Muqabil – Episode 23 9th May 2017 Written Update

Muqabil – Episode 23 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Arman’s mother hear all what parisa said. She ask that what she said. Zubaida ask Armaan and cries.
Mehmood ask Zubaida what happened? He ask that why is she crying? Sumbul comes and ask Zubaida that what happened and why is she watching him like this. Sumbul ask Armaan and Mehmood. Everyone comes out and saw Mehmood. Mehmood falls down and Zubaida stops Sumbul as she was going to help Mehmood.
Shanaz says that her daughter irritated her as she was having so much and she think of those who are poor and save money for her daughters. Shanaz says that here people takes money for children. She says that those people didn’t irritated Parisa. Aftaab says that she is not happy. Parisa says that she was happy with there in laws and husband. Aftaab says that she has to adjust there. She ask him to bring her back and wait for her marriage. Shanaz says that he wants her to stop all her activities and care her daughter. She says that she is her mother and his type of men do not do this and blackmail women. Aftaab ask that she is saying like a philosopher. Shanaz ask that how is he talking to her as Parisa convinced him against her. Aftaab says that Parisa didn’t said anything and says that he saw her as she is upset from inside. Shanaz says that everything is perfect for her. She ask him to see her as well and to coperate. Shanaz says that they should went for a holiday and Parisa will also be happy to see them happy. Parisa come and Shanaz ask that she came again? Parisa says that they kicked her out from home. Parisa says that Mehmood did this. Shanaz says that he don’t dare to do that and ask that she did something? Aftaab ask Shanaz to remain silent and ask Parisa that what happened and why is she here? Parisa says that she can’t tell him. Shanaz says that she should ask court to ask her that what happened? Parisa says that no one can ask her. Aftaab ask Shanaz to ask Mehmood. Parisa says that he is not innocent and she always said to her that she is afraid of him and he slaps her and her mother used her to remain silent. Parisa says that she wouldn’t be shouting if she listened to her. 12 years she was bearing from such pain and everyone knew at his home that he is not innocent but her mother still thinks that he is innocent. Shanaz ask that what he had done? Parisa told her that she was abused in the pool when she went to attend a party and no one was there to listen her as she was shouting and she was not able to do anything.
Mehmood cries while praying.
Parisa tells that she was a living dead that night and she was not even able to ask for help as she cried alot. She says that she used her will power to come out of the pool. She says that when she woke up and her mother was scolding her instead of caring for her. She says that her mother asked Mehmood to took her to the doctor as she was saying that Mehmood is not a good person but she slapped her and Mehmood took her to the gynacologist and gave medicines to her as he used to scold her and that’s why she used to locked the door of her room as their was no one to help her. Parisa says that if she didn’t forced her to marry then she didn’t lead to this situation.
Shanaz came to meet Mehmood and saw everyone. Shanaz calls Mehmood while standing out of his room. Mehmood opens the door and Shanaz pointed out her gun on him. Shanaz cries and put the gun on Mehmood’s forhead. Mehmood says to Shanaz that she is not able to do this. Mehmood closed the door of his room and shot himself by his hands.
Aftaab says to Parisa that her father is with her. Aftaab cries and says that his duty is now finished as he has to gain money. He says that he brought doll for her but she didn’t accepted and thrown that. He says that he asked from her that what happened but she didn’t said a single word. He says that if he told him than he would killed him. Parisa says that these type of thing she can tell fathers. Aftaab says that Shanaz left him here alone and she can’t do anything else she will kick mehmood from job. Maid comes and tell that Shanaz has taken gun with her.
Shanaz come and Aftaab ask her that she is going to meet Minister as what she had done and what punishment should be given to her.
Everyone ask that what all happened as Mehmood was a nice person and he did sucide. Armaan says that he don’t know. Everyone ask to pray for him instead of asking such things.
Sumbul cries and Zubaida ask her that they have to sit there with people as her friends are also here. Sumbul says that everyone is asking questions that why her father did sucide. Zubaida says that they didn’t have answer. Sumbul says that they has to find the answer otherwise people will make stories to see their silence.
Parisa ask Shanaz that what would be happening with Armaan. Parisa says that he is innocent. Shanaz says that he has to bear punishment as she can’t remain Mehmood alive. Parisa says that she also deserves punishment. Shanaz says that she only didn’t believed her. Parisa ask her to leave her on her own.
Sara comes and ask Armaan that why his father did sucide as his father was strong. Sara says that why he has taken too seriously of his son breakup as his father cared for her. Sara says that Parisa will not remain happy. Armaan says that everyone has right to take decision. Sara says that she has taken his father’s life. Armaan says that what he can do else he can kill her as well. Sara says that if she would be at his place than he had done this. Armaan says that he wanted to forget her and even don’t want to keep a relationship of hatred with Parisa.

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