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Mehmood says that he don’t want to say anything to Armaan and now it’s his decision that he will stay stay here or his father. Armaan leaves from there. Zubaida says that why he didn’t stopped Armaan as he will leave and panics. Parisa says to Armaan that where is he going? Armaan says that he don’t know. Armaan says that they decided before that she will not stop him. Parisa says that how can he go in this condition? Armaan says that he is just fractured but if he stayed here than he will be paralyzed. Parisa ask him to give her time. Armaan says that he has not more ability for being rude with his parents and if he didn’t go now than he will never be able to leave. Zubaida cries and ask Mehmood to stop Armaan.
Sumbul comes and says that Shanaz is here. Shanaz says that she now believe that the relationships are made in heaven. Shanaz says that she didn’t believe that Parisa is his house daughter in law and she will not be able to bear her attitude if she married anywhere else. She thanked Mehmood and Zubaida that they took care of Parisa and beared her attitude because she knew that Mehmood can understand her attitude that’s why she married Armaan. Shanaz ask that if they need something than they can ask her. Zubaida says that they had everything and ask her to pray for Armaan and Parisa. Shanaz says that she is here for congregational wedding to gain prayers of other people for their children happiness and gave her money for shopping and ask her to start shopping so that they will be able to get prayers.
Parisa ask Armaan to sit otherwise his foot will be swelled. Parisa ask him to do what ever he wants to but first he has to be normal like before. Armaan says that before he was in bad condition. Parisa says that there is a solution that she should leave from here. Armaan ask where she will go and refuses her to go. Armaan says that he will not be able to survive alone. Parisa says that his problem is this that she should leave so she will leave instead of him and ask that why is he leaving instead of her. Parisa says that if her mother will get to know all about this than her mother will panic so much that Sara will run from here. Armaan says that she will not run.
Shanaz tells her that they have exchanged the relationships as Armaan is her son and ask Parisa to take care of him. Shanaz compliments Armaan’s parents that they are so nice to her and take care of her and she is lucky to have them. Shanaz gave her keys of her house and says that she will be happy here that’s why she snatched these keys from her.
Zubaida panics and scolds Mehmood that they have to take out the solution. Mehmood says that if Parisa’s mother will get to know about this than they will not be able to stand infront of her and says that Armaan will not listen as he decided. Zubaida says that they has to make him listen and understand, she says that he controlled Parisa’s mother whenever she paniced and now he is acting like that. Zubaida says that they has to apologize Parisa and says that something happened to Armaan as Armaan was not like this before as he was too much caring.
Zubaida ask Parisa that what Armaan said to her and ask that how Sara came in his life. Zubaida says that Parisa left him alone that’s why she has taken her place. Zubaida says that wifes always take care of husbands but they are always looking for other women. Zubaida says that wifes duty is not till making food but she has to be well dressed infront of him to get his attention and not to make him look to any other women. Zubaida ask that how Sara came in her life that he is not even listening to anyone and what he has seen in that girl, that he left her for that girl. Zubaida says that she has to solve this problem. Parisa ask a question from her that had she complyed on this all what she is telling her to do. Zubaida says that she is mother of Armaan and he is his son. Parisa says that she is talking about her and her husband. Parisa says men lust can not be controlled by a women love and he will go to look for someone else to change his taste as nothing can stop him. Mehmood heard all this. Zubaida ask that what she said. Mehmood says that what she was saying to her?
Armaan recalls when he asked Parisa that he will leave and Parisa asked him to not to leave her as she is afraid for leaving him. Parisa gave him tea. Parisa ask that he talked to Sara. Armaan says that he proposed her and says that Sara was not able to believe on his fake story and she was not able to believe that he hates Parisa and Parisa love anyone else and she need time to understand as she has seen their love and ask Parisa that she has to make her believe that she love someone else. Parisa ask that how she ccan do this? Armaan says that like before she made Sara believe that she love Armaan. Parisa says that she believed when she saw love for him in her eyes. Parisa says that love is like flower and when it blooms than it’s smell moves all around and there remain no need to tell anyone. Armaan says that she has done a difficult job and hatred is the easiest thing in this world, just they has to change the attitude and eyes. Parisa says that she will try but says that what he will say to her, she will do as it is. Parisa says that he will add Sara in this punishment from which they are suffering. Parisa ask him that if he will marry Sara than he will be able to be happy with her? Armaan says that she thinked before that she is also ruining anyone’s life. He ask for the truth that why she married him by knowing this that his father raped her and snatched everything from her. Armaan ask that why she came here and she is here to gave him punishment. Parisa says that she taken his name to be safe from marriage. Armaan says that she came here to take revenge and now she did her job. Armaan says that this punishment will not be ended and says that she did a best job. Parisa cries and ask that she don’t believe that he think this for her. Armaan ask that why she married him as she knew that she has to live in one room with him. Armaan says that now he hates his father as he was his ideal before. Armaan says that he thought that his father was that nicest man and now he is not able to breath with him in this house and he is leaving her because of his father. He says that she came here where his father lived and this is revenge. Parisa says that she don’t know how she came here? Armaan says that she came here to take revenge by holding love and congragulate her that she has taken her revenge and thrown him in the hell. Parisa says that she don’t know that why she was here but now she know that where she has to go and now she is leaving, She says that now she is leaving due to his love and she will pay anything and ask him to forgive her. Parisa cries and saw Zubaida standing at the door. Zubaida cries as she heard everything.

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