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Sammi Episode 16 14th May 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Rashid calls Mariam and his all daughters and ask about his wife from them. They tell him that she went to doctor and Zarina went to meet Chaudhry. Mariam ask to make tea for him but Rashid leaves silently.
Doctor says to her that she knew that she will die and she is having wish to have a son again. Rashid’s wife ask that treatment can happen of this. Doctor ask her to wait as she is not able to carry a baby and ask her to wait for 3 years otherwise she will die. She ask doctor that she can die and ask her to help her. She says that she thinks that she is pregnant. Doctor gave her medicines and ask her to take reports with her when they come and ask her to take care of her.
Rashid recalls what Chaudhry said to him. Rashid saw Mariam and rest of his daughters doing work of home and ask that why they didn’t went to school. Mariam says that she didn’t woke up early and her mother is ill and she is upset that’s why she do all work.
Naheed ask Rashid’s wife that she think that she should marry her husband to be a machine of giving birth to a son. Naheed says that she knew the pain of her as she is not a doctor but she is nurse and says that son and daughter are due to man and ask that how she can ruin her life by marrying her husband. Rashid’s wife tell her that many girls came into her life and Chandi also came to marry him and was fallen in love but Rashid refused but she says that she is still afraid that Rashid will do second marriage. Naheed tell her that she can’t marry Rashid as she is already married and she is pregnant.
Rashid call all of his daughters and ask them to sit. Mariam ask that is he ok and ask to make tea for him? Rashid says that she was so small and now she is too big. Rashid took his youngest daughter into his arms and took care of all his daughters .
Shahzaib come to Sami and says that he didn’t gave his father permission to lock her in room. He ask her to come with her as his father and mother slept after a fight. He force her to come with him.
Shahzaib took her to Aaliyan and introduce him to Sami and ask her to sit. Aaliyan says that she can’t sit down. Shahzaib says that she is his wife and she will sit here as he say. Shahzaib says that she ran with someone. Aaliyan scold him that no one will talk to him if he do like this and will be in jail. Aaliyan says that he will apologize her otherwise police and court will ruin him infront of everyone. Shahzaib says that he will apologize. Aaliyan says that he will not say her vani next time and ask him to do his homework.
Chaudhry ask Shahzaib that how his study is going? Shahzaib says that he is writing essay in english and he learnt everything. Chaudhry felt happy and ask him to do more hardwork.
Rashid plays with his daughters and his wife felt to see them like this.
Sami’s mother apologizes Sami and says that she knew that mother got blind in son’s love and she didn’t think that Waqas will dare to burn her and she gave her to Chaudhry to save her life. Her mother says that she is her mother and she make her slept on her chest all night and ask Sami to tell what she can do? She says that she is having only one son who is young and he might be killed if she didn’t done that. Sami says that if she wanted to save her son life than she should gave permission to kill her and by taking this decision she made her life problematic for her and says that she is dying here every day. Sami ask her mother to go and see happiness of her son and do his marriage.
Chaudhry ask where is Rashid? Zarina says that he went home and in his place his mother is here and doing her duty. Chaudhry says that she is also his mother and why a smell of betray is coming from her?
Sami ask her mother to leave as her daughter beared alot of pain. Zarina ask Sami’s mother to leave as Chaudhry is here and took her forcefully.
Aaliyan went to police station and says that he is waiting for inspector answer. Inspector ask him to make a video and viral that on internet as they can’t do anything because he came with such a big person complaint. Inspector says that because of them they are sitting over here. Aaliyan says that they can’t help out him. Inspector ask someone to bring tea for Aaliyan and Aaliyan leaves from there.
Aaliyan see the video of Sami which Salaar sent him and recalls everthing what happened with Sami.
Naheed’s brother says to Naheed that she has to waste her baby and says that if she tried to ruin his respect than her baby will be in dustbin or in dogs mouth. He says that she has to marry Rashid by hook or by crook.
Aaliyan calls Salaar and Chandi recieves the call. Aaliyan ask that this number is of Aaliyan and ask Chandi that he wanted to talk to Salaar. Chandi tell him that Salaar died.
Aaliyan ask Shahzaib that Allah made him all normal and if Allah wants than he can snatch anything from him as he can made him bilnd etc and he can even snatch money from him and can make him a beggar. He says that Allah is not doing all this as he is taking his test that he has given him everything and Allah wants him to help everyone. Aaliyan make him to understand to help everyone. He says that Allah made him to help everyone but he became enemy. Shahzaib says that he wanted to be a nice person. Aaliyan ask him to apologize first to them who he hurted than he can be a nice person.
Chaudhry shouts that he needs Rashid here in place of his mother as he is not picking up his phone. Zarina says that he might be tired. Chaudhry took zarina with him.
Shahzaib ask Sami that he wanted to talk to her and Aaliyan also wants to talk to her. Sami says that she don’t wanted to talk to anyone. Shahzaib says that Aaliyan is saying that he is friend of Salaar.
Rashid’s daughter did Rashid’s make over and says that he is so beautiful.
Sami comes and says that he is friend of Salaar. Aaliyan ask her to sit. Sami ask Aaliyan to ask Salaar to forget her and tell her that she is safe and she is vani again and thank him that he took care of her alot. She ask Aaliyan to tell him that she is in hand of Chaudhry. Aaliyan tell her that Salaar died in accident. Sami became unconsious and Aaliyan tries to woke up Sami. Chaudhry’s wife see all this.

PRECAP: Chaudhry comes to Rashid’s home and says that this is him and his own daughter made him like this and says that he is she male. Rashid ask Chaudhry to not to say a single word related to his daughter. Chaudhry ask him to shutup. Chaudhry ask Waqas to kill Rashid. Chandi’s slave met Chandi in village and says that he didn’t recognized her.

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