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Naheed woke up. Aaliyan says that he is here and no one can touch her and he will sleep when she will be with her husband. Naheed ask that he will come to meet her. Aaliyan says that her husband will not say anything. Naheed says that her husband is a nice man. Aaliyan says that she has maden a good choice for her life and says that he will drop her to her husband by himself and ask her to sleep.
Ghulam Rasool, husband of Naheed wrotes about his life, Naheed’s brother comes and ask that he knows him and ask him to see him properly to not to forget his face. Her brother throws everything and broke his computer as well and says that he will tell him today that what he did?
Sami took care of Salaar while he was sleeping. Salar’s phone rungs, Sami switch off the phone and thinks to leave to Rahim Yar Khan or somewhere else so that he will be able to be with his mother.
Waqas reached Karachi.
Sami packed her things and thinks to leave early as she is not having time and she is going to leave without telling Salaar as he beared alot of pain for her and thinks to leave for him as he is the only son of his mother.
While leaving, the door knocks, there was Waqas. Salaar woke up and ask where is she going and ask to go in. Sami ask that who is on the door? Waqas ask her to hide as there can be some enemy. Waqas ask that who’s there? He opens the door and Waqas holds him and take him in and ask where is Sami? Salaar ask that who is he? Waqas ask his friends to tie him up. Waqas finds Sami everywhere. Waqas found Sami as she hid herself in the cupboard. Waqas ask that she did everything as her mother is dying there in village without her and is sick and here she is enjoying.
Naheed packs her bag and talks to her parents picture that she is leaving their home and if she is not the partner of their home than it would be good that they would kill her when she was born as she is leaving now.
Sami ask her brother to leave Salaar as he helped her and says that he is innocent as he is the only son of his mother and his mother will die. Waqas says that he is leaving him because his own mother gave him address of here. Waqas took Sami with him. Salaar panics and call her.
Chandi calls Salaar. Salaar opens himself up and pick his phone but not the call.
Aaliyan ask his father that Naheed has gone as she is not in her room. Aaliyan ask about her husband address. His father says that he don’t remember the address.
Aaliyan while driving recieves the call from Chandi and got accident.
Naheed knocks the door and calls Ghulam Rasool but she saw that the door is opened and says that he don’t care that his clothes are messed up as he is married now. Naheed shocked to see the messed up room and calls Ghulam. Naheed saw the paper which Ghulam placed for her and Ghulam divorced Naheed on that paper. Naheed vomits. Aaliyan comes and ask that what happened?
Naheed’s brother scolds her that what they will say now to everyone as she is divorced now. Aaliyan says that he wanted this and now as it happened but they don’t know that these papers are original or fake. His father says that these papers are original. Aaliyan ask that how he knows that these papers are original and says that these papers are written with calm and that room didn’t shows this. His father says that he can’t bear all this and can’t wait more as he wanted her sister to marry again. Aaliyan makes his father realize that she is not his property. His father panics and tried to scold his son but his wife stops him as he is his young son.
Chaudhry Nawaz says that she hasen’t given his dog food and says to Rashid that he can put him infront of that dog. Nawaz says that he don’t believe in killing someone but to kill them the whole life by keeping them alive. Nawaz says that now Sami will become his wife and ask his wife to call Sami as Chaudhraiyan g. Nawaz ask Rashid to take care of ladies now as his punishment. Nawaz gave him work to pick up the sandal and give that to Nazo and put that in her feets. Rashid did as it is. Nazo leaves from there. Nawaz says that now he has to irritate ladies or make them jealous as he himself will help him in doing this all and ask that at what time the Karachi train reach here? Rashid tells him that in the morning time. Nawaz ask him to be prepared for tomorrow morning as Sami is coming in that train.
Rashid’s wife prays to Allah and ask him to make everyone understand and begs to gave her son as she believes him. Zarina saw her praying this. She prays continously that everyone hates her daughters and begs for blessings. Rashid also saw her like this.
Waqas took Sami. Sami ask him to leave her. Someone tells Sami’s mother that Waqas brought Sami and is ready to burn her infront of the whole village. Sami cries and ask him to leave her. Waqas slaps her and tie her up with the tree.
Chandi ran to the door as the bell rung and thinks that she didn’t want to show her love to her son. Chandi opens the door and Salaar’s friend told her that Salaar died. Chandi ask him to not to take his friend side as she will not be having any soft corner for him. His friend cries and says that Salaar died in real as he got accident and his body is in the hospital. Chandi was shocked.

PRECAP: Chandi cried badly and says to Salaar friends that they all were there when he did nikah and scolds herself that she killed her son. Waqas prepared to burn Sami. Chaudhry Nawaz says to Rashid that now the same behaviour will held with his daughters like Sami, that she was vani. Rashid points out the gun on Chaudhry.

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