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Lali says to Talal that he will not ask that why Roshani is upet and why is she refusing for rukhsati? Talal says that there is no need to ask as he is not having any solution to give her relieve from her mental illness. Lali ask him to not to become that much rude that she will not be able to believe that he was so kind and humble before. Talal says that what he did? He says that he did one mistake that he didn’t married Taniya and that is continued till now and she is blaming him. Lali says that she is talking about Roshani as she is too much hurt and he can’t think that she love him alot. She says that his words hurted her and he betrayed him. Talal says that he didn’t betrayed. Lali says that he think that he didn’t betrayed as he broke her dreams and he so easily became ready to divorce her and he is saying that he didn’t betrayed her. Talal says that he don’t know how to love and if she want to be free than he will leave her.
Roshani called Lali and apologizes her that she made her upset. Lali says that Talal broke her believe and she can’t bring that back but she can consol her. Lali request Roshani to not to refuse for his family. Roshani says that after that she can’t marry him. Lali says that she experienced everything as she was betrayed in love and she can compromise for love. Roshani says that there is no compromise in love as one sided love is not successful. Lali says that she is right.
Talal confirmed his flight for Islamabad.
While playing with Ayaan. Saifi come and ask that how is she? He request her to listen to him as a stranger. She says that she don’t talk to strangers. She says that she is having relationship of hatred as well with him. Saif says that he is here to just meet Ayaan as he is his son. Lali ask him to not say Ayaan his son as he is only her son. Saif says that he has right on him. Lali says that if he ha interest to say that he has right than he can go to court. Saif says that if he want to meet her as he is her still now. Lali ask him to stay away as she is not interested in him.
Roshani recieves call from Talal and ask that if she say that she don’t want to talk. Talal says that he knew that and says that he wants to meet her as he is coming to Islamabad. Roshani says that she don’t want to meet him and ask him to not to come at her home. Talal says that he can come as that is his aunt’s house. Roshani says that she is not weak like Lali. Talal says that he like strong girls and he will talk when he will come to meet her.
Mustafa recieves call from Lali and ask about Bijaan’s health. Mustafa says that she is asking so early. Lali says that she didn’t called to listen his taunts. Lali ask that he didn’t told her. Mustafa says that she don’t like to talk on call. Lali says that she is coming back and will come by herself. Mustafa says that she is his responsinility and she will come with Shahbaz. Mustafa says that accidents didn’t happen again and again and if she want to get relieve from them than she has to trust someone.
Talal’s mother ask that she talked to Mustafa. Lali says that Bijaan got heart attack. Her mother says that she has to go there and ask that Mustafa will come to pick her up. Lali says that she refused to him to come. Her mother says that like she came here is not right as Bijaan love her alot and Mustafa feels that. Her mother ask her to get prepared.
Taniya ask that why he went to meet Lali? Saif says that he didn’t controlled as he is incomplete without her. Taniya says that this is not possible now and he can’t also meet Ayaan. Saif says that he has to make it possible. Taniya says that how she will face Lali. Saif says that he will handle this and says that she was sad after marriage. Taniya says that she is not for him now as she is married. Saif says that he love Lali today as well.
Ayaan and Lali went to hospital and ask what happened to Bijaan. Mustafa says that her bp just risen up. Bijaan says that she is alright and she asked Mustafa to not to tell her. Mustafa ask that how is she? Bijaan says that she is alright. Mustafa says that he is leaving for home. Bijaan ask him to take Lali with him. Lali refuses and says that she is with her.
Taniya ask Haroon to drop her to her mother’s house. Haroon says that she is not in the condition to go there. Haroon says that she is busy in solving the problems of her house and he is noticing everything and he is not saying anything because of her condition. He says that Saifi start coming here and he don’t know what is happening between them? Taniya became angry and says that if he don’t want to take her there than she will not go.
Lali think that what is in her that he is complicating his life for him and she is just a normal girl. She just have a broken heart and empty hands and think that she can’t become as before because her trust is broken.
Roshani maid tell her that Talal is here and Dadi is calling her. She ask her maid to leave. Her maid tell Dadi that Roshani scolded her and she refused to come as she is studying. Dadi says that she don’t know what happened to her as she became upset on small things. Talal says that she will ask by himself.
Roshani cries and Talal says that if she studies before than she never need to study like this now. Roshani ask him to leave her as she don’t want to listen any explaination. Talal says that he is not here to explain anything to here and he is here to see that how stupid girls are like. Roshani says that those stupid girls are being trapped. Talal says that they are being misunderstood. Talal says that some people needs recognization as they are not able to see the truth and if she take that longer than she will not be able to realize that.
Lali bring tea for Mustafa as she thought that he need that. Mustafa says that he not only need tea. He ask about Ayaan. Lali says that he is asleep as he is disturbed. Mustafa says that she is not happy that Ayaan live here happily. Lali says that why is she not happy? Mustafa says that he is thankful that she don’t think that he is not using Ayaan as he know that he is the reason of her disturbance. Lali says that she is disturbed because of Talal as they both will ruin their life by creating misunderstanding. Mustafa ask her to tell him.
Dadi complaints and scold Roshani that she is misbehaving with Talal as she didn’t asked anything from him to eat. Talal ask Dadi to not to say anything. Roshani leaves from there. Talal says that she will understand. Dadi ask him to do dinner. Talal refuses and says that he has to leave as Bijaan is ill.
Lali says that she can’t believe that Talal has no feelings for Roshani. Mustafa says that there is no meaning of their relationship if this is the truth. Mustafa says that love can’t be done by force and ask her to tell him the way to reach till love. Lali says that nothing can happen like that and if Talal hurt her than Roshani will break. Mustafa says that what she wants ? Lali says that she just want them to be happy. Mustafa ask her to give him way as he want to make place in her heart. Mustafa says that he don’t think that Talal will betray Roshani as he did nikah with Roshani and he had no issue. He says that he is just doing this to pressurize her. Lali says that he told her that he will divorce Roshani. Mustafa says that he will talk to Talal.
Talal recieved call from Roshani and says that he didn’t told her that Bijaan is ill. Talal says that she didn’t asked him. Roshani says that she called her to ask about Bijaan. Talal taunts her and Roshani says that he is not applicable to talk. Talal says that he will tell her in free time.
Lali says that she will also come to hospital but Mustafa refuse her and ask her to come later with Ayaan. Lali says that she is worried about Bijaan. Mustafa ask her to pray for her. She ask that he is not leaving for Islamabad. Mustafa says that he will leave tomorrow and ask that if she wants to come than she can come as she can also meet Roshani. Lali refuses.

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