Dil e Jaanam – Episode 6 5th April 2017 Written Update

Dil e Jaanam – Episode 6 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

The unknown person comes to Eshal’s room and she got afraid as his face was hidden. After a while Eshal becomes shocked after seeing Haris. Haris opened her mouth and Eshal says that she didn’t aspected that he can do like this and he kidnapped her. She ask him that what he want from her? Haris says that he love her and he want her. Eshal says that it was her wedding today and her parents will die as she is not there. Haris says that nothing has happened to them , they are still alive and if she will not listen to him than he will kill them into pieces. Eshal ask him to leave her and shouts. Haris ask her to not to shout as there is not benefit. Haris hurts her and says that there is no one here who can hear her shouting. He says that as she is shouting it will give her pain and he will also suffer from pain as he loves her. He pushed her down. Eshal falls and become unconcious.
Khala tells Shavaiz that those few hours were like hell for them. Shavaiz asked about Eshal. Khala says no. Shavaiz prays for Eshal. Khala says that they don’t know who has done this as they don’t have any enemy. Shavaiz asked from her, that what police is saying? Khala says that Azeem is not in the condition to say anything and she will ask Rehmaan about it. Khala ask Shavaiz to come in but he refuses and says that he can’t. Khala says that why he refused to get married to Eshal and ask that why he didn’t told them before. Shavaiz says that he told his mother to inform everyone but she refused to do that. Shavaiz says that he is leaving now and will go to the police station for inquiry.

Eshal says that if he loved her than he would never done this and betrayed her. She says that she hates him and his love for her. She says that if he will dare to touch her than she will kill him as well as herself. Haris says that he will not touch her as he love her. He told her that she is rejected by those with whom she was getting married to as she rejected him. He says that she had to accept him and his proposal. Eshal says that she will never marry him and will tell everyone that he kidnapped her. Haris blackmailed her that if she tried to tell anyone than she will see her parents dead and says that he will hurt her so much that her parents will cry whole life. He says that she has to accept him otherwise he will keep her here forever and she will remain shouting. Eshal says that she hates him.

Rabia ask Khala to do some Quran khuwani in home. Khala ask to call people for this but Qudsia refuses and says that there is no need to tell anyone and ask to just call few people and she asked Rukhsana her maid to call Faiza.

Faiza tried to call Haris as he was not receiving her call. Rukhsana comes and says that Qudsia is calling her. Faiza says that she is coming. She called Haris and asked him that where is he? and says that everyone is waiting for him. Haris says that he is busy somewhere and he says that he will come after sometime.

Asma talks on call with someone, Shavaiz come and ask that whom with she is discussing his personal issues. Asma tells him that she was talking to Pervaiz as he was saying that Shavaiz is not receiving his call. Shavaiz says that she can’t discuss his personal family issues with anyone. Asma says that he also knows that everyone has family issues and she asked about Eshal that she feel bad for her. Shavaiz didn’t replied to her and started scolding someone on call.

Haris went to police station with Azeem and ask them that they didn’t found Eshal yet. Police says that they are trying their best to find her. Haris says that they are just trying not doing anything and shouts. Police inspector says that he can understand the situation. Azeem asked Haris to calm down. Inspector prayed for Eshal that they will find her soon. Haris tried to consol Azeem.

Eshal returns back home and everyone becomes happy to see her. Her mother hugged her. Eshal see Haris there and suddenly becomes unconsious. Everyone panics and ask to bring water for her. They took her to the hospital. Khala ask Azeem about Eshal that how is she feeling now? Azeem tells her that she is not fine and doctors are trying to give her best treatment. He ask about Qudsia. Khala says that she is praying. She ask him to take Qudsia with him and go home to take some rest. Azeem refuses and ask her to leave. Khala refuses and says that she is here to take care of Eshal and ask him to return back home. Inspector comes and congragulate Azeem that his daughter is back and says that he needs her statement. Azeem says that she is not in the good condition right now to give statement. Inspector says that he will ask to doctor about her and her statement is required for further inquiry.
Faiza says to Haris that police is asking for her statement. Haris says that she is not in this condition to give her statement and ask her to return back home. Faiza refuses and says that she will go when everyone will come back home. Haris says that he is leaving than and ask her to inform him what she will get to know about Eshal and leaves.

Rabia ask her maid to bring her and her husband clothes. Her maid ask her about Eshal. Rabia says that she is not fine.

Eshal while in hospital dreames about what Haris did to her and panics. Khala tried to calm down her. Nurse and doctor comes and gives her injection.

Shavaiz talks on call and say to Asma that he has mailed her some documents of office work. Asma says that she will manage, and ask hhim to not to worry. She ask about Eshal from him. He says that he didn’t as everyone is blaming him for all this. Asma ask that they didn’t received call for money? Her maid come and informs that Eshal is back home. Shavaiz asked that who informed her. His maid says that she got a call from Rukhsana and she told her about Eshal. Asma ask him to go there and says that now he will not be facing any problem regarding this issue.

Shavaiz comes to the hospital and ask Khala about Eshal. Khala says that she is not well and not in the condition to speak. Doctor comes and says that she will take time to recover. Shavaiz ask about his and Eshal’s parents. Khala told him that they left for home. Shavaiz ask Khala to go home and take rest as he is here. Khala refuses and says that she can’t. She cries and says that her house was full of happiness and now this all happened. Shavaiz leaves.

Azeem ask her wife to not to ask Eshal about anything as she is not in the state to say something and it is not easy for her. Qudsia says that this pain will remain with her for the life time as women can’t forgets her pain. She says that whoever kidnapped Eshal, he ruined her life. She tells her husband that when she came back , she thought that she must die instead of coming back. Azeem ask her to be thankful as she is back alive. Qudsia says that she is living dead and with her we will also be speding our lives as dead as she has to survive with her pain everyday and cries.

Shavaiz comes and see Asma sleeping and recalls, when he asked his mother to accept her as his wife and she refused to do that.

Police talk to Eshal that she didn’t know anyone and didn’t recognized anyone who kidnapped her? Eshal says that she don’t know about anyone. Azeem and doctor asked inspector to leave her alone as she is not in the condition to say anything. Inspector ask for her reports.

Faiza tells Khala that Eshal’s all reports are clear and she is perfectly fine. Khala becomes happy and informs Rabia about this. Rabia ask Khala that when Eshal is coming back from the hospital. Khala says that she forgot to ask in her happiness and she says that she will tell her after she will get to know.

Haris gets a call from Faiza and Faiza says that how is this possible that she haven’t seen anyone who kidnapped her. Haris says that as she is saying this than this must be true and says that he is busy in some work and will call her later.

Asma argues with Shavaiz that he ignores her and didn’t answered her as he thinks that she is talking use less. Shavaiz says that he don’t know that how Eshal came back and who kidnapped her. Asma says that she is his wife and she has the right to ask questions from him. Her maid comes and ask for breakfast. Asma shouts on her and ask her to leave.

Qudsia ask Eshal that what all happened is now ended and she has to forget all that. Eshal ask her to leave her alone for sometime.

Asma comes to meet Shavaiz parents and Rabia ask her that what she is doing here? Asma ask her to leave Shavaiz . Rabia says that they have no relationship with him now. Asma says that they made her life difficult. Rehman comes and says that they left Shavaiz now and ask her to leave otherwise he will call Shavaiz. Asma says that she said what she wants to and leaves.

Eshal recieves a call from Haris and he says that he is coming to her home to meet her. Eshal says that he can’t come and he will dare to come than she will tell everyone what happened. Haris says that he is coming to ask her parents for her proposal. Eshal became shocked when she saw Haris with her father.

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