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Rashid’s daughter do makeup to Rashid and show him his face in mirror. Rashid give love to his daughter. Chaudhry come and says that like this he is. He says that he knew that he is shemale that’s why he have him work to take care of women and says that he should wear bangles. Rashid says that he don’t have daughter that’s why he don’t know what daughter is and she hid all his bad work from face. He ask him to not to talk about his daughter. Chaudhry says that why he shouldn’t as his daughter came from sky. Rashid says that she came from there. Chaudhry became angry and says that he became a mad dog which is not recognizing his boss. Rashid ask Chaudhry to free him. Chaudhry says that he will not find a place to live after leaving his slave job. Chaudhry says that he is just having one night to leave from here. Chaudhry says to Zarina that his doors are open for her as he don’t want to be cursed.
Zarina says that she have seen that his wife did all this and ruined his life.
Shahzaib apologizes Sami and says that he didn’t knew that and ask to forgive him. Sami says that why should she apologize everyone as everyone ruined her life and says that she will never forgive anyone and leaves. Aaliyan says that when a person start to do nice work than forgiveness is difficult to get and says that he is sure that Sami will forgive him and Allah will help him.
Sami cries. Chaudhry come and ask her to not to complicate things more and says that he will marry her in few days just to give her respect and leaves.
Chaudhry switch on and off the light again and again and his wife think what her father said to her as she has to adjust with her husband and has to listen to him what he say. Chaudhry recives call and says that when it happen, let him know. He ask his wife that is she slept? He says that there is no advantage to create a drama of sleeping or to go to his father to complain about him. He tell her that he is getting married to Sami as she is innocent and she need someone. His wife says that this is not her bad decision. She says that he kept her for his son first and now he is himself getting married to her. Chaudhry says that he is getting married because she escaped and now she is not capable for Shahzaib. His wife says that girl became like a bone, once in someone’s mouth and next time in someone else.
Rashid’s wife ask Rashid to not to worry as he is not alone and says that she is with him. She says that they are poor and after that they will become more poor. Rashid says that he is not worried about themselves and says that he is worried about his daughter as he don’t want to see them in complications. Rashid wife says that his son is also coming soon. Rashid says that he don’t need a child again and says that he need a 5 to 6 years difference. She says that he is carrying a baby as she went to a doctor. Rashid says that he don’t need a son. She says that after that she will become aged and then he will marry someone else to get a son. Rashid says that he will never do this. Mariam shouts as his house is burning. Rashid woke Zarina up. Waqas says that he is burning his house as Chaudhry said to him. Zarina shouts. Waqas ask Zarina to not to come closer as Chaudhry said to not to touch her. He took Rashid and his family out of house. Zarina cries and shouts.
Chaudhry’s wife ask that what he has burnt. He tell that Rashid’s house is burnt. Zarina come and cries that he ruined Rashid. Zarina complaints that he burnt her mother’s house. Chaudhry says that he burnt his floor and ask them to arrange their place to live somewhere else. Chaudhry ask him to find another place to live and show everyone that he is free from his job. Rashid says that where he will go with his daughters as he is his slave. Chaudhry ask him to take his daughters with him and leave. Shahzaib ask Chaudhry to leave them as their house is burnt and ask him to give place to them in his house. Shahzaib ask to open up Rashid.
Chaudhry ask his son that what is he studying and ask that he needs money? Shahzaib refuses. Chaudhry ask that why is he silent? Shahzaib says that he don’t know. Chaudhry says that poor are kept in feet. Chaudhry ask Shahzaib to go to school as he is getting late. Shahzaib ask his father to give Rashid place to live as he needs their help. Chaudhry give love to Shahzaib and says that he will give place to Rashid as he don’t need to worry. Shahzaib leaves and Chaudhry ask his wife to not to use his son against him.
Chandi came to Rahim Yar Khan and her slave says that he didn’t recognized her. Chaudhry’s wife ask Aaliyan that what he can do for Sami. Aaliyan ask that what she wants? She says that she has to be free from here. Aaliyan says that why she chose him to do this as he is not that much strong like them. She says that she know how to fight with a strong and she know that he can do this. Aaliyan says that she has to be strong enough to fight with them. She ask that Sami need someone to fight with them and says that she will help him to bring her here but he has to make her strong and stand up on her feet.
Sami’s father says to Chaudhry that he will never betray her. He ask Chaudhry to give back them Sami. Chaudhry says that Sami is dead for them. Waqas ask him to think as Sami is not made for him now as she used to live with Salaar in Karachi and her father ask Chaudhry to kick out Sami.
Aaliyan see the video of Sami and Sami ask that from where did he get this video. Aaliyan says that Salaar gave him this. Sami ask that Salaar is dead. Aaliyan says that he also think that Salaar is dead. He says that when he talk to Salaar’s mother than he realize that he is dead. He ask that she did nikah with Salaar. Sami says that she refused him. He says that Salaar wrote on facebook that he love her. He ask that she didn’t loved him. Sami says that she asked him to not to love her as she is vani and she asked him to not to keep her in karachi but he didn’t listened to her. Aaliyan ask Sami to stand up on her feet and says that he will help her in this and hold his hand to become strong. Sami hold his hand.

PRECAP: Chaudhry ask Waqas to kill Rashid and on the other hand, ask Rashid to kill Waqas otherwise he will kill him. Chaudhry’s wife ask Rashid that his daughters are living properly over here? Rashid says that it’s all because of her. Chandi come and Chaudhry’s wife ask who is she? Rashid became shocked to see her.

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