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Molana ask Sami that she accepts Salaar in her nikah and Salar also ask her. Sami says that she is not agreed and cries. Aaliyan gets his mobile phone and saw that he had recieved 15 missed calls from Salaar. He call him and Salaar’s phone didn’r respond. Aaliyan listens to his voice message in that Salaar said to him that he has to fine Sami in Rahim Yar Khan. Salar apologizes Sami that he is embarassed on his love and says that he didn’t know that love is nonsenses. He says that he understood that Sami is thinking about begging. Salaar says that he love her and he didn’t loved anyone before. Sami says that she don’t love him. Salaar says that he knows that and he is tired of this one sided love and he did non sense that he called Molana. Sami says that she want to go Rahim Yar Khan. Salaar says that they will kill her. Sami says that she knows that. Salaar says that she is beautiful and after her death they will enjoy and no one will remember you after you die and even your mother will also forget you and no one will remember that how much pain she beared. Salaar apologizes her and ask her to live strongly and bravely.
Chandi calls Salaar but Salaar didn’t picked her call and she says that Sami has eaten his son. Chandi tries on calling her son and became angry that he is not picking her call.
Nazo ask Zarina that she didn’t went to her home yet? Zarina says that she will go when she will take her revenge. Nazo ask that she didn’t get her salary yet that’s why she is angry? Zarina says that salary is given to the servants and they are Chaudhry’s slave from many years. Zarina says that they are hungry for loyality. Nazo ask that she is angry on Chaudhry and says that as she knows that Chaudhry didn’t see anyone infront of his anger and says that he love her and her son. Zarina says that this is the reason of theirs loyality. She says that if slave is loyal than master is having right for loyality and if master is not loyal than slave becomes a mental dog and then dog should be shooten. Nazo says that what she is talking about and ask her to do these type of talks with Chaudhry not with her. Zarina says that she has used her loyality and Rashid just respected what she said to her and he will bear everything alone. Nazo ask her to not to talk irrelevent with her and ask her to open the door and says that she is daughter of bigger people than Chaudhry and she has seen her just like Chaudhry’s wife and she don’t know that who is she? Zarina opens the door and Rashid’s daughter comes and says that Rashid is sick and calling her. Nazo recalls what Zarina said to her.
Rashid’s wife says that she asked him to leave Chaudhry and to manage his house but he didn’t listened to her. She says that he has forgetten his love between her and him for his job. Zarina comes and cries to see Rashid like this.
Aaliyan watches the video of Sami in which Sami is singing the song which Salaar send him. Aaliyan calls him and says that he found her that’s why he is not picking the call and message him that he watched the video and he think that he found that girl on the railway station.
Salaar ask Sami to sleep here as this is his friend’s house and he is in London. Sami ask that where he will go? Salaar says that he will sleep in room. Sami ask that he will not go at his home. Salaar says that he don’t want to leave her alone as she will not be afraid. Sami says that she is living dead that’s why she will no feel afraid. Salaar ask her to check her pulse and says that she is alive. Sami ask himt o go home. Salaar says that Chandi hates her. Sami says that Chandi had done alot for her and she can’t forget that. Salaar ask her to live as he don’t want anything else.
Chandi saw pictures with her son. Salaar went to his house and see that the door is locked. He rings the bell. Chandi opens the door and Salaar ask her that why she locked the door. Chandi ask that he found Sami and ask where is she? Salaar says that she is living in his friend’s flat. Chandi says that it would be better to send her Rahim Yar Khan instead of leaving her there. Salaar says that his friend is in London that’s why he left her there and he will arrange something else for her. Chandi ask that he decided to marry her? Salaar says that he did nikah with her and leaves. Chandi becomes tensed after hearing this.
Rashid’s wife ask him to do breakfast but he refuses but she forces him. Rashid ask about his mother. She says that he loves his mother alot instead of her. Rashid says that mother is like heaven. She says that what is of that heaven which she is carrying under her feet because of his five daughters.
Zarina ask doctor to come with her as his son is too much sick. Doctor says that she can’t go to any one’s house. Zarina requests her that she is only having her son who is sick and no one is there at her house. She ask doctor that if she can’t come than she can send any nurse with her. She ask about Naheed. Doctor says that she will ask her if she would be agreed to go with her.
Chandi comes to Salaar room and she didn’t found him anywhere. She panics and her worker says that the customes is calling Sami. Chandi says in anger that Sami went to her village and his brother killed her and ran up stairs.
Doctor ask Naheed to go with Zarina as she went before as well and it would be better that she will help the poor as it’s her job and she will give her the fees. Naheed says that it’s not her job to check male patients. Doctor says that patient is a patient and ask her to think that old lady is requesting her and ask her to went there for her sake.
Rashid’s wife says that she gave him pain by doing fights with and she loves him alot that’s why she can’t see anyone else with him. She says that she has decided something and tells that before he knows her heart and her very well but now world has eaten him and that’s why she has decided that she will become mother of his son and she don’t care if she would die. She says that there is treatment for this as well but she will give him son and for this she will do anything.
Chandi calls Salaar’s friend and ask that Salaar is with him or not as his phone is off. His friend says that he joined office that’s why he will be busy. Chandi says that today is saturday and ask about his friend who is in London as Salaar told her about his friend that his friend asked him to look after his flat. His friend says that Mubashir went to London and he is having flat in Clifton. Chandi ask for his friend’s flat address as she has to take Salaar to the doctor. Salaar’s friend says that he is sending her address.
Salaar brings breakfast for Sami and Sami refuses and ask him to send her to her village. Salaar refuses and ask her to think that he is her friend and made her smile. Sami felt happy and do breakfast.
Zarina thinks that Naheed is best for his son and she send them to Lahore after their marriage and they will remain happy togther. Naheed tells that he is having fever and gives his wife medicines and ask her to take him to the hospital for checkup. Zarina cries.
Rashid’s wife says to Naheed that she want to talk to her. Naheed says that she knows what she want to say to her. She says that she can do anything for him to give him son. Naheed says that it’s her personal matter and she is not there to give him son as he is ready to do second marriage with her and ask her to stop Zarina to not to come at her home for her proposal as she rejected him. She cries.
Chandi calls Sami snake and says that she will not leave her.
Chandi calls his slave and ask that he recieved money? He says that he gets money regularly and says that Chaudhry had beaten Rashid alot as he think that Rashid sent Sami somewhere. Chandi says that she is sending sms to him of Sami’s address and ask him to give this to Sami’s brother and ask him to take his sister with him.

PRECAP: Chandi’s slave gave Sami’s address to Waqas and says that her sister is in Karachi. Someone tells Naheed’s brother that Naheed went to Ghulam’s house daily and her brother became angry after hearing this. Chaudhry ask Zarina to tell him that who sent Sami out of here and if she won’t tell him than he will kill his son. Nazo tells Chaudhry that she asked Rashid to take Sami out of here.

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