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Sami’s mother calls Chaudhry and cries and ask him to see what’s happening with Sami there. Chaudhry ask where is Sami. She ask him to save her and beg him. Chaudhry called Rashid and ask that what was he doing outside? and says that he should stay in ladies room. He ask Rashid to bring dupatta to put on Sami and his gun as well.
Chaudhry’s wife says to Rashid that Chaudhry is disrespecting her and ask him to open the cupboard and take out the dupatta. She gave him gun to kill Chaudhry. She ask him to give this gun to Chaudhry and say to him that her marriage dupatta is lost.
Sami’s mother cries to see Sami like this tied with a rope with tree and scolds Waqas that she is his own sister. She opens Sami and took Sami with her. Rashid took Waqas with him.
Chandi cries while remember Salaar that he hided his marriage from her as she became a devil and cursed her that she killed him. Salaar’s friend says that Salaar loved her alot and he can’t see his mother like this and ask his mother to keep patience. Chandi says that she betrayed him as she told Waqas Sami’s address. Chandi apologizes and ask his friend that where she will go without him and how she’ll live. His friend says that they are with her. Chandi cries and says that her son is dead.
Chaudhry’s son ask Aaliyan that he will give mone to him and ask him to do his homework as no one will get to know. Aaliyan ask that he is talking weird and ask that he had seen money? Chaudhry’s son says that this all property is of him. Aaliyan says that he knew that money is a bad thing. He says that when he will see money than he will ask him that what is the value of money.
Sami requests Rashid to not to vani her and kill her instead. Sami cries alot. Chaudhry ask Rashid to take her to his room. His son says that as she is his vani so she will live in his room. Chaudhry ask Rashid to take her to his room. Sami cries.
Sami’s mother knocks the door and ask Nazo to open the door. Chaudhry ask everyone to leave. Chaudhry ask his wife to open the door. Zulaikha opens the door and Chaudhry ask Rashid to bring Sami in.
Chaudhry’s son ask Aaliyan that had he seen Sami and tells that she ran with some one. Aaliyan says that he is talking like an animal. Chaudhry’s son says that Rashid is like a mad dog of his father.
Chaudhry ask Sami that how she ran from here and who helped her in escaping? He says that then he will decide that she will be vani or not. Sami ask him to kill her. Chaudhry says that she think that he didn’t knew the truth. He says that he knew everything and ask his slave to announce in whole village that Sami will not be vani now but she will be his wife and his house queen.
Doctor says to Naheed that why she hided her nikah as they should announce and ask that whom she will tell that of whom child is she carrying. Naheed says that she will tell that her husband left instead of accepting his child. Doctor ask her to find her nikah copy.
Naheed returns back home and recalls the old memories she spended with Ghulam Rasool. Naheed tries to found her Nikah copy.
Naheed tell her brother’s wife that she is pregnant. His wife shocked to hear that and says that her brother will kill her if he got to knew this.
Zarina thinks that slave and the dog has the big difference as Rashid her son is Chaudhry’s slave but he can’t be his dog.
Naheed’s brother says to Naheed that she ruined them and she will do what he will say her. He ask her to waste her child. Aaliyan heard all this and says that this is murder. Aaliyan says that this is the murder of a living.
Chaudhry calls Rashid and says that he deserve this and says that now if Sami will escape than daughter will took her place. Rashid point out his gun on Chaudhry on his back. Chaudhry’s wife ask Rashid to stop her as she is leaving at midnight. She says that she said to him to kill her but he didn’t done this.
Chaudhry’s wife went to her house and her brother says that why she came here at this time. She ask that he felt proud to do this. Her father says that he did a big job to kept Sami at his house. She ask that this is not justice that he has now taken the decision to marry her. Her father says that he has taken a good decision and ask her to go to her house. She says that she felt bad as he didn’t needed her than he must killed her in her childhood. Her brother recieves call from Chaudhry and says that her father was sick that’s why she came here and now she is bringing her back. She says that she is a living and she can’t live like that and ask him to kill her.
Sami’s mother give Waqas tea as he is hungry. Waqas shouts and says that she didn’t left him respectful as people are making fun of him. He ask his mother to kill him.
Chaudhry ask Rashid that his wife left infront of him and he let her go without his permission. Chaudhry says that he made her queen and tell him that he ate his food and ask him to remember that. He says that when dog lose his control and disrespects than boss give him pain and when slave do the same thing than they also do the same. He ask Rashid to take care of Sami and says that he is her slave and ask him to not to betray him now and he will not forgive him again. He says that if he tried to escape Sami than his daughter will be at her place. Plates fall from Rashid hands after hearing this. Zulaikha comes and Chaudhry ask him to take care of Sami.
Sami cries to beg to leave her alone. Rashid come to her room and she says that if Mariam was at her place than what will he do? She ask him to save her. Rashid see Sami as her daughter in imagination.

PRECAP: Naheed’s brother says that if Naheed tried to runied his respect or that child took birth than her child will be in a dustbin. Chaudhry’s son come to Sami and says that his sir wants to talk to her. Sami says that she don’t want to talk to anyone. Chaudhry’s son says that Aaliyan is saying that he is friend of Salaar.

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