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Rashid recalls when he saw Chandi and she said that she shifted here in village and started a parlor. His wife ask that is he upset? She ask him to not to worry as she is with him. Rashid ask that she love him alot? She says that she love him alot. He ask that she believe him? She says that she don’t believe him. Rashid says that he had not seen anyone in a wrong way. She says that if someone look him in a wrong way that she will kill him as she is related to him and once she will be a mother of son than he will see that she is clever or not. Rashid says that this is wrong. She says that this right as she wants her full right on him.
Aaliyan ask Naheed to take care of her. Naheed says that everyone says that this is the child of Ghulam. Aaliyan ask that she is not having any prove of her marriage with Ghulaam. Naheed says that she is not having any copy of her nikah as well as Ghulaam will be having that. Naheed says that she didn’t asked Ghulam for nikah copy and ask that he really divorced her? Aaliyan says that he don’t believe his father. Naheed says that he fought because of her and he did alot for her.
Chaudhry’s wife gave her mobile and says that she is doing all this as she don’t want her to marry Chaudhry. Sami says that she don’t want to marry as her agreement is more important. His wife gave her mobile that she can call anyone whoever she wants for her help.
Rashid recieves a call and his wife and mother ask him to not to pick up the call as he will ruin him. His daughters as well stop him. Rashid pick up the call and says that Sami is here. Sami says that he remembers that when she come to play with his daughter and he was afraid that Mariam will fell down and now she fell down but she didn’t allowed Maraim to fell. Sami ask that what he did with her, he can do with his daughter. Mariam ask Rashid that what is she saying? Sami says that he knew that she didn’t escaped with anyone and now who will believe her for this. Sami says that she is returning back to her home and make them believe that she is innocent and now he will give prove that she is innocent.
Rashid stops Sami. Sami says that she has to go. Rashid says that how she will go at midnight? Sami says that what will happen to her as he didn’t noticed at that day. Rashid says that he will drop her. Sami says that she don’t believe him. Rashid took her to her home and ask her to apologize him as a sister. Rashid says that he became bad with bad people and if she will not forgive him that Allah will also not forgive him.
Waqas ask Sami to leave as they don’t want to see her face. Rashid point gun on Waqas ask him to listen Sami. Sami says that she will leave but he has to listen her. She says that she listened him at everytime and in every situation. She says that she didn’t said a single word to him and he is blaming is a lie. Waqas says that Chandi told her. Sami says that she didn’t went to Karachi by herself as Rashid sent her there. She says that Chandi kicked her out from her home and her son gave her house and kept her safe. She says that when he brought her here at that day Salaar died. Sami says to her father that she don’t know her daughter as he didn’t understood her. Sami says that Chandi is here and she started her parlor over here and ask Waqas to listen the truth from her. Sami leaves from there and cries. Rashid put his hand on her head.
Chaudhry’s servant ask where she went? Sami says that she went to her house and she is not afraid of anyone. Sami calls Aaliyan and Aaliyan ask that is she ok? Sami says that she is afraid as he asked her to speak and she did as it is but now she is afraid of Chaudhry. Aaliyan says that she did right and Chaudhry will not say her anything. Sami ask that if he really married to her? Aaliyan says that marriage needs her agreement and she has to speak. Sami says that she scolded Rashid and he apologized her. Sami ask that she will with her if some complexes will be there. Aaliyan says that he is always with her. Sami says that Chandi is here. Aaliyan says that he knew that and she came here to see to her. He ask her to meet Chandi as she will feel relax.
Rashid’s wife ask that is she carrying a son or daughter in her womb? Doctor tell her that there is baby girl.
Naheed says that she prayed alot for son but Allah didn’t listened to her. She cries and Naheed ask her to relax as Allah know everything. His wife says that what she will do with another daughter. Naheed ask that she needs son to get relieve from embarassment. She says that she needs son for that reason. She ask Naheed to wrie in reports that she is carrying a baby boy. Naheed says that why she need that? She says that no one is happy in her house as everyone cries.
Shahzaib ask Aaliyan that he thinks that his father will won the election. Aaliyan says that he will not vote his father. Shahzaib says that he will not vote his father as he don’t think that his father can improve the society. Shahzaib ask that he can stand in election as he want to save people and traditions. He wants Rashid and his daughters to be safe. Aaliyan says that he don’t need to stand in election for this. Shahzaib says that he should marry Sami as she needs a nice guy because he learnt from him. Aaliyan says that he also learnt to be a good man from his father as his father is not a good person.
Rashid went to meet Chandi and Chandi was shocked to see Rashid infront of her. Chandi says that this is the parlor of ladies and she can’t makeover him. Rashid ask her to make him beautiful as he is not beautiful lady. Chandi ask him to leave. She ask that she left him a man and what happened to him now. Rashid says that this ruined him. Chandi ask that why he did this to her and why he sent Sami there? Chandi says that she lost her son. She cries and ask why he did thi to her?
Sami come and Shahzaib ask her to call Aaliyan by his name. Sami says that she wants to talk to him something important. Shahzaib says that she is again saying sir to him as he was talking of her marriage with Aaliyan. Sami says that she wants to file a case against Chaudhry.
Rashid says that he spologized Sami. Rashid says that he did bad to her and he don’t even ask her to forgive him. Chandi says that she is broken and now she can’t be like that before. She says that when he rejected her, she was ruined. Chandi says that after that she was able to stand up but now she is totally broken. Chandi says that he used her love. Rashid says that he don’t know how this all happened? Rashid ask her to not to apologize him ever.

PRECAP: Chaudhry says to Rashid that he will marry Sami next week and he will be with him. Chandi listens everything. Sami refused to Chaudhry that she will not marry him. Chaudhry’s wife went to police station and ask inpector to file a case against chaudhry.

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