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Mariam says to Amna that she get gifts on her birthday as well. Mariam says that she also get gift on her birthday as well. Ahmed says that they got gifts from his parents and Amir. Ahmed ask Naila that what happened with her? Naila says that she is not feeling well. Ahmed ask her to take her to room. Naila ask him to sit with Amna and Mariam as she can go by herself.
Ahmed ask Naila that he asked her to buy a saree but she refused. Naila says that she didn’t liked that. Ahmed says that it was expensive that’s why she refused. Naila says that she will bought that if she liked . Ahmed says that he will take her for shopping tomorrow and she can take anything what she want to take? Naila says that why she should went with him and she will go when she want to. Ahmed says that he has to go for dinner as Amir and Kiran invited them. Naila refused and says that she don’t want to go there.
Ahmed says to Amir that he will mail him the documents. Amir ask that what is plan for evening. Ahmed refused and says that Naila don’t want to come. Amir ask him to leave her. Amir says that he don’t want to say that about her but she is acting weird. He says that he and Amna and Mariam will come and ask Ahmed to leave Naila on her own.
Naila says that she has spent her life with him. He says that he is shocked as her husband is not good looking and how she got agreed. Naila says that her brother forced her and she spended her life so bad as she felt happy with him in 4 days. Rehan says that they are happy and will remain happy together. Naila ask what type of car he like. Rehan says that he like a small car. Naila ask him to buy a new car. Rehan says that he is jobless right now. Naila says that she will buy a new car for him. Rehan refused and says that he can bear such expensive gift. Naila says that she will buy a new car for him and says that when they will go to buy a new car then he will buy flowers for her as they are just like diamonds.
Naila wore saree and ask Ahmed that how is she looking? Ahmed says that she is looking beautiful. Naila says that where Amir is taking them for dinner. Ahmed says that she is coming with them? Naila says that she is coming because it will look bad as they invited them with so much love. Ahmed says that they will reach in 5 mins.
Ahmed says that he invited everyone on dinner and ask if she don’t mind? Naila says that she didn’t mind and she will wore that saree which he liked for her. Naila says that he didn’t asked when she went to meet her friend to hospital. She says that she was so much upset as she is having no money and she promised her that she will help her. Ahmed ask that how much she needs money? Naila says that she needs 15 to 16 lac and her friend said that she will return. Ahmed says that he will help her.
Naila went to buy a car for Rehan. Rehan make a choice for car and went for drive with Naila. He bought flowers bracelet for her and ask for dinner and says that if she refused that he will be hurt. Naila accepts his invitation.
Naila ask her maid to iron her dress as she has to go for dinner. Her maid tell her that Mariam is sick. Naila ask how is she feeling. Ahmed ask Naila to recieve his call at least. Naila says that she didn’t knew as her bad was in the bag. Ahmed says that he shouldn’t leave for Islamabad. Naila ask him to go as his mother is here. Ahmed ask his mother to take care of Mariam.
Rehan recalls the moment he spended with Naila.
Rehan ask Naila that she will come as her daughter is sick and Ahmed will not allow her. Naila says that she will come as Ahmed has gone to islamabad and she asked her mother in law to stay here.
Naila ask her mother in law that is she hungry so that she can give her food. Her mother in law refused. Naila tell her that she promised her friend that she will help her as it is her engagement but now Mariam is sick. Her mother in law ask her to go as she is here with Mariam. Naila felt happy and says that she will be late and leaves.
Rehan compliments Naila that she is looking beautiful today. Rehan says to Naila that Ahmed and her is not matchable as she is so beautiful and he is not. Naila ask that why they are talking about all this and they should talk about them. Rehan ask Naila that they are friends. Naila says that they are friends. Rehan says that he love her.
Ahmed think that it is so much difficult to live away from children. Ahmed call Naila but she didn’t picked up his call and he thinks that she must be slept.
Rehan ask Naila to never leave him as he can’t live without her and says that he know that she is married and a mother of two daughter and all what he said is wrong but he can’t hide this from her as he love her. He says that he don’t want her to leave her husband as her husband and daughters is her reponsibility and says that he will never come in between and ask that she will be with him. Naila says that she will be with him always.
Naila returned back home and think that if she was not married to Ahmed than she and Rehan would be together and they would be happy together.
Rehan think that she made her space in his life.
Mariam woke up Naila and says that she want to do breakfast with her. Naila ask that she should ask Rasheeda and should woke up her Dadi as there is no time to sleep. Naila recieve call from Rehan and Rehan says that he thought that she must be sleeping. Naila says that she was sleeping as she slept late last night because she was thinking about him.
Amna ask Ahmed’s mother that she will leave them today. Mariam ask her to stay with them. Ahmed’s mother says that she will come again. Zubair call her and says that he is feeling alone here as she went there. Amna ask Zubair that they are missing him. Zubair ask her to take permission from her mother that they can go with them.
Amna and Mariam went to take permission. Amna ask her that they can go with her Dadi as Zubair is coming to pick up Dadi and they will come back when she and Ahmed will come. Naila gave them permission.
Rehan door bell rung. Rehan open the door and become shocked to see Naila. Naila ask that he was going some where. Rehan says that he was just going to wash his clothes. Naila ask him to gave them to dry cleaner. Rehan says that he will do by himself. Naila ask him to give her his clothes as she will wash them. Naila shocked to see his room uncleaned and clean his whole room by herself.

PRECAP: Ahmed returned back home and ask his maid that where is Naila? His maid tell him that she went at neighbours home. Rasheeda went to call Naila and says that Ahmed is back and he is calling her. Naila ask her that she told him that she is here. Ahmed tell Naila that he now know that he can’t live without her and his daughters. Naila says that Amna and Mariam went with his mother at his parents home and says that they asked to bring them back when their father will return back. Ahmed ask that she will not go with him to pick them up. Naila refused. Amna see Rehan and Naila together and became shocked.

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