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Sammi Episode 20 11th June 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Chaudhry says that he cared of people when he was not at that post but he will take care of them still at this post. Chaudhry says that he saved Sami from waqas and his wife saved her and kept her in her house. Chaudhry ask his wife to see how everyone is congragulating him.
Rashid recalls what Chandi said to him. Rashid’s wife says that she recieved the reports and ask him to see that. Rashid says that he is only concerned for her safety. His wife ask him to read her reports. Mariam says that their may be a baby boy. His wife ask that he is not happy as he don’t want a son? Rashid says that his daughters are enough and he want to give a birth to slave for Chaudhry.
Chaudhry says to Rashid that he didn’t killed Waqas behind him and because of elections he is not taking any action. Chaudhry says that he knew that he and his wife wants Sami to escape from here. He says that he will marry Sami after a week and his wife will give a statement infront of media that they saved Sami and he will say that her brother was prepared to kill her and he was involved with her brother and if Chaudhry’s wife didn’t saved Sami than they would have been killed Sami. Chaudhry says that he has to give statement with his wife and says that he is getting married to Sami. Chaudhry ask Chandi that who is she?Chandi says that she is a beautician. Chaudhry ask that is Rashid called her for his make over. Chandi says that his wife called her. Chaudhry says that is she becoming a bride. Chandi says that she is a bride and may Allah save his husband. Chaudhry says that she should have to do make over of some bride. Chandi ask that who is getting married and ask that is his daughter getting married? Chaudhry says that he will tell her.
Chandi says to Chaudhry’s wife that she is Chaudhry’s wife and she is having strong home than why she shouldn’t save a girl. His wife says that she just did for her son but she didn’t thinked that this may lead this much. Chandi says that she saw everthing and she did the same and she will be in problem. His wife ask Chandi to take away with her. Chandi says that she will not go with her. His wife ask to talk to her. Chandi says that she will talk to her? His wife ask her to talk now. Chandi says that she hates her. His wife says that she just needs to be free. His wife take Chandi with her to meet Sami. Chandi calls Sami and ask her that how’s she? Chandi says that she is hating to see her here. She says that she is looking beautiful as she was before as Salaar saw her like this. Chandi says that she knew that Salaar is not alive. Chandi says that she is here to take her with her. Sami says that she will not go anywhere as she can handle her issues and ask her to leave. Chandi says that she learnt how to stood up for her but they will ruin her. Sami says that they will take her to police and she don’t need her help. Chaudhry’s wife says to Chandi that Chaudhry is coming and take Chandi with her. Chandi says that she will help her.
Aaliyan recieves call from Shahzaib and Shahzaib says that he think that Sami will send his father to jail as he can’t see his father in jail and ask her to make her understood to do something. Aaliyan says that he will try that what can he do.
Chaudhry ask Sami that is she having any problem over here and ask her to live here as her house. He tell her that he is getting married with with her after a week and shouts to see in his eyes. Sami says that she will not marry him. Sami says that this nikah can not be done if she is not agreed. Chaudhry says that she knew that who is he and what can he do. Chaudhry says that still she is talking infront of him. Chaudhry says that he gave her a new life. Sami says that she don’t need a new life. Chaudhry says that he will gave her to his brother who wants to kill her. Sami says that she accepts that but will not marry him. Chaudhry tried to slap her but his wife stops him.
Neighbours of Naheed come at her home and ask her to leave this town as they know that she is not a nice women and is not married with Ghulaam. Naheed says that she got married with Ghulaam and she is pregnant now. He ask her to show her nikah copy. Naheed says that why should she show and says that if anyone ask his wife to show her nikah than she will show him. He says thay why she will show as everyone knew that she is his wife and mother of his children. Naheed says that than she is wife of Ghulaam and will be mother of his child soon and ask them to leave as she is alone and her husband is out of town due to some work. Naheed cries.
Chandi says to Aaliyan that he saw Salaar how was he and she killed her that’s why she don’t want to meet him. Chandi says that she is having stone heart. Aaliyan says that he is her Salaar and will be forever. Chandi cries and says that he is her Salaar and ask him to save Sami. Aaliyan says that he is trying to save her. Chandi says that she is stupid and she can be in problem. Aaliyan says that he tried to tell police and they only needs money for action. Chandi says that she is having alot of money and ask him to give money to them and save Sami.
Sami recieves call from Aaliyan and she tell him that she is fine. Aaliyan says that he is happy to hear that but situation is not ok till now. Sami says that she will make situation as she will ignore everything. Aaliyan ask her to think about how she will leave this place. Sami says that she is afraid from here and she wants to leave but she don’t want to escape but wants to go with respect. Sami cries. Aaliyan says that he prepared everything for her as he knew that she can’t leave her brother and father.
Waqas requests Rashid that he wants to meet Sami as he wants to hug her. Waqas says that he thought that she is his property but she is not his property as she is also a living. Sami’s mother requests Rashid and pray that he will be having 7 sons. Rashid says that he don’t need sons but ask her to pray for her daughters as this can’t happen with them.
Inspector ask Chaudhry’s wife to leave from here as Chaudhry will kill them when he will hear that she came to police station. Chaudhry’s wife says that she didn’t came here as Chaudhry’s wife and she is Zulaikha and says that Sami is here as she is daughter of Riaz and ask him for FIR. Inspector refuses. Zulaikha says that he is slave of government. Inspector says that he is here because of Chaudhry. Zulaikha says that she can also report for him as he is not taking action. Inspector ask her to file a case as Chaudhry will handle everything. Sami says that he should be ashamed as he has right to write a report.
Waqas comes and says that he was finding her. Sami ask him to kill her. Waqas says that he wants to hug her as she is his sister and apologizes her as he will die. Sami leaves. Zulaikha says that he is not a brother. Inspector ask Waqas to leave. Waqas says that he killed Pervaiz. Inspector ask him to leave. Inspector called Chaudhry.
Chaudhry says to his wife that she reached to police station. Zulaikha says that she was crying that she wants to report in police and she took her there to show that police can do nothing. Zulaikha says that there she said about her marriage with him and she took back here with force. Zulaikha says to Sami that there is no one who should stand infront of Chaudhry. Zulaikha says that she is getting married next week and ask her to see her face. Zulaikha says that she will call Chandi for her make over. Chaudhry laughs. Rashid point out gun on Chaudhry but didn’t shot him.
Sami says that she is tired now as he said that if she stood up than everything will be alright but everything went wrong as her brother was standing infront of her to hug her but she showed her back. Aaliyan says that she is strong now and if she didn’t told him that she is innocent than he didn’t came to hug her but she has to speak. Sami says that she don’t know how to speak. Aaliyan says that she started speaking. Sami says that Salaar talks the same way. Aaliyan ask her to sleep as he is with her on call. Rashid’s wife came to meet Naheed and says that she don’t need fake reports as Rashid needs daughters. Saleema says that he is happy with his daughters. Naheed ask that she told him about reports. Saleema told her that he didn’t saw reports as he needs only daughters. Saleema ask that she will wait for her husband and ask her to stood up as she is carrying a baby boy.

PRECAP: Chaudhry saw Mariam with Sami. Ghulaam was back and Naheed was shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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