Dil e Jaanam – Episode 7 12th April 2017 Written Update

Dil e Jaanam – Episode 7 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Eshal recieves call from Haris and Haris says to her that he is coming at her home to ask for her proposal from her parents. Eshal stops Haris to come at her home and blackmailed him that she will tell everything to her parents if he will come. Eshal come out of her room and was shocked to see Haris at her home standing infront of her parents. Eshal’s parents says that they will never forget his favor. Eshal comes and ask them to kick him out of their house as he kidnapped her. Her parents ask that he kidnapped her? Haris says that he kidnapped her and he will marry her and shoot her parents. Eshal comes out of her dream and panics. Eshal comes out of her room crying as says that her father is alright? He says that he is alright. Eshal says that if something happened to him then she will die. He says that nothing happened to him and asked that she had seen something frightening in her dreams. Qudsia comes and says that the food is ready. Eshal refuses to eat. Her father forces her to eat something.
Shavaiz says to Asma that why is she treating him like that and ask her that what she want? Asma says that his behaviour is not right with her. Shavaiz says that he is in pressure and he is upset. Asma ask that all this happened because of him as he married her instead of Eshal. Asma says that he married her and everthing is happening because of her that’s he is sayig to her. Shavaiz says that everything happened because of him and he thought and was happy that she is mature and she will understand and she will think about his parents. Asma says that she thought that he made a distance between them. Shavaiz says that she is not away from him and ask her to be paitient as everything will be alright soon. Asma says that she will wait and ask him to not to make her wait that much that she can bear.
Qudsia ask Eshal that why is she not eating something. Khala says that from tomorrow Eshal will make food and ask that what she will make. Eshal says that she will make what her father will like. Qudsia and Khala compliments Haris that he is a very nice boy as he was with them in that situation . Eshal leaves from there in anger. Azeem scolds Qudsia and Khala and says that why they are not forgetting all this and complaints that why they did such talk in this situation and when they will forget than she will be able to forget everything.
Rehman say to Rabia that to whom his son has gone as they are not like this and he think everytime that there remained something less in his parvarish. He says that he didn’t thinked that Shavaiz will do this to them and says that she know that why he is more upset? Rabia says that she knows. Rehmaan says that why they think that father didn’t have heart because he didn’t cry and he didn’t show his love. Mother canot bear and father can bear the pain that’s why the whole world think that father didn’t love his children. Rabia ask Rehmaan to go at Shavaiz home. Rehmaan refuses and ask her to not to think about it. Rabia says that if we think neutral that Shavaiz was not wrong in his decision as we didn’t asked his choice and we forced him for this marriage and Eshal was not his destination and he was helpless. Rehmaan says that she is saying right as she is his mother and says that he can’t bear Asma and ask her to leave this topic.
Khala says to Eshal that everything is in her hand and her parents beared alot of problems and she want them to bear more problems? Eshal says that she think that she want like that. Khala ask her to be strong and forget everything and by doing this her parents will be normal and happy. Eshal says that she is right. Khala ask her that she will eat something. Eshal refuses and says that she is ok. Khala ask her to take rest. Eshal recalls what all happened with her and cries.
Shavaiz says to Asma that he needs to talk to her. Shavaiz says that her behaviour was not right with his parents and he want her to conform them and ask them to return back. Asma says that she didn’t impugned and if he wants than he can do that. Shavaiz says that her behaviour with them is not right and she said alot to them that day as his parents told him and says that she didn’t told him about that. Asma says that she forgot and it is not necessary to tell everything to him and she is shocked to hear that she didn’t said anything personal that they started complaining. Shavaiz says that he don’t want to argue and he just want to clear all matter between her and his mother. He says that she is his mother and she has to do her respect and says that if her mother will be in that place than he also respected her. Asma says from where her mother came. Shavaiz says that he was just giving an example. Asma says that her mother is not related to this matter and she will not bear anything related to her mother. Shavaiz says that he didn’t said anything wrong and he just want to make them return back. Asma says that she is not having any relation with them and she will not go with him to take them back home and if they will be ok with them then she will also be ok and if they will say anything to her than she will not remain silent and he will not complain to her. Shavaiz says that what is she talking? He says that she is making him more upset instead of supporting him. Asma says that she is shocked that their bussiness is in loss because of all these tensions and asked why he postponed his meeting. Shavaiz says that he is upset over here and he don’t care about bussiness and he don’t know how they will spent life. Asma says that she knows how life will be spended. Shavaiz says that his parents are old and if something happened to them then he will not forget him as they are alone. Asma says that they are not alone, there are servants with them. Shavaiz says that he can not leave his parents like this as he is theirs only son and they miss him and he also miss them and he want them to be back. Asma says that they will not be agreed. Shavaiz says that they are angry and they will be agreed. Asma ask him to bring them back.
Rehman ask Azeem to relax and to not to worry. Azeem says that how can he be normal as her daughter is not in a normal state. Rehman says that he understands he is father of a girl and he has beared alot and ask him to be calm. Azeem says that he is not the father of a girl and he had no idea that what is the daughter’s pain. Daughter’s pain can’t be forgotten. Rehman says that he is the father of a son, and his son gave him so much pain which he can’t forget and he can’t see his wife like this as she remained praying for him. Azeem says that everything happened is done now .He ask him to return back to Shavaiz. Rehmaan refuses. Azeem says that he is confused why Shavaiz did so and ask to talk to him. Rehmaan refuses and says that he will not talk to him till Shavaiz didn’t get to know his mistake.
Arif says to Shavaiz that all happened because of him and he loved her and married to her and he is blaming her wrong. Shavaiz says she is reacting weired which she didn’t done before. Arif says that everthing will be alright. Shavaiz says that that’s why he is here and asking from him to what to do as he is a phsycological doctor. Arif ask him to be normal with her as she is not concerned with all this and Arif invited them to his home and they will talk only about Asma.
Rabia says to Eshal to return back to life and forget everything. Rabia ask Qudsia to make her understand all this. Rabia says that she felt pain when she saw her like this and ask her to be paitient and happy as she will be having a happiest life in future and ask her to come with her. Qudsia refuses and Khala says that she will take Eshal at her home. Rabia says ok and leaves.
Rabia felt happy to see Eshal at her home and ask her to sit with her. Khala says that she promised her that she will take Eshal to her and she had brought gifts for her. Eshal says that she brought cake and shawl for her. Rabia asked why she did so much formality. Eshal says that she liked shawl for her. Rabia ask Eshal to stay as she will take care of her and make different types of food. Khala ask her to not to worry about her parents as they asked her to stay. Eshal went to meet Rehmaan.
Azeem says that he is happy that Eshal is fine. Qudsia says that she is normal now. Eshal asked her to meet Rabia as they are alone so that’s why she sent Eshal with Khala. Azeem ask Eshal’s mother to remain Eshal busy in some activities so that she will feel better. Qudsia ask him to not to pressurize her and let her be there and just pray for her to remain happy.
Asma ask Shavaiz that where is he? Shavaiz says that he is going to meet his mother. Asma says that Rafiq was asking about meeting. Shavaiz ask her to give him lunch time to meet. Shavaiz says that he might be late and ask her to give him time for late. Asma ask him to do lunch with his mother and says that she is giving time of 3.
Eshal ask Rabia that why she didn’t go back home. Rabia says that she knows everything and again she is asking this to her. Eshal says that all happened is now ended and Shavaiz made his choice to spent his life. Rabia ask her to talk anything else. Eshal ask Rabia that she remembered she spended her childhood at her home and played alot with Shavaiz. Rabia told her the story of Eshal and Shavaiz when they play and fight. Eshal says that she loved him but now she don’t and now everything is ok. Rabia says that she know her pain. Rabia ask Eshal to sit as she bring french fries for her. Door bell rings and Eshal opens the door and Shavaiz ask Eshal about her health and apologizes her that he did bad to her and told her that he told his mother about his choice but his mother refused. Rabia comes and Shavaiz say to her that he is happy to see Eshal here. Rabia says that what is so nice in this. Shavaiz ask his mother to sit and says that he is not like others and he can’t live without them and also ask his father to be normal with him. Eshal says to Rabia that he is right. Rabia says that they will not go with him. Shavaiz ask Eshal that he had done such a big mistake that’s she can’t forgive him? Rabia says that why is he asking from Eshal? as he ruined her life. Eshal says that they will go with him. Shavaiz ask them to be prepared in the evening as he will come to take them back home as he has to go now for a meeting. Rabia says that she can’t take this decision as his father will take decision. Shavaiz says ok and leaves. Rabia says that he was getting calls from Asma. Eshal says that she is thinking wrong. Rabia ask her to not to console her as all this happening because of him. Eshal says that she is hungry. Rabia goes to bring french fries for her.
Asma calls at Shavaiz home and ask who is talking. Asma was shocked to hear that Eshal was there at phone.
Khala ask Qudsia that she want to go at her home as his son is calling him. Qudsia says that he is calling her for taking care of their children . Khala says that she know that and as they are her children. Qudsia ask her to stay here forever and she is doing wrong and Azeem also want her to stay here and says that if she want to meet her children and ask her to go and come back.
Rabia recieves call from Qudsia and she ask about Eshal. Rabia says that she is fine and told her that Shavaiz was here and he met Eshal. Qudsia ask that he didn’t said anything to her. Rabia says that Eshal is at her home and he can’t say anything to her and tell her that Rehmaan made a plan for outing and dinner.
Shavaiz get to know that Asma cancelled the meeting and she left.
Asma was tensed when she returned back home and recalls that Eshal picked her call from Shavaiz home.

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