was a seminar in abroad and he was thinking to send Alishba with Waleed for two days but he did a mistake as he didn’t arranged her visa. Ramsha says that she will go at some other day.
Waleed ask about Alishba’s wish which she didn’t did yet. Alishba says that she is thinking because she didn’t thought of any wish as it is shocking that she is married in such a rich family and it’s not important that every wish would be fulfilled. She says that she will not take Shehryar’s name and ask him to promise her that he will help her in forgetting him. Waleed says that he will keep her so happy that she will forget everything.
Waleed ask his mother that what is she doing here. Ramsha says that she was not feeling sleepy. Waleed says that why she didn’t called him. Ramsha says that she don’t wanted to disturb them. Waleed ask her to take her to room. Ramsha says that she will sleep in her room as she is fine now. Waleed says that she is not perfectly fine but Ramsha refuses. Rasmha ask Alishba to take rest and ask her to go to her room. Ramsha tell Waleed that his father wants him to go to England for seminar. Waleed says that he didn’t know about the topic and he don’t know what to do? Ramsha says that he will tell him and he was feeling bad that he didn’t arranged Alishba’s visa. Waleed says that this is not the issue as they will leave for Europe after some time. Ramsha gave him his tickets and passport. Waleed ask Ramsha that is she ok? Ramsha says that she will leave for her room by herself.
Waleed gave Alishba a ring which he wanted to gave her on wedding day. Alishba says that this is beautiful. Waleed says that it was not beautiful but now in her hands it is more beautiful.
Waleed says that if she will take care of him so much that he will not be able to leave. Alishba says that she wants the same. Waleed says that he will not be infront of her eyes but he will be close to her heart. Alishba says that this was a cheap line. Alishba says that hia father was calling him. Waleed holds Alishba’s hand and says that he will miss her.
Ramsha ask from Naheed that where is Alishba. Naheed says that she was in her room. Ramsha ask her to tell Alishba that she will go with her to meet the doctor.
Samra says to Alishba that she forgot her mother after marriage. Alishba says that she was busy with Waleed. Samra ask that are they happy together. Alishba says that they promised that they will not argue. Naheed tell Alishba that she has to go to doctor with Rasmha. Alishba says that she don’t like her. Samra says that she is her aunt as well as mother in law. Alishba says that she is just frightening mother in law. Samra ask her to let her speak as she is with her. Alishba says that she will scold her during the way to the hospital. Samra ask her to go otherwise she will be late.
Naheed come and Samra ask that she has a contact with Hamda. Naheed says that she is having her contact number. Samra ask her to give her as she wants to tell Hamda that now Alishba is happy. Naheed ask her to give her later as she has a lot of work to do because Ramsha’s friends are coming.
Ramsha’s friends came and she says that she is angry with them as they came after a long time. Her friend ask her to call her daughter in law. Alishba come and her friends ask her to sit. Her friend says that Alishba is beautiful but she is simple. Her friend ask about her qualification. Alishba says that she had just done inter. Her friend says that she was servant at her house before.
Naheed gave number to Samra and Samra ask that she wants to tell her something. Naheed ask her to come down as her friends are so annoying and Alishba is with them. Samra ask her to ashame them. Naheed says that they should be punished once.
Her friend says that she is so lucky as she is feeling so jealoused to see her like this. Ramsha’s friend says that due to work hard man can be so rich but her life became so awesome. Alishba cries and she says that she was not having any goal to hurt her and they just came here to see that girl whom with Waleed married and left Sana for her. Her friend says that anyone can love at anytime. Samra comes and says that they are her old friends. Her friend compliments her that her daughter is beautiful and Ramsha is so lucky to have Daughter in law like her. Samra says that she didn’t told her that what her husband do. Saba says that he has his own bussiness and he is out of town for some work. Samra says that she heard that he is in jail and that’s not a big deal as her husband’s case was proved because of drug smugling. Saba says that it was a small case. Samra says to Sofia that how’s her third marriage going. Sofia says that it’s good. Samra says that she is having guts that she is managing 3rd marriage as they can’t even manage their 1st marriage and says that this is not her fault as she attended her 1st marriage and her husband was politican son and he was arrested due to some case and she left him. Samra says that her 2nd husband became mad after 2 years. Saba and Sofia says that they are not here to be ashamed by someone else. Samra says that but they were here to make fool of someone else. Ramsha says that she made many thing for them to eat. Saba and Sofia says that they will come at some other day. Ramsha ask why are they leaving? They says that they will come some other day. Samra ask Ramsha to eat all these things.
Alishba cries. She recieve call from Waleed and he told her that he reached. Waleed ask that why is she crying. Alishba says that she was not crying and ask about the weather. Waleed says that the weather is so hot as he has to live without her. Alishba ask him to come early. Waleed ask to come now .Alishba ask him to finsih his work first. Waleed says that he will call her later.
Alishba thanked Samra and says that she made her strong. Samra says that she told her that no one can do anything to her as she is with her. Samra ask her to stop crying.
Yasir ask Ramsha that what happened to Waleed as he is not happy to be there. Ramsha says that he is making his trip so much problematic as he went regulary and nobody asked anything from him. Yasir ask that she talked to him. Ramsha says that her mood is upset. Yasir ask about her friends? Ramsha says that they were her friends at childhood and now she didn’t get a chance to meet them and when they came and nobody talk to them nicely than anger is must. Yasir ask that somebody said something to them. Ramsha says that they got insulted. Yasir says that he also felt that her friends are wierd and if someone has said something than they would be right. Yasir leaves by saying this.
Alishba recieves call from Waleed and he ask her that where was she? Alishba told him that she was with her mother but now she is in her room. Waleed ask Alishba about time. She told him that it’s 12. He says that he forgot his file at home. Alishba says that if Yasir will get to know than he will be angry. Alishba went down stairs and was shocked to see dark everywhere. Alishba was happy to see Waleed. Waleed wishes Alishba at her birthday and gave her a surprise party. Yasir ask that how he would know that it’s Alishba’s birthday? Waleed says that Samra told him during random talks. Samra says that he returned back to celebrate her birthday. Yasir says that he called him and he was upset that how he send him on her birthday and called him back. Alishba says that he didn’t celebrated her birthday before. Everyone celebrates Alishba’s birthday. Ramsha didn’t ate cake from her hand.
Samra says that she is so happy today. Ashar says that she got a loving husband. Samra says that she is getting her happiness which she lost before. Ashar ask her to pray for her happiness and Ramsha will accept her.
Ramsha complaints to Yasir that why he called Waleed back. Yasir says that it was important. Ramsha says that he has to do work and he has to handle that in future as well. Yasir says that he will handle and now this is time for his happiness. Ramsha says that she is just thinking about her son and he will be rampaged. Yasir says that these are the days of improvement of elders. Ramsha ask what does he meant? Yasir says that sign is enough for a intelligent person.
Alishba woke up and ask Waleed to woke up as well and says that she needs her birthday gift. Waleed ask her to sleep now. Alishba says that he said that he will give her gift and if it would be late than time will be passed. Waleed ask that what she need?
Ashar says that there is so much suffocation and he think that it will rain. Samra says that it will not. Waleed come in suit. Yasir was shocked to see him like that. Ashar ask that he will join office. Waleed says that Alishba asked this birthday gift for her. Everyone leaves for office.
Suddenly the rain starts and Waleed says that rain will ruin the day. Yasir says that here people says it a blessing. Ashar ask to leave office today as it’s a heavy rain.
Alishba was shocked to see Waleed and ask that why is he back? Waleed ask her to smile first. Alishba says that he has taken leave on his first day. Waleed ask that what is she doing in the evening. Alishba and Waleed decides to go for outing.
Ramsha says that the rain is not stopping. Yasir ask her to pray that rain should be a blessing. Ramsha and Yasir was shocked to see Sana and Sana suddenly becomes unconsious and they panic.
Waleed ask that why is she here? Alishba ask that what happened to her? Ashar says that he checked and she came back from US 4 hours ago. Waleed says that she will leave. Waleed ask Alishba to not to be upset. Waleed ask Alishba to tell them what they planned. Alishba says that they decided to celebrate Samra’s wedding anniversary.
Yasir and Ramsha took Sana to the hospital. Yasir ask that what they are doing here? Ramsha says that he didn’t noticed that in what situation she was. Yasir ask her to call her mother and call her here. Ramsha says that he knew that she is not having good relations with her mother. Yasir says that this must be police case. Ramsha ask him to leave as she is not fine and she says that she will stay here.

PRECAP: Ramsha says to Sana that Waleed don’t care of her now as he is not here to ask about her health. Ramsha ask Waleed to talk to Sana at least. Waleed says that they have moved on now and he can’t talk to her and if she wants to come here than she can but he will not talk to her. Sana says to Waleed that she will leave by herself when she will feel normal. Sana ask Waleed that she is not even her friend now? Waleed says that if she think that they are friends then she should better leave from here. Ramsha cries and tell that she went into Sana’s room and she was unconsious again.

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