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Muqabil – Episode 21 26th April 2017Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Shanaz says to Aftab that she returned back home. She says that Parisa did drama for her calmness and she was taking revenge and feels good to see her worried. Aftab says that Mehmood is also the part of this drama. Shanaz says that he can’t do anything as he only wants to see Armaan happy and that’s why he spoke a lie. Aftab says that he did wrong by switching his phone like this and just watching him worried and taking side of Parisa in this drama. Shanaz ask her father to don’t act so serious as Mehmood treat her as her daughter and says that Aftab also used to spoke lies for her sometimes. She says that she just wanted her to realize all this.
Parisa returned back home. Mehmood tells Armaan he didn’t brought Parisa here and she also didn’t returned back here but she is because of Allah. Mehmood says that it’s his responsibility to take care of her and he will not speak between them but if Armaan don’t agree than he will ask her to return back at her home but he says that he is asking for Parisa’s happiness instead of his prayers after his death.
Zubaida ask Mehmood that from how much time he is hiding all this from her which Armaan told her now. Mehmood says that Armaan didn’t told him and he did wrong by telling you because now Zubaida will not stop arguing. Zubaida says that Parisa will tell everyone. Mehmood says that she will not tell anyone. Zubaida says that Armaan has taken his decision to leave Parisa and to marry anyother girl.
Parisa says that where she should go as she didn’t knew the roads and ways and she only knows the path of him and her kind of girl can only went till that distance only and she says that she only knows his parents and she thinks that there are only two types of people, like her mother and like Armaan’s father and she was only having 2 reasons to live and she felt free when Armaan married to her but she is again in that situation when she used to lived in a cage and alone person can live easily but it is difficult to adjust when someone in their life starts annoying. Armaan says that he can’t live with her in this cage as he wants to be free and ask her to leave him.
Zubaida says that Armaan liked someone else before but he married to Parisa forcefully and now he wants to marry her. Mehmood says that he has taken this decision. Zubaida ask that what he said to him that he was crying. Mehmood says that very bad happened with Parisa. Zubaida says that now he has to bear this as she told him that she will never take his side and ask him to say this to take him to the right path.
Armaan says that there is only one way that he has to take all accusement on his head and in this way he and her can easily be free and it’s not possible to live together. He says that he is not having any other way to live seperately and what happened with her today , it can be more worst than this.
Sumbul ask her mother that what happened? Zubaida says that she always tonted and misunderstood Parisa but she was innocent, her son is responsible for all this. Sumbul ask that what happened and ask to tell her. Zubaida says that she will not tell her because she will tell to everyone. Sumbul says that she is also the member of this family and she is having right to know all this. Zubaida ask her to not to tell anyone as Armaan is getting married to someone else.
Parisa ask Armaan that he talked to Sara. Armaan tells that he told a lie to Sara that Parisa is having another relationship. Parisa says that he shouldn’t told her this as it’s so much embarassing and she will not be able to face her. Armaan says that Sara will never be agreed to hear anything else or this that he don’t love Parisa. He says that he cried alot for her and now he is feeling like a loser and going to live with Sara and he don’t know that Sara will accept him or not.
Sumbul tells Mehmood that Armaan was having friendship with Sara but he didn’y liked her and he did drama with her of relationship to leave Parisa. Zubaida ask for Sara’s number. Mehmood ask her to keep silent as arguing with her is not the solution because Sara will not disagree that he don’t love Armaan. Zubaida says that they can’t sit like this. Sumbul says that her father is right as connection will become more stronger. Mehmood ask Zubaida to keep paitience as Parisa will return back in this home and ask her to pray. Zubaida ask that if anything will not happened like this than? Mehmood says that than only one person will live in this house and that could be Armaan or him.
Armaan ask that what is the solution of this? Parisa says that it’s not the way. Armaan says that she will remain safe and her mother will not kick her out. Parisa says that how she can live like this. Armaan says that he is going to ruin his life and he has no idea that what he is doing? Parisa says that why is he doing this as they can live together and can take eachother’s side and and can spent life easily and they will go anywhere by leaving this place and she is ready to go with him. Armaan says that there is no place where he can easily seperate his father’s thoughts and he will not be able to become close to her. Parisa says that she donot feel bad for his closeness and says that everything will be alright and they will be close one day. Armaan says that they both are having different cases and he was his father who touched her. Parisa says that it’s not the justice that he can live with a delinquent but not with a victim. Armaan says that he will leave him and will go from here.
Sara comes and Mehmood tells her that Armaan is sleeping. Sara says that he called her and sent her message of waiting. Mehmood ask her to come later as he slept now. Sara says that let him know that she was here. Parisa comes and says that Armaan is waiting for her. Mehmood says that he didn’t liked her that’s why he didn’t wanted her to meet him and ask her to keep distance between both of them. He says that relationships should be cared and then they will be successful.
Sara says that she can not understand as he is his love from childhood and from where this love story came in between. Armaan says that he is not her love as she is just having a soft corner for him. Sara ask the truth and says that she has seen love for him in her eyes. Armaan says that he is his first love and she want to live with his love. Sara ask to give her time as she knows that this not love and she will be back. Armaan says that he will not accept her if she will be back. Armaan says that she is waiting as he is the son of a manager and he has to take all on his head. Armaan ask Sara that she will marry him?
Sumbul ask that why Sara is here to meet Armaan. Zubaida says that there is definitely something between them that’s why she is here and says that Parisa is giving her permission to meet Armaan. Parisa says that what she can do than as he will not stop. Sumbul says that if she would be at her place than she’ll beaten her up. Parisa says that she is not at her place. Sumbul as that why she is giving her place and ask her to stand up strongly. Parisa says that she is not taking her children away and she can not stand infront of her like that as she has no one to show her right. Sumbul says that Sara is ruining her home. Parisa says that home is ruined when husband starts annoying and she can’t fight with her as she will become smaller infront of her. Zubaida says that she is taking step back herself than they all will be able to fight. Parisa says that no one can make someone else to become a part of their life. Zubaida says that she herself maden her as Arman’s partner and if she can fight with her mother than this girl is no one infront of her. Parisa says that because of her force Armaan didn’t want to live with her. Zubaida says that she wants to live with him and she wants to make this relation and ask that what happened between them and from where this girl came? Parisa says that Sara was before in his life and she came suddenly in Armaan’s life. Zubaida says that something happened between Parisa and Armaan that’s why that girl is here. Parisa says that she should ask Armaan. Zubaida says that Armaan is telling her a lie as she didn’t seen love for that girl in his eyes and he didn’t taken her name before. Parisa ask that why all this happening? Zubaida says that she is not having any doubt on her but he can be suspicious about Parisa because his father was also like this. Zubaida ask her to tell that what happened between them as this girl will take him with her and they will not be able to do anything. Sumbul says that she is only doing this due to this when there was no on in Armaan’s life she was calm but when someone came in his life she just broken her engagement. Zubaida says that Armaan is atleast not blind as Parisa is like a princess and she is like a mistress.
Zubaida says to Armaan that why this girl was here and if she came next time then she will not leave her. Armaan says that she will not be here again as he talked to her and tells that he is getting married to her. Zubaida says that what is less in Parisa and she is so innocent and beautiful and he is going to marry that girl as she has rejected everyone and he is giving this to her in response. Armaan says that somethings are not done infront of parents and he had taken his decision. Zubaida ask Mehmood to say something. Mehmood says that he had nothing to say because Armaan has taken his decision and now it’s his decision that who will stay here, his father or he himself.

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