Titli- Episode 14 21st April 2017 Written Update

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Danish’s father tell that there bussuiness is settles in abroad and they have to go their for bussiness. Danish says that they will not go as they can’t live without them and they will go together as Zahid is here and he is believeable and he can easily settle the bussiness and then they can settle in abroad.
Kiran ask Amir to give Amna to her. Ahmed’s mother comes and Kiran says her to ask Amir to give Amna to her. Amir says that if Naila will get to know this that Amna is with them than she will take her. Amir’s mother ask him to not to talk like that as she is here after a long time and ask him to not to say anything like that she will became angry. Amir says that today is the happiest day. His mother says that now everyday will be the happiest day.
Naila’s mother complaints that Zara is going to London and she will not be able to see her and her child as well. Zara says that she will talk to her on skype daily and ask her to pray. Naila’s mother tell her husband that Zara is going to settle in abroad and cries. He says that this is the good news and she has to pray for her to remain happy there with her husband.
Ahmed ask Naila that where is she going? Naila says that she is going to take Amna. Ahmed ask her to sit and tells that he gave her to his mother to take care and ask her to take rest. Naila ask him to take Amna here. Ahmed leaves and Naila says that she is comfortable here instead of her home.
Ahmed talks to Amna that her mother slept and ask her to enjoy with her father and switches off the light.
After 8 years, Naila woke up and panics that it’s late and no one woked her up. She calls Amna and Mariam and says that no one cares about her. Amir plays with Amna and Mariam. Naila calls her daughters and ask them to stop playing and ask that they didn’t done homework yet and ask them to do homework first and take them with her. Ahmed’s mother ask Kiran that she had asked her to make them to do homework first otherwise Naila will be angry. Ahmed’s father says that now she will scold her daughters. Amir says that she is like this from always.
Naila scolds Amna and Mariam and says that if they will not do homework on time than there extra activities will be stopped. She teaches them.
Naila ask Ahmed that he came early from office and he was sitting outside. Ahmed says that he was dicussing bussiness from Amir. Naila says that he has given all bussiness to Amir. Ahmed ask her to not to talk like that. Naila says that she is not blind and he has given his all bussiness in Amir’s hand. Ahmed ask her that she has to go to her mother’s home or not. Naila ask him to give some time as she has to dress up.
Kami’s wife ask Naila to eat something. Ahmed ask about Kami. Naila’s mother ask that why they didn’t took their daughters with them. Naila says that if they come than they always fight and ask about Zara. Her mother says that she will be back from London.
Naila returns back and scolds her daughters that she left them because they have to sleep. Amir says that he and Kiran were going outside that’s why they were taking them to eat icecream. Amna says that she asked him to take them outside. Naila slapped Amna. Amir panics. Ahmed ask what happened. Amir tells him that she slapped Amna. Naila says that she is her daughter and she can do anything she want to do them and ask to leave her alone. Amir misbehaves with Naila. Amir’s father ask Amir to behave properly with Naila. Naila ask his father in law to let him speak as he always do that and he is also holding everything in his hand and he thinks that if he speaks and she will stand quietly infront of him. Ahmed ask Naila that what she wants? Naila says that she wants to live seperate in another house with her daughters and ask Ahmed to give Amir his property which he deserves and says that she wants to live camly with her daughter and she will not live in this house.
Kami’s wife says that she wants to talk to him and says that his mother is taking side of Naila again and she calls her again and again and whenever she comes his mother drops the call. Kami says that he will talk to his father. His wife ask him to not to take his name in between. Kami ask her to not to worry as her name will not come.
Ahmed ask that how he talked to his father and says that this will not happen as he will not leave his parents at any cost. Naila ask him to arrange any other place for her and her daughters and she will take them with her and ask him to stay here.
Amir ask his father to made all this property on Amir’s name so that Naila will leave them and he don’t need to worry. Ahmed says that there is no need to do that. Amir says that this the solution. Amir’s mother says that she thinks that all property is in handle of Amir and that’s why they are doing this. Ahmed ask to not to do that because she will also throw them out of this house after this.
Ahmed calls Amna and Mariam as they both are asleep. She says that she thought her mother is here and she will scold them again. Ahmed ask them to sleep as her mother also slept. They ask that why their mother is always angry and not listen to her in laws as well. Ahmed says that he will make her understand.
Kiran comes and ask Naila that she didn’t came for breakfast and says that she is bringing breakfast for here. Naila refuses. Kiran apologizes and says that they will not take her daughter with them without their permission. Naila says that they will take when she will live here as she will not stay here.
Naila comes and ask her father in law decision. He says that Amir has taken his property. Her mother in law says that why is she leaving? Naila says that she wants to live in her house and want to decorate her home by her choice. Naila ask that he told that to Ahmed and happily leaves.
Kiran says that they will not let her go and she will be agreed. Her mother says that she will leave as she has taken her decision as she know her very well.
Amir ask his father to signature the papers. Ahmed comes and ask what’s happening. His father ask him to sit and ask him to signature. Ahmed read the papers torn out the papers. Naila ask why he did this. Ahmed says that he told her that this property will remain on his father’s name. Naila panics and says that now she will do what she wants to do. Naila says that she will go to darulamaan and she will not stay here. Ahmed’s father says that his daughters will be ruined and ask him to leave his decision as he can’t bear this all. Ahmed says that he will talk to Kami as she is in his control. Amir says that nobody can control her when she becomes angry. Ahmed ask his father that he will make her understand. His father ask him to make her understand to not to take such decisions.
Naila ask Amna to bring clothes and starts packing bags. Amna ask that where are they going? Naila says that they are going for outing. Amna ask that all are coming with them. Naila ask her to shutup and do packing. Ahmed comes and ask her daughter to leave. Ahmed ask that why is she doing this? Naila says that she is not a kid and she knows everything. Ahmed says that they acn take a decison or a solution by talking. Naila says that she is saying right. Ahmed says that his father did all for them and they were not having any issue. Naila says that she is having issue related to this. Ahmed says that his parents did alot for them. Naila says that she knows that Amir will capture everything. Ahmed ask that if he made his property on his name then she will not leave this house. Naila says that she is ok with that.
Ahmed’s mother says that she is happy as Naila is not leaving this house and this house will remain lighten up like this and they have to take care now. Kiran says that Naila will not be having any problem due to them . Everyone became happy and her mother ask her to take permission from Naila if they are taking her daughters with them as she is not a devil , she is having nice heart and now everything will be ok.
Ahmed’s father made his property’s half share to Ahmed’s name. Ahmed was sad.

PRECAP: Naila’s father says that they thinked that they will make Naila to return back home instead of doing this they have invited us on dinner. Naila ask Ahmed’s father to give Ahmed surprise by telling him that she wanted to live seperate and she has bought her own home and she is going to settle there with her daughters. Ahmed’s father was shocked and ask that what is she saying?

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