Titli- Episode 15 29th April 2017 Written Update

Titli- Episode 15 29th April 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Mariam comes and ask that why she unpacked their bags as she said that they are going for outing but now why aren’t they not going. Ahmed’s mother says that they will go. Naila says that they will go first for dinner and ask to get ready. Ahmed’s mother thank Allah for happiness in their house.
Ahmed says to Naila that he is too much happy today and it’s was very good that all were happy and together and enjoying and says that she respected his parents as well. Naila says that she is not that much bad as he thinks. Ahmed says that it’s not like that and everyone like her.Naila says that she was thinking that they haven’t did shopping for his parents and ask him to return early from office and bought gifts for them. Ahmed says that he will return back early and he felt happy and says that everyone will also become happy. Naila ask him to not to tell anyone. Ahmed says that he will not tell anyone.
Ahmed’s father comes and his wife says that he went for a walk after a long time as the house environment is nice and comfortable because of Naila. Ahmed’s father says that she understood that by living together there is happiness. She says that because of Amna and Mariam there is so much happiness in their house and pray for Kiran’s children as well. She says that she was thinking to invite Naila’s parents for dinner and not to tell Naila about this.
Naila’s father says that there must be something that they called him like this for dinner as they are so nice people and they had taken care of Naila and Naila did not care about this. His wife says that he always scolds Naila. He says that he is not the enemy of Naila but he make her understood to live nicely with them. Everyone becomes tensed by thinking that why they invited them like this.
Ahmed’s father says that food is ready. Kiran says that it’s happened very good that Ahmed took Naila with her for shopping. Kiran ask her mother in law to get ready.
Naila ask for apartments of Amna and Mariam for their future. Ahmed’s mother says that she has a very nice thought and Naila ask to not to tell Ahmed and Amir about this and after buying those they will tell them.
Ahmed’s father went to see the apartment with Naila and Naila ask that he liked it and ask to buy that.
Ahmed’s father says that Naila’s choice is very nice and Naila ask to decorate that with her choice and they will buy the things with their choice. Naila took Ahmed’s mother to her apartment to show her and says that this apartment is so beautiful and shows her full house. Her mother says that they have to see the Mariam’s apartment. Her father says that she had did a best job and when she will give this suprise to Ahmed. Naila says that she will tell that to Ahmed tomorrow.
Ahmed ask his employee to cancel the meeting for tomorrow as it’s 14 february and ask hi,m to arrange that on some other day. Ahmed went to Amir and says thay he is saved from a big complex as he remembered that he is having his anniversary tomorrow otherwise she will be angry and ask that what is the plan? Amir says that they will go out tomorrow. Ahmed says that their should be surprise for her and ask for gift for her and went for shopping with him and ask him to invite everyone.
Kami calls Ahmed and says that he returned back hom right now and Ahmed tells him that he arranged a dinner for Naila and his anniversary and ask him to not to tell Naila about this and invited him.
Kiran gives tea to her mother in law and father in law. He says that time is not passing today. Kiran ask that what happened. Naila tells to her mother and father that they had taken her side in all situations and ask him to give surprise to Ahmed as well as she is taking her daughters with her to live in a seperate house and she has done this because they were not allowing her to go from there. Everyone tries to stop her but she leaves and Ahmed’s mother becomes unconcious.
Naila took her daughters in a seperate home and says that now this is theirs house and they will live her from now. Amna and mariam ask that why they can’t love there with them and ask to bring them her as they will not be bored. Naila says that they will also not be bored here and shows them their room which is full decorated and Amna and Mariam becomes happy to see that.
Ahmed and Amir comes to hospital and Kiran tell him that she got heart attack and doctors asked for prayers. Ahmed panics and went to the doctor. Naila ask Amna and Mariam that what they will eat. Amna and Mariam ask that she will make food for them. Naila says that she will order something for them. She ordered pizza for them.
Ahmed ask doctor that what has happened to her mother suddenly. Doctor says that it’s due to hypertension or high blood pressure. Ahmed ask doctor to tell him the truth as he is worried about his mother. Doctor ask him to pray and wait for 24 hours.Amir ask that what doctor said? Ahmed says that how this happened as they left her so healthy. Kiran told him that Naila took Amna and Mariam with her. Kiran told Ahmed everything. Ahmed ask his father that what he did? He just took side of her without telling him. Naila thinks that Ahmed is not here till yet and thinks that this can be happened that nobody had told him about her and thinks that if her brother and father will get to know about this then they will not leave her. Suddenly the bell rung and Naila thinks that Ahmed is here but there was Amir at the door.
Amir comes and tells her that his mother is in hospital and talk to her badly. Naila ask him to behave. Amir says that if something happened to his mother than he will not leave her. Naila says that there are less complexes that her mother in law went to hospital as well and if her brother and father will get to know about this then they will not leave her.
Ahmed ask his father to go back home and take rest. His father says that he will not return till his wife will not be alright. Ahmed forces him to go back home and to eat something. Kiran says that they should go back home and says that they will return back in the morning.
Kiran prays for her mother in law.
Amir and Ahmed cries.

PRECAP: Naila says that now everyone will come to scold her and she thinks to leave before everyone comes here. Ahmed ask Kami that Naila is at his home. Kami says that Naila is not here. Kami scolds Naila that due to her this all happened. Naila says that she want her daughters back.

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