Muqabil – Episode 25 23rd May 2017 Written Update

Muqabil – Episode 25 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Armaan went to Sara’s house and Sara ask him that what happened to him? Armaan ask her to never come to his home again. Sara ask why she can’t come? Armaan says that she will not be able to see his face again as he is here to finish his relationship with her. Sara ask is Parisa is back? Armaan says that Parisa is dead and he can’t marry her. Sara ask that why is he doing this? Armaan says that he will ruin her life. Sara says that she accepted him in every situation. Sara says that she hate crying man and why he came here if he wanted to say all this, he can say that on call. Armaan says that he just wanted her to be settled. Sara ask him to not to repeat all that he can’t marry her. Sara ask him to never show his face again to her.
Armaan returned back home and Sumbul tell him that Parisa is leaving for abroad for forever and says that she is going Canada. Armaan ask that who told her? Sumbul says that Shanaz’s driver told her who came here to give Mehmood’s salary. Armaan ask that his mother didn’t shouted on him? Sumbul says that her mother has accepted the money. Armaan became shocked and calls Zubaida. He ask that what Sumbul is saying? Zubaida says that she has accepted that money as Sumbul said to her. Armaan panics. Sumbul says that she forced her to accept the money. Armaan ask that why she asked her as he need new phone or clothes. Sumbul says that she want to continue their relationship and want Parisa back in this house. Armaan ask her to give money back to him as he will return them back. Zubaida ask that has he accepted Sara’s proposal. Armaan says that this is not linked with this money. Zubaida says that she want him to bring Parisa back in this house. Armaan became angry and ask that what happened to them suddenly and why they want to make a way to continue his relationship with Parisa. Sumbul ask that what kind of way they accept to bring back Parisa. Armaan says that he is finding way and when he will find a way then he will bring Parisa back.
Shanaz tell Parisa that her visa is here and says that she will not attend Eid with them? Parisa says that she can’t attend as their happiness will also be ruined because of her. Shanaz says that she is taking all things wrong. Parisa says that she will be back soon. Shanaz says that when she will come back from abroad she can’t gave guarantee that she will be alive or not? Parisa ask her to not to say like that as it will become impossible for her to leave than. Shanaz says that there is no meaning left behind to live and says that she will not remain alive for more days. Parisa says that if she will say that then she will not go and if she wants to go then she can leave instead of her.
Zubaida gave money to Armaan. Zubaida says that she is just breathing as Mehmood took all his voice and attitude but Sumbul is just finding a way to live and she asked her to bring Parisa back. Armaan ask that what she wants. Zubaida says that she also wants the same.
Shanaz says that she just want her to not to see her face again that’s why there is no reason. Parisa says that she is not angry with her and ask her to start her activities again. Parisa says that she is sad because of her as Salman also needs her and her father as well. Shanaz says that she do not feel relaxed while doing prayers than these activities will not help her and says that how she will support and take care of both of them. Parisa says that she is worried for her. Shanaz ask her to take rest. Parisa made her remember that she used to cure when she fell somewhere. Shanaz says that now she has nothing to cure her and apologize her. Parisa ask her to not to do that as she has forgiven her and says that she will not go. Shanaz says that she will go and she just need her happiness and this will be her apology. Parisa says that she has to cure everyone’s pain as there are alot of Parisa here and they need her and she want to give her this work and then she will leave.
Armaan says that if she need him than she will come. Zubaida says that she need him that’s why Shanaz is sending someone everyday. Armaan says that but she didn’t came. Zubaida says that she can’t come as he hurted her. She says that she lost her husband and now she don’t want to lose Armaan.
Media come to Shanaz and Shanaz say thanks to them as they before came on her daughter’s wedding and now they are again here. She says that she called them again as her daughter wants to tell something. She ask them to listen to her carefully. Parisa says that what her mother told is not normal, it’s quite shocking. Parisa says that she is a victim of child molestation and at that time she was just 10 years old and says that she will not tell who was he? Parisa says that she want to share because many girls are silent after all this happened to them. She says to parents that their children told them about this and gave hint but their parents do not concentrate on that. Parisa says that they scold their children and make them silent. Parisa says that she used the word incident and ask everyone to take abuse as accident. She says that their child is just their and they has to protect them and donot give them in other’s hand. Parisa ask to not to give importance to her story but ask to give importance to her family who supported her and is standing with her. Parisa says that she just want to tell to stop child abuse and to fight for that. A journilist ask that her husband is not here? Parisa says that her husband motivated her and she is telling the truth after 12 years because of her husband. Armaan also watched what Parisa said.
Shanaz and Aftaab went to airport to see off Parisa. Aftaab ask that she has forgiven them? Parisa says that she needs apology as they has to face everyone after that interview. Shanaz says that everyone is giving positive response as this child abuse has became popular. Parisa says that she has to take her diary back as it is so much important for her. She recalls when Armaan asked her that what she wrote in her diary and Parisa told him that she is writing their story. Armaan gave story a title of Muqabil. Shanaz ask Parisa that where is her diary as she can bring that for her as she will feel bad. Parisa says that she will bring that diary by herself. Parisa enters her house and was shocked to Armaan singing a song while giving water to plants. Parisa look her diary opened and read what Armaan wrote in that diary that he hurted her but she left him. He has written that when she used to hurt him but he didn’t left her. Armaan wrote that he wil wait for her as one day she will be back for him. Parisa cries while reading what he wrote and recalls all her memories. She took a glass of water and threw water on Armaan. Armaan was shocked to see her. Parisa give Armaan her hand and Armaan holded her hand.

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