Sammi Episode 18 29th May 2017 Written Update

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Chaudhry ask Waqas to kill someone. Waqas says that he murdered by mistake before. Chaudhry says that he tried to kill Sami and that was murder. Waqas’s father ask him to listen to Chaudhry. Chaudhry ask Waqas to kill Rashid first and after that he can think about Sami.
Chandi set is parlor in Rahim yar Khan.
Naheed’s brother wife gave Naheed milk with medicine to waste her child and ask her to drink. She says that what she will tell to the world that whose child is this as her husband divorced her. She says that she talked to her brother and ask her to forget her husband. Naheed says that she know that she married to Ghulam for getting pregnant. She says that she will deliver this baby and she has taken her decision that she will leave this house.
Chaudhry tell his wife that he is leaving for lahore tomorrow and ask her to take care as nothing should happen behind him. Chaudhry says that Sami shouldn’t come infront of media and if this situation come in front of media than he is having solution as she will tell media that Chaudhry gave home to the girl as her brother tried to burn her infront of village. He says that she will say in front of media that she asked Chaudhry to marry Sami to give her respect.
Waqas’s friends says that if they were in his place than they must have killed his sister and ask that he has taken money against Sami. Waqas says that they are right as he is a moron and ask them to make fun of him. Waqas leaves from there.
Chaudhry says to Rashid that he is bearing him because of his son as he didn’t apologized him. Chaudhry gave Rashid money and ask him to keep that. He ask Rashid to kill Waqas before he kill him. He says that he is leaving for Lahore and when he will be back, he want to see Waqas dead and says that if it doesn’t happened than he will snatch everything from him.
Chandi’s customer says that she doesn’t allow anyone to touch her hairs as they are too much fake parlors. She says to Chandi that when husband didn’t give money to wife than she open the parlor. Chandi says that she just want to stand up on her feet. She ask Chandi that why she left Karachi. Chandi says that she came here to make people beautiful. Chandi ask about Chaudhry’s wife that she has no interest in getting well dressed. She says that she is friend of his wife but she didn’t come because her husband don’t allow her and ask why is she asking about her? Chandi says that she wants to make customers. She says that she don’t think that Chaudhry’s wife will come here.
Chaudhry’s wife dressed Sami well and compliments her that she is looking beautiful. She says that she asked Aaliyan as she has to complete her studies. Sami refused and ask her to send her back home. She says that they will kill her. Sami says that she don’t care about that as she is ready to be killed by their own. She says that Chaudhry will kill her by staying her alive and will marry her. She ask her to marry Aaliyan as he is well educated and will take her from here. Sami says that she don’t want to get married. Chaudhry’s wife says that he can only help her and ask her to go and find out how he can help her.
Aaliyan saw Sami with a smile. Sami says that Chaudhry’s wife told her that he will help her as he will take her to her home back. Aaliyan refuses.
Waqas says that he don’t wanted to be a murderer but his father forced him to do murder. His father says that he is doing all this to save himself. He says that he is the only son of him and he gave Sami aganist him. Waqas says that Sami was getting married with his friend but he ruined everything. His father says that he will save him and ask him to kill Sami as everyone is making fun of them. His father says that he don’t know what Rashid did with her and ask that he is having any prove that nothing happened with her.
Aaliyan says that in nikah if a girl refuses than nikah didn’t happen and that’s why her agreement is much important. Aaliyan says that kidnapping of her is just like rape and it is not allowed in Islam. Sami says that her brother wants to kill her and he has right on her. Aaliyan says that everyone have right to live freely and brother can not take decision of his sister and brother sister relation is of love. Sami says that her brother loved her alot but she don’t know what happened. Sami cries. Aaliyan ask her to be strong and she has to stand up on her feet.
Sami’s mother cries and says that she wants to meet her. Sami’s mother ask Sami to hug her and cries. Sami’s mother apologizes Sami and ask her to hug her. Sami says that she has forgiven her. Sami says that she is dead and she forgiven everyone and ask her mother to forget her. Chaudhry’s servant ask her mother to leave.
Naheed leaves her house and cries.
Chandi went to Chaudhry’s haweli and her slave says that he can’t go more closer as Rashid will kill him and ask her to go and when she will be free she can call him.
Chandi says that Chaudhry’s wife called her. Chaudhry’s wife says to Rashid that she didn’t knew that Chaudhry did this to him and says that why he didn’t stopped her. Rashid says that he can’t refuse her. She says that she didn’t knew what Chaudhry think and what he do? Rashid says that he know what Chaudhry wants. She ask that his daughters are living easily over here. Chandi come and She ask that who is she? Chandi introduce herself and tell her that she is beautician and she can do her makeover. Chaudhry’s wife ask Rashid that if he needed something than he can tell her. Chaudhry’s wife says that she don’t know about these creams. Chandi says that she used original creams. Chaudhry’s wife ask that what is she doing here after leaving Karachi. Chandi says that she is here to find someone. Chandi saw Sami.

PRECAP: Chaudhry’s wife says to Sami that she is doing all this for her benefit and she don’t want her to marry Chaudhry. Rashid’s wife ask doctor that is she carrying a daughter or son? Doctor tell her that she is having a baby girl in her womb. Rashid went to meet Chandi at her parlor.

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