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Parisa recalls what Armaan said to her that she ruined his life. Nadia come and ask her to come with her to bring plants otherwise they will die there. Parisa says that let them die. Nadia says that they will not let them die and how is she breathing without them. Parisa says that she is living like this as she didn’t wanted to live without him.
Shanaz saysa to Nasreen that she didn’t do like this as she gave a small punishment to him. If he will alive then he will be able to see hatred in his own children and by doing this she has made her life complicated. She says that she gave punishment to her daughter as well as she live alone in one room. Nasreen ask her to try once for making her relationship again. Shanaz says that this relation can not be remade.
Sumbul says to her mother that Shanaz sent her driver and driver says that she sent Mehmood’s salary. Zubaida says that she didn’t knew that he is dead. Driver says that it’s in his contract that they will get money on regular basis. Zubaida became angry and ask him to return her back this money and ask him to not to give them this money again. Zubaida says that she thinks that they are beggars. She cries. She says that she is not satisfied yet that’s why she sent that money. Zubaida ask Armaan to throw the plants out of the house. Armaan says that these plants didn’t done anything. Zubaida says that they make her remember of her husband and if he didn’t threw them then she will throw them out.
Parisa’s maid ask that what did she do of this coat. Parisa says that why is she asking from her. Maid tell her that driver went there to gave them money but they scolded him and abused him. Parisa ask that Armaan abused him? Maid says that she don’t know. Maid ask that what she do with this coat as she burn it. Parisa scolds her and ask her to not to argue with her and leaves.
Armaan’s leg became normal. Sara congragulate him and do his massage. Armaan stops her. Sara ask him to be normal now for his sister and mother sake. Sara ask him to come with her. Arman refused and says that he is tired. Sara force him and says that she is having car and he will be no more tired. Sara says that she is taking him to her mother for their marriage as her mother is upset. She says that he just has to give her surity that he proposed as she is her mother and she is worried.
Zubaida ask Sumbul where she went? Zubaida says that she found her everywhere as her mother is alive yet. Zubaida throw plants out. Sumbul ask that where is she sending them. Sumbul ask him to bring those plants back. Zubaida says that why is she stopping him. Sumbul says that her father said that these plants wil remain here. Zubaida says that her father is dead and ask her to take rest. Sumbul says that she knew that and her father told her and she was finding an answer from many days and she got those answers today. Sumbul ask her mother to bring back those plants otherwise she will bring by herself. Zubaida ask that why is she doing all this and why is she punishing her and says that she wants her to take care of those plants. Sumbul ask her to take care of those plants and give them water. Zubaida says that Armaan didn’t talked to her like that than why is she talking like this? Sumbul says that her father said her to do this and she is talking about Parisa. Zubaida says that who ruined her mother’s life and she wants her plants to be here. Sumbul says that she is innocent as what all happened with her she knew that feeling because she has also beared that. Zubaida says that what happened with her? She told her that she went to graveyard to meet her father and ask some questions that what should they do now without him.
Sumbul was crying while sitting beside her father’s grave. A man there saw her with bad eyes. Sumbul leaves from there. That man follows her and she became afraid. Zubaida ask her that she touched her and ask her to tell the truth. Sumbul says that he didn’t touched her but if he touched than what happened with her mother. Zubaida ask her to not to talk like that. Sumbul cries and says that her hands are still shivering and she still afraid and now she can’t went alone anywhere. Sumbul ask her to think about Parisa that she had no way to save her. Zubaida ask her to remain silent. Sumbul says that her father took her to the graveyard and always told her to repect graves. Sumbul says that she respected those. She says that when this happened with her today than she didn’t respected graves and she saved her respect and ran. Zubaida says that why she went there alone? Sumbul says that Parisa beared all this alone and she did the same thing as she didn’t knew that she is ruining everybody and says that she is innocent and did all this to save herself and that’s why her father is calling her to tell her all this.
Zubaida ask Armaan that where he went? Armaan says that he went to meet his friends. Zubaida says that it’s not right to move like that as his leg is not fine now. Armaan ask about plants that she didn’t thrown them out. Sumbul says that plants are innocent.
Aftaab ask Parisa to not to punish herself. Parisa ask him to tell her what to do as she felt pain when her mother gave her flowers. Aftaab ask her that how she feel safe and to tell him that how she will be relaxed? Aftaab says that he know that her beautiful journey was that when she spent her time with Armaan and ask her to tell him that how he should talk to Armaan. Parisa ask him to not to talk about her mother. Aftaab says that he is not having love with her mother now and he is living here just because of her. Parisa ask him to not to make his relationship complicated because of her. Aftaab says that he is because of her here and his brother also locked his doors. Aftaab says that he wants to return back to that house as he didn’t felt relax over here and ask her to tell what should he do now?
Parisa come to Salman and ask him what is he thinking? She ask him to share his feelings with her as he will became sick like this. Salman says that he can’t face her. Parisa says that what he did that he is not facing her. Salman says that he hurted her when she came from pool and he thrown her from bed. Parisa ask him to forget all this as this was an accident. Parisa says that she is broken like his hand was fractured when he was a kid. She ask him to not to isolate himself and she is not having anything else to make him understood.
Aftaab says to Shanaz that she is making a big mistake again. Shanaz says that her daughter hates her and she thinks that her mother made her relationship complicated. Aftaab says that instead of making everything normal she is leaving. Shanaz says that by doing this Parisa will be relaxed. Aftaab ask her to talk like a mature lady. Aftaab says that those children react like a kid when all this happened with them and she knew that. Shanaz says that she is hiding because she needs Armaan back and she is not having any other way instead of this. Parisa ask her to send her there where she was going. Parisa says that she can’t breathe here and she didn’t feel relax by talking to Nadia and says that if she leave than she will be able to live.
Armaan knocks the door and Sara ask that how he came here as he didn’t informed her. Armaan says that he knew that today she will be at home. Sara ask him to come in and make him sit and tell him that she was angry before because if he showed any excuse then she will not leave him.

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