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Amir called Kiran and Kiran ask that he bought movie tickets? Amir ask her to listen to him carefully and ask that Amna and Mariam reached there at home. Kiran tell him that they both are not here. Amir tell her that they are lost and they didn’r reached home yet. Kiran panics and Amir ask her to come here to be with Naila as she is so much worried for Amna and Mariam and ask her to not to tell his parents about this.
Ahmed gave Inpector his daughters pic and inpector ask him to relax and go home. Ahmed says that he has to answer his wife. Inpector ask Amir to take him home as they will find his daughters.
Ahmed’s mother tell her husband that Amir made plan for movie. Zubair ask her to bring Amna and Mariam here as he is missing him. She says that she will call Naila first otherwise she will be angry.
Kiran ask Naila to relax. Naila says that her daughters are missing and she is asking her to relax. Naila says that she can’t understand as she is not a mother. Kiran ask her to pray for her daughters safety and give her water. Naila refused to drink water and says that where is Ahmed and why he didn’t came yet?
Amir ask Ahmed to return back home. Ahmed says that what he will say to Naila. Amir says that he will talk to Naila and take him home.
A kidnapper took Amna and Mariam at his home and ask them to come in. Amna says that they can’t come. He ask them to come in and call his father as he will come to pick them up and till then they can easily play with his daughter. Amna and Mariam get into home.
Kiran stops Naila to not to recieve call of her mother in law and she will be worried. Ahmed’s mother ask that how’s Amna and Mariam? Kiran says that they are alright. Naila shouts and says that they are not alright as they are not with her. Her mother in law panics and ask Kiran to give phone to Naila. Zubair take her phone and Naila says that someone kidnapped Amna and Mariam. Kiran says that what is she saying , her mother in law can be tensed. Naila says that nothing will happen to her as she has to bear the truth.
Inspector tell Ahmed that they are finding Amna and Mariam and ask them to relax. Zubair says that this is the case of his daughters. Inspector says that they have to relax as his senior is doing his job. Ahmed says that they are talking so easily. Inspector says that this is the kidnapping for money. Ahmed ask them to find his daughters as he can arrange money. Inspector ask them to beware of phone calls and if they recieve some call than they should tell them.
Ahmed’s mother cries and Kiran ask her to not to cry and pray for their safety. Ahmed’s mother became worried.
Kidnapper talks on call and says that he can’t keep them for more time and ask to come fast.
Amir ask kiran that is his mother slept as she needs to sleep. Amir says that this all happened because of Naila’s carelessness. Kiran says that he is right but if she say something to her she tonts her that she is not a mother.
Naila says that everyone is at her home. Rehan ask her to not to worry and ask her to drink juice. Naila says that they are soing acting and her mother in law did all this. Rehan ask her to relax if she thinks like that.
Ahmed says that he don’t know how his daughters are? Amir ask him to relax. Ahmed recieve call from office and refused to come to office. He again recieve a call from unknown number. Inspector was there on call.
Inspector tell them that they found a dead body of 12 years old girl and she is badly injured. Inspector says that’s why he called them to hospital. Amir ask him to be silent. Inspector took them to a see a dead body. Amir see the dead body but it was not Amna or Mariam. Amir and Ahmed says that these are not his daughters.
Kidnapper tell a women that these are the daughters of rich family and he is thinking to get money from them. A women says that he is taking that so easy if they were caught than they can go to jail. Kidnapper says that he is right and ask her to take them. A women says that she can give him 5 lacs. Kidnapper ask her to increase the amount. She says that she can give him 6 lacs. Kidnapper ask her to take them as fast as she can.
Naila says to Ahmed that it’s night and he is not worried as she don’t know how they will be? Ahmed ask her to relax and pray. Naila says that if something happened to her daughters than she will end herself and she will not leave anyone. Ahmed’s mother cries and ask him to bring them back. Ahmed ask her to relax as police is finding them. Amir ask Ahmed to relax as they will be back.
A kidnapping women became worried to see police on the road and ask her driver to take some other route. Suddenly, police come and take them out of the car. They see Amna and Mariam.
Ahmed ask her mother to pray for his daughters. Ahmed’s mother says that they will be back. Zubair ask Ahmed to call Inspector. Ahmed recieve call from Inspector and he tell him that they found Amna and Mariam. Ahmed says that he is coming. Zubair ask Ahmed to take Ahmed with him.
Ahmed ask Amna that why she did this with her mother and why she wanted to leave this house? Ahmed says that she has to talk to his father as he will understood. Amna says that she don’t want to live with her mother. Ahmed says that her mother love them and she is nice. Amna says that she hates her as she is not nice. Ahmed ask her to apologize and tell him that what happened? Amna says that she will not tell him as he will scold him. Ahmed force her to tell him as he will not tell anyone. Amna tell him that her mother meet someone. Ahmed became shocked.
Naila talks to Rehan that she can’t come for a long drive. Naila says that she is afraid as Amna can tell him everything. Ahmed come and ask whom is she talking to? Naila says that it was her friend’s call. He ask that what Amna told him, is that right? Naila says that she is a kid as she is misunderstanding everything. Ahmed says that she didn’t asked him that what Amna told him and gave all clarrification and this means that what Amna told him is right. Naila says that he is blaming her and is doing doubt on her. Naila says that he is questioning her. Ahmed says that he heard that she is talking to someone. Naila ask that what he wants? Ahmed says that what she wants? Naila says that she is ashmed on his thinking. Ahmed says that he beard alot and he wants to listen the truth. Naila says that why he wants to listen the truth from her and ask him to prove that. Ahmed says that Amna is disturbed and he is as well and that’s why he is taking her daughters at his parents home. Naila becomes worried.
Ahmed apologizes Amna and Mariam as it was not right what all they were saying as their mother is nice and he asked her. He says that she gave permission that her daughters can stay at his parents home. Ahmed says that he is going to meet his friend and ask them to not to talk about Naila at home. he says that he will come tomorrow to pick them up.
Naila says that she did all for her but she told Ahmed everything and she wanted to kill her. Rehan says that it’s not right as what she saw, she was not ready for that. Naila says that Ahmed is having doubt on her now. Rehan ask that is she afraid?? Naila says that she is afraid of her brother and father. Rehan says that he is with her and ask her to relax. Naila ask that if Ahmed took any decision than he will take side of her? Rehan says that she is his life and she will be with him. Naila says that she is relaxed.
Ahmed ask his maid that where Naila went today and ask address. Ahmed ask that she knew it as well. His maid says that she tried to make Naila understood but she didn’t listened and apologizes. She tell him address of Rehan.

PRECAP: Naila says that she is worried. Rehan ask her to relax as everything will be alright. Ahmed come and Naila became shocked to see him there. Ahmed slapped Naila and says that he should done that before as she cheated on him.

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