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Ashar says to Samra that after Dadi’s death there is too much silene in the house. Samra says that he knew that in which situation marriage happened. Ashar says that he wants to see everyone’s happy. Samra says to Ashar that he knew what happened with her. Samra stands up and Ashar was shocked to see her like that.
Ramsha ask Naheed that what’s happening in the house? Naheed says that everyone did breakfast and went for their work and at night what happened she didn’t remembered. Ramsha ask her to leave. Naheed ask that she likes a baby girl or baby boy as at night everyone is irrtating Alishba for that. Waleed ask Ramsha about her health. Ramsha says that she has to went for checkup. Waleed ask her to tell him when she has to go.
Waleed says that she will be soon. Ramsha says that he and Alishba took care of her and says that his choice is nice. Waleed ask that is she taking medicines and says that Yasir is with him? Ramsha says that she can’t sleep well and he asleep in a minute and he is also busy after marriage that’s why she talk to Alishba. Waleed ask her to shift in his room for a while and he will be in guest room for some days. Ramsha says that she can’t say anything.
Waleed took her in his room and help her. Waleed ask Naheed to bring everything of Ramsha. Ramsha ask Alishba that tghere will be no problem? Alishba says that she is ok. Ramsha says that she asked him that she will live alone but Waleed forced her. Ramsha ask that she is shocked to see her here and ask about her offer. Alishba says that Waleed loves her. Ramsha says that she don’t love him and she can’t think as well and she has to do what she say and now she is infront of her and now she can control her. Ramsha ask her to bring juice for her.
Samra says that this means that Ramsha will never allow them both to be with eachother. Samra ask aboout Ramsha from Waleed and he says that she will be fine. Samra ask about Alishba? Waleed says that he is trying. Samra says that she is innocent and he has to be like Shehryar. Waleed says that he can’t be like him. Samra ask him to be a normal guy. Waleed ask that she will be alright after that? Samra says that yes.
Ramsha ask Alishba to do against what He says. Alishba says that he will not like that if she refuse her infront of him. Ramsha ask her to refuse everything what he say and she will help her to remain away from him.
Waleed says to Alishba that she know that what he likes about her? Alishba ask him to leave her alone. Waleed ask that he married her to leave her alone? Alishba says that now he will force her and will act like a boss. Waleed says that he has right for that. Alishba says that he can do after her permission. Waleed says that she is taking that too long. Alishba says that there is only his happiness and his wishes and what about her wishes and says that he betrayed her as he can’t feel as he left Sana , he will also leave her. Waleed says that he didn’t loved her. Alishba says that she hates love. Waleed says that he love her and can’t live without her as she is taking revenge and now he is totally changed.
Samra ask Alishba what happened to her? Alishba says that they did wrong with her and now they want her happy. Alishba says that she want to live by her own choice and now she is trapped. Samra says that everyone is happy to see them happy and ask someone said something to her. Alishba says that Ramsha said what she wants to say as she asked her to leave Waleed. Samra says that she is doing wrong as they know that everything wrong happened with her but Shehryar did wrong and left her and she think that he forgot her as there are many girls in Germany. Samra says that if he wanted her to marry her than he should have taken stand for her. She says that he must felt for her for few days and after that he felt that he don’t love her as Waleed felt. Samra says that she knew that she has to believe in this truth that Waleed is her husband. Alishba says that Ramsha don’t want her to do that. Samra says that she is just jealous because of her. Alishba says that she can’t forget and what she will says to Ramsha. Samra says that Waleed will help her and she will handle Ramsha. Alishba ask what she should do now? Samra says that she will do what she will say to her and says that if she was upset than she should tell her eveything.
Ramsha ask Waleed that why is he here? Waleed says that when he remained ill than she used to sit with him. Ramsha ask that Sana told her that she also wanted to take care of her mother but her mother didn’t allowed. Waleed says that her mother is harsh. Ramsha says that Sana is nice but not like Alishba. Alishba come and give breakfast to Ramsha and tea to Waleed. Waleed felt good.
Ashar ask Samra that why there is too much silence? Samra says that now she is not using wheal chair and now Ramsha is on bed. Yasir says that after so much enjoyment he is feeling silence. Samra says that he will feel silence in his room as Ramsha shifted in Waleed’s room because she used to be bored. Ashar says that he asked him to take leaves. Yasir says that she is so stupid and says that he will talk to her. Samra ask him to be nice with her.
Alishba recalls what Ramsha said to her and what Samra asked her to do that.
Yasir says to Ramsha that what is she doing in Waleed’s room. Waleed says that he took her here. Yasir ask him to go out. Yasir ask Ramsha that what is she doing? Ramsha says that Waleed brought her here and he is her son. Yasir ask her to shift in Samra’s room and ask her to come with him. Ramsha says that Waleed will be upset if she leaves.
Waleed ask Alishba that how is she changed? Alishba says that Ramsha made her understood that now she is married to Waleed and why she remained so upset with him? Waleed ask that what she said? Alishba says that she said that she married to him so hurrily that’s why. Waleed ask that now she don’t feel bad for him? Alishba says that she can’t say right now. Waleed ask her to take time.
Ramsha ask Alishba that where was she? Alishba says that she was working in kitchen. Ramsha says that what she saw, was that a dream? Ramsha says that she told her that she can’t see her with Waleed. Alishba says that he talk to her by himself. Ramsha ask her to irritate him to break his relation with her. Alishba says that she can’t do that and ask him to do that as he listen to her much. Ramsha says that is she saying thi by herself or someone has washed her mind. Alishba says that she is saying by herself as she know that all happened was not her decision as she don’t love him but he was her friend and she can continue friendship with him. Alishba ask her to woke her up if she needed something. Ramsha ask Alishba to fight with Waleed infront of everyone otherwise she will see what happens.
On the breakfast table, Yasir ask that she was feeling good by getting care from Alishba. Samra says that she is her daughter. Alishba says that she slept so early and she remained talking. Yasir says that he didn’t saw her talking with Waleed. Samra says that they used to talk and at night they were at roof. Alishba says that Ramsha said her something and she is thinking to say that infront of everyone. Alishba says to Waleed that she love him and she wants to be with him.
Ramsha ask Alishba that suddenly she fallen in love? Alishba says that she can’t do that what she wants and she can’t be broken now. Ramsha says that Samra said to her this. Alishba says that her mother just wants her happiness and she wants to see her happy. Alishba says that she is a mother and ask her to pray for her son’s happiness instead of his ruined life. Samra ask Ramsha that what happened as she is looking upset? Samra says that what is she doing this has no meaning as ego ruins everything. Ramsha says that she do that before. Samra says that after her paralyzation she left every decision of this house and she has taken every decision. Ramsha says that after Alishba is back she is back into her position. Samra says that she is talking rude as she is here to take out solution. Ramsha says that she gave her challenge but she will win. Samra says that she lost her daughter before but now she will not lose her daughter as well as her son.
Waleed ask Samra that she was Alishba? Samra says that she is his wife and ask him to find her. Waleed find Alishba and went up stairs by hearing Alishba’s bangles sound. Waleed found Alishba on the roof. Waleed says that she is so brave as she said everything. Alishba says that she is not afraid as everyone loves her. Waleed ask than she know that who love her the most? Alishba says that she told him. Alishba ask him to go for outing. Waleed says that before she change her decision they should leave.

PRECAP: Waleed give Alishba her marriage gift. Someone says to Alishba that she was a servant in this house. Alishba cries and says to her mother that she gave her power to speak. Samra says that no one can say her anything till she is alive. Sana come back in a bad condition and Ramsha becomes shocked to see her.

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