Muqabil – Episode 20 18th April 2017 Written Update

Muqabil – Episode 20 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Mehmood says to Parisa that she ahs to think before she married to his son. Parisa says that she did mistake as he did before. Mehmood says that he is bearing punishment and if suicide was allowed than he must be died till now. Parisa pushed him and says that he is selfish and he didn’t thought about her when he did that to her and he made her like dead. Mehmood ask than how this relationship will be spent. Parisa says that like this as he is making by his prayers.

Shanaz says to Mehmood that what Parisa said to him. Mehmood says that she is really sick. Shanaz ask him to sit and ask her to talk to Molana and ask him for prayers.

Zubaida cleans Armaan’s room. Armaan says that she sent Mehmood to Parisa. Zubaida says that she complaint him. Zubaida says that why Parisa is angry and went to her home. Armaan says that she is angry from him. Zubaida says that what type of angerness? Armaan says that no one come between his parents fights and no one asked them. Zubaida says that she didn’t went to her home like this. Armaan says that everyone has its own way. Zubaida says that everyone ask about her and then about Armaan. Armaan ask her to not to ask Parisa that what happened and not to irritate her. Zubaida says that if she will not be here in next two days than he also needs to went there at her mother’s home as she can’t listen to anyone’s warp.

Salmaan ask Parisa that what’s the matter as everyone is talking about this. Parisa says that she don’t want to talk on this topic. Armaan ask that she found him red handed as Armaan is not like that as his friend tried on him and he refused. Shanaz comes and ask Parisa to come with her to meet Zubaida. Parisa says that she talked to Armaan. Shanaz forced her to talk to his mother as well. Salman ask Shanaz to not irritate her like this. Shanaz says that she is tired as she is answering everyone. Parisa says that when she want then she will go there. Shanaz says that then she can’t even live here. Parisa says that she will leave from here as well.

Mehmood ask Armaan that what happened? and what kind of fight is their between them. Armaan says that there is nothing as he talked to her a moment before. Mehmood ask that about his conversation. Armaan says that it’s personal. Mehmood forced him to tell him. Armaan says that they are not like husband and wife and there is a problem that she can’t bear any man with her. Mehmood ask why? Armaan became angry and tells that she was raped when she was a kid. Mehmood panics.

Parisa ask Nadia that why is she sitting here. Nadia ask that she is going. Parisa says that she can’t live here. Nadia says that how she will live alone. Parisa ask her to not to interfere.

Mehmood says that what he will do now and says that she is innocent and he have to be with her. Armaan says how? Mehmood ask that he wants to be seperated. Armaan says that she can’t live a normal life. Mehmood ask that then why she got married? Armaan says that she knows that he is his son and says that he doesn’t know that why she did this. Armaan tells that because she knows that he is her mother’s manager son. Mehmood says that she is just for him here. Armaan ask that did she said something to him? Mehmood says that she knows him very well. Armaan says that he taken care of her when she was a kid that’s why he is in her favour. Mehmood says that he also know him. Armaan says that he can’t live with her now. Mehmood ask him to not to do this as her parents are seeing him like his son and everybody’s lives will be ruined. Armaan says that he can’t ruin his life for anyone’s sake and says that he is not applicable to live with her as she was raped.

Shanaz ask Parisa that where is she going? Parisa says that she is going at her home. Shanaz ask that she is not going to meet Armaan. Parisa says that if Armaan wants to meet her than he has to come. Shanaz ask her to giver her bag to her. Parisa says that she is not taking anything from her home and says that she is insulting her and if she did this than she will never keep relation with her. Shanaz takes her home keys as says that it’s her home and Shanaz says that she don’t want to see her face again and says that if she wants to leave then she has to go there where Armaan is.

Aftaab ask Shanaz that what she did with Parisa. Shanaz says that she has to did this before. Aftaab scolds and shouts. Shanaz ask him to talk slowly with her. Aftaab says that he is talking as she has done bad to her. Shanaz says that she deserve this. Aftaab says that Nadia was also sad because of her. Shanaz says that she did right to her. Aftaab says that he is not like her. Shanaz ask him to meet her and go there as she just thrown her in the sea and she is now well as she needs a therapy to become well as Arman’s parents are nice to her.

Zubaida ask Armaan that what he said to him that he was crying and hiding everything from her as she will scold that girl who has ruined their’s life and says that what she wants? Armaan says that she should think that what he wants? Zubaida says that if there was someone else instead of him than he must had divorced her before. Armaan says that he don’t want to go there and he can’t live there as he is sick and addicted to his mother. Zubaida says that she can’t see her husband like this and she will take revenge as he is trying to hide her disabilities. Armaan ask her to not to go there. Zubaida says that she will go there and he can’t blackmail her. Armaan says that he will tell her the truth but she will not panic after listening this. Armaan says that they are not having understanding between them and they can’t love together. Armaan ask her to not to panic after listening this. Arman’s sister comes and says that Aftab is on the phone and tells that Parisa left her home.

Molana ask Mehmood that why he always come to him with the same topic. Mehmood says that he is here for his son as Armaan is not having any issue and he is spoiling Armaan’s life. Molana says that some issues can ruin there children’s life. Mehmood says that he can do anything and ask about the solution. Molana says that he knows about hell and in that fire body’s skin spoils and in this world we don’t feel that and irritation all the time is like hell. He says that his son is bearing his father’s punishment and he can’t be out from that ever.

Parisa was sitting alone at the bench. The beggars comes to her and Parisa says that she is not having money and ask them to take care. Mehmood cries and was tensed while driving and recalls what Molana said to him.

Armaan tries to call Mehmood and says that his phone is off. Armaan thinks about Parisa that where she gone and he messaged him that she is going at her home. Zubaida says that she will be there as they are panicing with no meaning. Armaan says that her mother kicked her out from home and taked her keys as well. Zubaida says that if her mother scolded her before than she will not be like this. Zubaida ask that what he was trying to tell her before. Armaan says that when Parisa will be found then he will tell her. Zubaida says that she knows it before that girl is having some issue with her. Armaan says that her son is having issue. Zubaida ask what kind of Issue?
Mehmood see parisa that she is crossing the road and tries to call her.

PRECAP: Zubaida says that she will kick Parisa out from her home. Armaan says to Parisa that he went to met Sara and he proposed her and he will marry her soon. He also says that he married to someone who was raped by his father and she is just here to take revenge from his father, Mehmood.

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