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Ahmed says that his mother didn’t answered as she is still unconcious. His father ask him to take Amna and Mariam over here and she will open her eyes then. Ahmed says that he don’t want to see Naila’s face again. Amir and Kiran forced him to bring Amna and Mariam and after seeing them his mother will woke up. Ahmed leaves.
Amna ask that why their father didn’t came yet? Naila says that he will come. They ask that where they are going? Naila says that they are going for enjoyment and shopping. Naila says that she is going for outing so that no one will scold her for all what she did. Ahmed come and rung the door bell but no one opened the door. He calls Naila but her number was switched off. Ahmed continously rung the door bell but no one opens the door.
Saira ask her in laws to get ready for dinner. Naila’s father says to her wife to get ready. Kami comes and brought gifts. Naila’s mother ask that Saira packed these gifts then why he bought more? Kami says that they will give these to Ahmed and Naila by their side. Kami recieves call from Ahmed and Ahmed ask that Naila is there at his house? Kami says that Naila is not here and ask that what happened, why is he so upset? Ahmed tell him that his mother is in hospital because of Naila as she got heart attack. Kami tell everyone about this. Naila’s father scolds Naila that she always embarassed them. Kami says that they had to do something. His father says that they has to first went to ask Ahmed’s mother health.
Kami and his family reached hospital and Naila’s father consol Zubair. Kami ask Ahmed that where Naila went and ask him to tell the whole story. Nurse come and says that Ahmed’s mother is now in normal condition and doctor is calling them.
Amna and Mariam says that they enjoyed alot. Kami ask that what she did and ask her to come with him. Naila says that she don’t want to see their face. Kami ask Amna and Mariam to come with him. Naila stops him to not to take them . Kami ask that she can’t stop him and ask her to go home and leaves.
Naila complaints to her mother that Kami snatched her daughters from her. Her mother ask her to relax as her daughters will be back. Naila says that if her daughters will not be here than she will do something to her.
Amna and Mariam ask to Ahmed that they will live here and their mother will live at other house. Ahmed says that she will live with them. Amna and Mariam ask that she will live alone there. Ahmed says that Kami is there with her and ask them to sleep.
Kami comes and Naila ask that where are her daughters? Kami says that they will stay with them. Naila ask that she needs her daughters back. Kami says that she did wrong and because of her Ahmed’s mother is in this condition. Naila says that she don’t care about her and she just need her daughters back. Kami ask her to shutup and says that she embarassed them infront of those people. Naila’s mother make Naila understand that her daughters will be back when Ahmed’s mother will be alright than she will bring her daughters back by herself.
Naila calls Amna and ask that how dare they both stayed there? Amna says that as their dadi was unwell that’s why they both stayed there. Naila ask them to shout or do anything and ask them to return back home. Amna ask to talk to her father. Naila ask Ahmed to bring her daughters back. Ahmed says that they will not come and she was interested in living alone so she has to live alone now.
Zubair ask Ahmed to try to end all this fight. Ahmed says that she started all this and she will end up as she has to live here with them. Zubair ask him to go to office now.
Naila’s mother ask that where is she going? Naila says that she is going to take her daughters back. Naila’s mother stops her and says that she will talk to Ahmed by herself. Naila says that Kami did wrong with her and she will not forgive him ever.
Kami says that Naila embarassed them alot. Kami says that Ahmed beard and he can’t imagine that how did he beard? Naila’s father says that those people are so nice who are bearing all this and not saying a single word. Naila’s father ask that Amna and Mariam are with them. Kami says that they will stay with them. Her father says that Naila will took her daughters back. Kami ask his father to ask Naila to apologize them or else he will not allow Amna and Mariam to return back to her.
Ahmed ask his mother’s health and says that Amna and Mariam was with them. His mother says that they dropped her daughters back to Naila. Ahmed shocked to hear and says that they went there as she did all this with them. Ahmed’s mother says that she is their mother and she is having right to live with her daughters. Ahmed says that she didn’t asked her to left this house as she was living here. His father says that every women had a wish to live in a seperate house. Ahmed says that he can’t fulfil her wish like that. Zubair ask him that it’s their wish. Ahmed ask them to not to talk like that as he didn’t refused them ever. Ahmed says that she used his parents, betrayed and hurted them and he hates her and he ask that he will not go to live with her and request them to not to ask him to do this as he can’t leave them and this house. Ahmed apologize. Zubair says that if this is his last decision than he will not allow him to enter this house ever.
Amna says that they enjoyed alot at his father house as they play in ground there. Mariam ask her to talk to their mother that they have to live there. Mariam ask her mother to take them to his father’s house as they are missing him. Naila ask them to leave him as he don’t want to come here.
Naila’s father says to his wife that Ahmed is angry with Naila. She says that Ahmed will be alright soon as she did nothing wrong that she seperated. He ask her to make her understand to behave well with those people. She says that she will make her understand. He ask her to take her back to Ahmed and if everything will happen like this than they will make problems for them.
Mariam ask Naila that they wanted to meet Amir as they are missing them. Naila says that if they want to meet them than they will come. Amir and Kiran comes and brought gifts and icecream for them. Amna and Mariam become happy and ask Ahmed that they will stay with them. Ahmed says that he will stay with them.
Amir says that she did alot but why his parents forced him to come there. Zubair says that as she is his brother’s wife. Kiran says that Amna and Mariam was missing them alot. Amir says that he love Amna and Mariam. Kiran ask Amir to meet his brother as well. Amir says that he is worried about Ahmed. Zubair ask him to pray for his happiness.
Naila ask Ahmed that he can go at his home if he forced to live with her. Ahmed ask her to end up all this. Naila says that his mood is off that’s why she is asking. Ahmed says that he is tired. Naila says that he want to live happy here or not. Ahmed says that he will see his daughters infront of her and he will be happy here. Naila says that what kind of importance she is having in his life? Ahmed says that she is his wife and his daughters mother and says that he is tired and want to sleep and leaves.
Naila’s father ask his wife to go to meet Naila. Naila’s mother says that she called her as she invited everyone at her home. She says that Ahmed and Naila is happy with eachother. She ask him to pray for their happiness. Naila’a father ask that if all this happened with her son than what she will say? Naila’s mother says that he can’t do like that.
Naila saw someone and shocked to see him.

PRECAP: Ahmed ask Naila that Amna and Mariam wants to meet Dada and Dadi. Naila says that she is not having mood to go there. Amna and Mariam ask that they can go there with their father. Naila met someone while jogging. He ask that she come here daily. Naila says that she was alone at home that’s why she is here. Naila says that she is having two daughters Amna and Mariam.

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