Sammi Episode 13 23rd April 2017 Written Update

Sammi Episode 13 23rd April 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Chandi’s slave went to Waqas and gave him Sami’s address and says that she is in Karachi. Waqas ask that who is he? He ask him to bring her back.
Sami says to Salaar that his mother is calling him. Salaar refuses to meet his mother. Sami says that he is doing wrong to not to meet her and if her mother called her than she will went there. Sami says that his mother is angry. Salaar says he will not leave his mother but his mother wants to ruin her. Sami says that she will not be saved and her brother will took her at any time and he will not be able to do anything and ask him to go and meet his mother. Salaar says that he can’t leave her like this as he will die if he left her. Sami says that no one can die for anyone. Salaar says that he can die for her. Sami says that she is safe here and his mother will be worried about him and ask him to talk to her and what she will think that she saved Sami and she has taken her son from her.
Rashid’s wife recalls what Naheed said to her and cries.
Salaar put his head on Chandi’s leg and Chandi was angry from him.
Zarina cries and ask Chaudhry to listen to her as she is his slave. Chaudhry comes and ask what happened? Chaudhry takes her with him.
Aaliyan ask Chaudhry’s son that what type of noice is this? He tells him that his father has beaten Zarina’s son Rashid. Aaliyan says that it is wrong and says that why he thinks like that and says that all are the same. His son says that there is a big difference between rich and poor and ask him to see his face as he is poor too. Aaliyan ask him to come and start studying.
Zarina cries infront of Chaudhry and says that she is only having one son and he is his slave as well. Chaudhry ask her to not to worry. Zarina says that she needs justice. Chaudhry says that he helped Sami in escaping and he treason him. Zarina says that he is his slave and he can’t do this without his permission. Chaudhry says that she knows that Rashid only listens to him and ask that who gave him permission and ask for the answer from Zarina and says that Rashid will die if she didn’t told him that who helped Sami? Nazo says that he asked Rashid to help Sami.
Chandi ask Salaar to go out of her home and says that she died for him and ask him to leave. She kicked salaar out and close the door and they both cries.
Rashid’s wife gives medicine to Rashid. Rashid ask her that why is she looking at him like that? Rashid ask her to sit. Rashid ask that she is looking with love or angerness. She says that she wants something from him and ask for promise. She says that she needs son. Rashid says that she is talking like that he is her wife and she is his husband. Rashid asked that she bet someone. She says that she had set bet with Naheed. Rashid says that he is not marrying anyone. She says that he is only her husband and she kicked her out of the house by saying that he is only her husband. Rashid says that she don’t know her. His wife says that she will come when his wife leave her place and says that she will not leave her place ever.
Naheed’s husband says that he heard that wife and husband are for eachother and after seeing her he knew that how wife is called husband’s dress. Naheed says that she also get to knew that. He says that he is not able to cover her up as he is poor.
Naheed’s neighbours told Naheed’s brother that Naheed went to Mustafa’s house and ask him to save his dignity and says that he has fulfilled his duty and ask him to see by himself if he don’t believe them. Her brother says that he will not leave her alive if this is the truth.
Naheed ask to Mustafa that she can leave now? He holds her hand. Naheed ask to leave her hand. He says that he can’t. Naheed ask him to talk to her brother and tell him that they did nikah. She ask him to come tomorrow and she is ready to go with him. Naheed ask that can she leave now. He says that till tomorrow.
Salaar cries and tells sami that nothing is of his choice here. Sami says that everything will be alright after his mother will be calm. She says that he is her sister and he is crying like this , not as a mature girl.
Naheed’s brother beaten Naheed and says that she came back from there and ask his wife to bring oil. He says that he will burn her. Naheed tell his brother that she did nikah from him. Aaliyan ask his father that what she has done and who gave him right to do all this. His father says that she did nikah. Aaliyan says that nikah is her right and she did this because her brother didn’t gave her right to do this. Aaliyan says that she is not his property and this will become police case if he took this step and ask his mother to leave the oil bottle and says that she will also become the murderer of this case. Aaliyan consol Naheed and her brother says that he will not leave her like this.
Waqas packs his bag and also keep gun with him. His father ask that where is he going and is he going alone? He says that he is not alone. His father says that Karachi is the big city and she will make noise and he will be not there to help him. His father says that if she maden noise that he should say that he is not her brother. Waqas says that he will not give her that much time to do this. His father ask that he told Chaudhry about this. Waqas refuses and says that this is not Chaudhry’s house matter and he will burn her on the road. Waqas left for Karachi and Chandi’s slave infrom Chandi that Waqas left for Karachi and ask for more money this month and tells her that Rashid is sick and he will inform about Rashid to her.
Rashid’s wife took care of Rashid.
Sami makes tea for Salaar and says that he didn’t eaten anything and ask him to drink tea to feel better. Salaar ask that why she don’t love him? Sami says that there is nothing about him. She says that he told her that he is her friend. Salaar says that he forgot that he is her friend. Sami says that’s why he made tea for him.
Chaudhry says that he is his wife and she didn’t cared and she treason him. He says that he made Rashid to respect her permission. He says that he knows that why she is having so much attitude because his father is much rich from him. He tells her that he is much more than her father and he will not leave her. Nazo ask Chaudhry to kill her and gave him gun. Chaudhry says that he will not kill her like this but he will keep her alive and will take revenge from her. He says that he will marry Sami now and she will live her around her. He says that when she will went to his father’s home and his father will make her to return back and ask her to then give him this gun, then he will kill her.

PRECAP: Naheed’s brother went to Naheed’s husband, Mustafa and ask him to see his face clearly so that he will not forget his face ever. Naheed went to meet Mustafa and saw the paper in which Mustafa wrote divorce to her. Waqas went to Sami’s flat and finds her everywhere.

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