Titli- Episode 17 12th May 2017 Written Update

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Rehan ask Naila that it’s her car. Naila says that her driver parked that wrong. Sh ecall her driver and ask him to come fast. Naila apologizes him.Naila ask him that in which floor he live? He tell her and says that they are neighbours. She ask his name and he says that his name is rehan and compliments Naila’s name.
Ahmed’s friend says that they have decided a get together of friends. Ahmed ask about his family.
Naila thinks that he was having a broken car and says that how many family members is he having?
Naila ask maid that she will give her 15000 and ask her that she don’t want to listen any complaint. She ask her to make dinner. Mariam and Amna ask Ahmed to take them to his parents house. Ahmed ask Naila but Naila refuses. Mariam and Amna ask Naila to gave them permission to go there. Ahmed, Amna and Mariam leaves.
Naila saw Rehan while jogging and Rehan ask that she came here regularly. She says that she was alone at home that’s why she came here and her daughters went to her in laws house. He also introduce himself and ask her that what her husband do? She also tell her about her in laws and family situation and about Ahmed. Rehan and Naila tell their hobbies to eachother and Rehan says that he like long drives. Naila ask him for a long drive. Rehan says that he is not having suitable car for a long drive. Naila says that they can go a long drive in her car and he will drive.
Amir and Kiran plays with Amna and Mariam. Ahmed’s mother says that they are feeling so good. His father ask Ahmed that why he didn’t took Naila with him. Ahmed says that he insisted but she refused. Ahmed’s mother says that she will understand and ask them to give her time.
Ahmed and his daughters came back and tell Naila that they enjoyed alot. Naila ask them to not to tell her as they enjoyed. Ahmed ask his daughters to sleep. Ahmed tell Naila that his parents prayed for her. He tell her that everyone decided to go for outing next week. Naila says that she will not go with them as she has given permission to meet them. Ahmed says that Amir and Kiran invited them for dinner. Naila says that they will see next week if they wants to go or not.
Rehan’s door bell rung and Naila’s maid was there at the door. Her maid says that she has sent food for him. He ask her to thank Naila. Rehan calls Naila and thank her. Naila says that there is no need to thank her and she made today that’s why she thought to send him. Rehan says that she is doing wrong as he will be addicted to that. Naila ask him to eat food. Rehan ask her for a drive with him in the evening and Naila accepts.
Naila get prepared for the evening as she has to meet Rehan for a long drive. Ahmed’s father ask his wife to get ready as Amna and mariam will be waiting. They all arranged gifts for Amna and Mariam as there is Amna’s birthday. Kiran says that Ahmed has arranged surprise.
Ahmed ask his maid about Naila. His maid says that she didn’t told her and tell that Amna and Mariam are in room as they were looking angry. Ahmed ask his maid to arrange everything on the table. Ahmed says that they have to wait for their mother and after that they will go for celebrations. Amna and Mariam says that everyone had forgotten their birthday and they will never go again at their home. Everyone came at home for celebration. Naila and Rehan got accident. Ahmed tries to call Naila but she didn’t receive his call. Amna and Mariam says that they know that their mother has forgotten their birthday. Kiran says that she must have gone to bring gift for her. Naila comes and Ahmed says that everyone was waiting for her and ask that why is she not picking his call. Everyone ask Naila that what happened with her. Naila tell that she got accident that’s why she is a little bit injured. Ahmed’s father ask Amir and Ahmed to take her to the hospital.
Rehan says that Allah saved them and thank Allah that she is safe and says that he has ruined her car. He says that her husband must be angry and message her to ask Naila’s health.
Naila and Ahmed return back and says that she is having a minor injury. Naila says that after returning back from her friends home she decided to take gift for Amna but truck hit her. Amna says that she don’t need a gift and ask her to be healthy soon. Ahmed’s mother ask her to take rest. Naila says that it’s her daughter birthday and they have to celebrate that. Everyone celebrates Amna’s birthday.
Ahmed says that his mother was forcing him to stay here with Naila but he asked her to not to stay. Ahmed took care of Naila and give her medicines. Naila ask him to not to tell kami and her father about this as they will be worried. Ahmed says that he will not tell anyone and leaves to see Amna and mariam. Naila saw Rehan messages and called him that all were here at her home as it was her daughter birthday and she forgot. She tell him that she is fine and says that she will call him in the morning after Ahmed will leave for office.
Ahmed brought breakfast for Naila in the bedroom and ask her to not to do any work and says that she should tell him if she need anything. Naila ask that he will not go to office today. Ahmed says that he talked to Amir and he was saying that he will manage. Naila says that she is fine and ask him to go to office. Ahmed ask her to promise him that she will take care of herself. Naila ask about Amna and Mariam and about her car. Ahmed says that he sent both of them to school and sent her car to repair and says that she don’t need to worry about as he will take care of her. Naila saw her phone and get worried that Rehan didn’t texted her yet.
Naila’s door bell rung and she ask her maid to see who is at the door. Her maid come and says that Rehan is here. Naila ask her to make tea for him as she is coming in 5 mins.
Rehan apologizes and says that he ruined her car and he will bear all expense of her car. Naila says that he don’t need to worry as her car has gone to workshop for repairing. Rehan ask Naila that when her husband will come? Naila says that she sent him forcefully as he was not ready to go. Naila’s maid says that her mother in law is calling her and says that she don’t want to talk right now and ask her maid to say to them that she is sleeping if she recieves call on ptcl.
Ahmed come and says that his parents are coming to see her. Naila ask him to stop them for coming here and ask him to take Amna and Mariam there. Ahmed says that what he should say to them? Naila ask him to say that she is fine now and says that she is also coming with him.
While leaving for Ahmed’s parents house, Rehan saw them. Ahmed come and ask him that how he can help him? Rehan says that his car tyre is puntured and he is not having a jack. Ahmed ask his driver to fix his car tyres. Ahmed says that his car condition is not better and says that he is not trying to embarrass him. Rehan thank him and they all leaves.

PRECAP: Ahmed ask Naila that she can come with him and can buy anything what she want to. Naila says that why she have to come with him as she can buy by herself if she liked anything. Naila ask Rehan to buy a new car. Rehan says that he is jobless and he is not having enough money. Naila says that she can buy a car for him. Naila ask Ahmed that her friend is in bad condition and she asked her for. Naila ask Ahmed to help her friend and demand for 15 to 16 hundred thousand.

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