Woh Aik Pal – Episode 12 27th May 2017 Written Update

Woh Aik Pal – Episode 12 27th May 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Unaiza ask her maid to not say that again. Her maid says that she thought that Aarish wants to marry her that’s why she take care of her too much as no one do that much for anyone. Unaiza ask her to leave as her work is now finished.
Aarish come and ask about Unaiza. Unaiza ask when he came? Aarish says that he came now. Unaiza ask that her maid saw him coming here. Aarish says that she opened the door and ask what happened? Unaiza angrily says that nothing happened and ask why is he here? Aarish says that she was alone at home and he thought to ask about her heath that’s why he is here. Unaiza ask him to leave as she is alone forever and he can’t come regulary. Aarish says thay if she is upset because of his proposal than she can answer him properly as she has taken her decision. Unaiza says that she don’t want to tell anyone as this is her life and she don’t need anyone’s advice. Aarish says that he will not say this again and ask about Zaid and breakfast. Unaiza says that he don’t need to be worried about her and why he came here always. Aarish ask that why is she so upset? Unaiza says that he will not come here again. Unaiza says that this is her house. Aarish says that he will come and ask what happened to her? Unaiza says that why people think wrong as someone is taking care of her and no one care about her feelings. Aarish ask that she has taken her decision that she will not marry. Unaiza says that she can’t believe anyone. Aarish says that she can believe him as he is good with Zaid. Unaiza ask him to leave. Aarish says that he will not go as she know thar he is best for Zaid and her. Unaiza says that he is talking to her as he has Hina is his life. Aarish says that she knew that Hina don’t love her. He ask her to give her answer but Unaiza ask him to leave.
Nazia recieve call from Unaiza but Nazia didn’t pick up the call. Ahsaan ask her to pick up the call as he will leave from here. Nazia says that she will not talk to her. Ahsaan says that she is doing drama with her as she talk to her. Nazia says that if he hasen’t said such big thing than she will talk to her. Ahsaan says that Unaiza did all this that’s he did this as he has no interest in seperating both sisters. He ask her to pick up the call. Nazia recieves call and Unaiza says that she wants to talk something important but Nazia refused to talk to her. Nazia says that she insulted Ahsaan and she can’t apologize her and she ask her to not to call her again. Unaiza says that she will apologize Ahsaan. Ahsaan put call on speaker. Unaiza says that she is like his sister just like Lubna. Ahsaan ask Unaiza to shutup and not to compare herself from Lubna as she didn’t insulted him like that. Ahsaan says that he asked his wife that if she called her than he will divorce her sister but she again called. Unaiza says that she is in complex and she need Nazia but Ahsaan refused and ask Unaiza to not to call again.
Danish’s wife ask Aarish that he didn’t went university and ask what happened why is he upset? Aarish says that he went to Unaiza’s home and she refused to marry him. She says that is he alright as Danish was just kidding. Aarish says that he said the right thing as he and Hina are not capatable for eachother. She ask him to not to propose her like that. She says that she thought that Unaiza was innocent. She ask him to apologize her. Aarish refuses and ask her to understand. She says that Hina will be hurt. Aarish says that Hina has no feelings for him. She says that nothing is like that as she is just waiting for him. Aarish says that she noticed that she didn’t treat him like that as he treat Danish. She says that she will not allow him to do this with Hina and he will not be with him in this decision.
Danish’s wife says that she did right. Danish says that she did right but in a wrong way. She says that why is he taking side of Unaiza. She says that Unaiza trapped Aarish. Danish says that he is not taking anyone’s side. Aarish ask what happened? She says that nothing happened. Aarish ask from where they are coming. Aarish ask that they are coming from Unaiza’s home and she said to Unaiza. Danish says that they apologized Unaiza. Aarish says that he meant his words and he didn’t told him. She says that he can’t do this with Hina. Aarish leaves and says that he is going to meet Unaiza. She says that Unaiza don’t want to meet him. Aarish became angry. Danish says that what Sara is saying is right and he need time to think till Hina come back and after that he can take decison. Danish ask that he wants to hide all this from Hina as he can’t face her. Aarish says that he will wait for Hina but his decision will remain same. Aarish says to Sara that she did wrong as he don’t know how Unaiza will manage alone.
Aarish recieves call from Hina but he didn’t pick up the call.
Unaiza starts doing work in office and Mushtaq guide her.
Sara ask that he talked to Hina as she is calling him again and again. Sara says that he can’t betray Hina as they did right. Aarish says that they did wrong with him, Hina and Unaiza. He says that he wasen’t aspecting this from her.
Unaiza went to buy some grossary. She returned back home and call Zaid for lunch but she didn’t find Zaid and panic. She ask her servant that where is driver. He says that Driver went on leave.
Aarish bring Zaid and Unaiza thank him. She says that she forgot to pick Zaid from school.
Aarish ask Unaiza to understand him. He ask her to think about Zaid as women need man everytime. Unazia says that she will leave Pakistan. Aarish ask her to marry him. Unaiza says that he is engaged with Hina. Aarish says that he will handle Hina. Unaiza says that she can marry anyone but not him. Aarish says that they are just doing this for Zaid. Unaiza ask that he is doing this as they are not having any relationship. Aarish says that they are having relationship of belief and friendship. Unaiza cries and says that she lost everyone and he want now to fell guilty infront of Hina. Aarish says that he can’t leave her alone and he will be back as he need a positive answer.
In morning, Unaiza do nikah with Aarish.
Unaiza ask Zaid that he don’t want to listen story and he don’t want to listen anything what happened today. Zaid says that Aarish told him everything. Aarish come to Unaiza’s room and find her asleep. He swich off the light and leaves the room. Unaiza was not asleep.
Unaiza says that she will make tea. Aarish says that he can make as he make good tea. Aarish ask how much sugar will she take? Unaiza says that she will take 1 spoon. Aarish says that he know her from many days and he don’t know that how muc sugar she takes and he need to know her more. Unaiza ask her to talk in a normal way. Aarish says that they can call eachother what they want. Unaiza ask that where he slept? Aarish says that he slept in room. Unaiza apologizes that she didn’t asked him anything. Aarish says that he is used to it. Aarish says that he can talk about Faris anytime and Unaiza says that he can also talk about Hina. Unaiza thank him. Aarish says that he is thankful that she accepted his proposal and ask her to meet Zaid.
Aarish tie Zaid’s shoes and Unaiza says that he is spoiling Zaid. Aarish says that he is always with him now. Unaiza says that if he left? Aarish says that he promise that he will never leave. Aarish put perfume on Zaid. Zaid says that Faris also used to do like this. Aarish says that his father was his father and no one can take his father’s place. Aarish says that he will make his place in Unaiza and his heart. Zaid wished to do breakfast in that restaurant in which Faris used to take him. Unaiza ask him that he will do breakfast in home but Aarish ask Unaiza to not to stop him.
Hina calls Sara and Hina says that they forgot her as they didn’t called her. Hina says that Aarish didn’t talked to her from one week. Sara says that he is busy in his studies and she will tell her. Hina ask her to tell him that he has to call her. Hina says that she is coming tomorrow. Sara tell her that he shifted from home for combine studies. Hina think that he shifted with those friends who murdered Faris. Sara tell Danish that Hina is coming tomorrow and Aarish didn’t talked to her from one week. Danish says that he is happy for Aarish. Sara ask that he didn’t left because of Unaiza.

PRECAP: Hina ask Sara and Danish that where is Aarish as she wants to meet him. Hina saw Aarish and Unaiza together. Aarish ask Unaiza to go as he will handle everything. Hina says that he married her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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