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Parisas’s mother talks on call that they had informed and found him everywhere but they didn’t found him and tells that he went from house by himself. She says that she can’t do anything other than waiting and prays for him to return alive. She tell Aftab that her friend Annie is saying that it might be kidnapping case and says that it can also happen because he was also their’s family member. Aftab says to Mehmood that if the situation be like this that he don’t need to worry about, they will pay anything for Armaan as he is his son as well. Mehmood says that Armaan is his son and his son in law. Parisa’s mother says that he is saying like this that they are responsible for all this and did all this and might complaint in the police station for them. Mehmood says that he can’t think like this and tells her the story of past that she thought like that one day when he became late to pick Salman from school than she became so worried and scolded him for 1 hour till she didn’t found her son and also did a police complaint against him. He says that his son is lost from 12 hours and children pain is the same for everyone, his son is his life and he is bearing this situation in a very calm manner and he can’t be more respectful to them in this situation.

Parisa’s mother says that she can’t take place of him as she can understand his situation and says that her daughter’s future is also related with Armaan and if something happened to Armaan than something will happen to Parisa first. When Parisa leaves, her mother ask her that where is she going? Parisa says that she is going to find Armaan. Her mother ask that where she will find Armaan? Parisa ask her mother to let her do her work. Her mother ask Parisa to find him together. Parisa refuses and says that where she is going, she wants to go there alone and leaves.

Parisa recalls every moment she spended with Armaan.

Sara tells her mother that she is going to Sunday market and get shocked to see Parisa at her home. She ask her that what happened between them? Parisa says that she can’t tell her about the situation , she just came here to see that Armaan is at her home or not and says that she was not having her number that’s why she is here to find him. Sara ask her to tell her everything as she know him very well and about his mood and if she tell her the whole situation than she can tell her that when Armaan will be back. Parisa look at her in a shocking way. Sara tell that she is getting her wrong as she know him from school time and they both had a good understanding. Parisa ask her about his close friends. Sara refuses and says she is the only friend left with him. Parisa says that that’s why she is here and prays for Armaan. Sara forces her to tell the situation and says that what happened, they were the best couple till yesterday and now the condition reached to suicide. Sara apologizes. Parisa ask her to inform about Arman if she get to know something. Sara tells her that he loves her alot as he told her. Parisa says that she also love him alot. Sara says than he will definitely come back to her and ask to bring some water for her.

Parisa’s mother ask Mehmood that what Shah saab told him. Mehmood says that he consolled him and said that Allah didn’t punish anyone on someone’s mistake. She ask that he told him about what Aftab did to him. Mehmood says that he was talking about himself. She says that he is so nice to everyone than why will he be punished for any mistake. Mehmood says that his Allah knows about every situation that what he has done. Armaan’s mother comes and ask about his son that where is he and cries. Mehmood ask her that what she is doing here? She says that she can’t sit at home like him as his son is lost somewhere. Parisa’s mother says that they are sitting like that , they did complaint in the police station for him and they are connected with them after every minute. Arman’s mother says that our police didn’t do anything. Mehmood consolled her and ask her to wait and pray. Arman’s mother says that why she don’t ask them. Mehmood ask her to stop as they are also worried about him. Arman’s mother ask Parisa’s mother that she don’t know anyone and she need her son back. Mehmood says that he told her was right. Arman’s mother says that she need her son as he was lost from here. Mehmood ask her to shutup. Aftab ask Mehmood to let her speak as he was also talking like this in another way and they have full right. Mehmood ask his wife to come with him but she refuses and says that she need her son back. She says that she is his mother and don’t have patience. Parisa’s mother ask Mehmood to leave and let her speak. She ask from Zubaida to say what she wants to say. Zubaida says that she is lying on fire floor. Parisa’s mother console her and ask to wait and pray for him. Aftab says that they both are worried and they are bearing same pain as their son is lost somewhere and their daughter left them and if something might happen than they will see two graves at their home. Sumbal comes and ask about Parisa. Parisa’s mother says that she had gone to find Armaan. Parisa comes and Zubaida ask about Arman from her and cries. Nadia comes and says that they found Armaan. Haider’s friend has seen him in the hospital.

Parisa runs and reach Arman and cries to see him in that situation. Arman was badly injured. Everyone comes and his mother cries to see Armaan like this. Parisa’s mother tried to consol Parisa. Arman gave a look to his father and than Parisa. Parisa’s mother says that she will pay hospital bills and says that she has checked Arman’s reports by herslef and he is perfectly alright. She says that he just got a minor fracture which will be recovered after sometime. She says to Parisa that if it is less than they will take him to the private hospital for treatment.

Mehmood ask Zubaida to be thankful that all reports are clear and he got a minor fracture which can be healed by pluster and says that he has to bear the pain of pluster for few months. Zubaida says that she don’t believe Government hospitals. Mehmood says that they are better than the private. Zubaida says that he is trying to save his madam’s money. Mehmood says that he can sell himself for Armaan. Zubaida says that he is not alright as he is not able to say anything and he is suffering from some serious injury which is not there in reports.

Aftaab consol Parisa that he is just suffering from a normal trauma. Her mother says that why she is worried about him, she had seen his reports and says that he is fine and she will take private doctor opinion as well. Her mother says that if she wants than she will take him to abroad for treatment and he will be alright soon.
Zubaida says that she can’t leave Arman alone like this. Mehmood ask her to give him some rest and he needs that. Zubaida ask him to take her with him . Sumbul refuses and says that she can’t be relaxed even she will be at home. Mehmood says that she is ruining his rest and just thinking about them. He says that she is sitting in hospital not on the railway station and ask her to sit properly. Zubaida says that she can’t leave her son alone. Mehmood says that he is not alone and says that his wife is here to take care of him.

Aftab apologizes Prisa for his mistake. Her mother says that why is he making her more upset? Aftab ask her that she can scold him if she is carrying something in her heart for him. Parisa accept his apology. Her mother says that she is happy that nobody will know about all this. Zubaida comes and says that she is leaving now for home. Mehmood is forcing her to leave and ask her to take care of Armaan. Parisa’s mother says that she don’t need to worry as he is alright. Zubaida apologizes Parisa’s mother of what she said. Mehmood ask everyone to leave and go home. Parisa says to leave but her mother refuses and says that she is not in the condition to help herself, how she will be able to take care of him. Parisa says that he only need her right now and she will take care of him and ask everyone to leave.

Mehmood comes and Parisa says that she had said everything unintensionally and ask him to leave as they both can’t stay together. Mehmood says that they have to compromise as he can’t leave Arman like this. He says that he needs both of us. Parisa says that he don’t need both of us right now. Mehmood says that there must be some emergency. Parisa says that she can’t go right now but he can. Mehmood says that he asked everyone to leave as she wanted that and he can’t leave him alone. Parisa in anger says that he can sit here and she is leaving. Mehmood ask her to compromise for one night. Mehmood says that he didn’t remember anything about past but Parisa says that she remember everything. Mehmood leaves.

Armaan woke up and tried to get up. Parisa ask that where is he going? He says that he is going to washroom. Parisa ask to call someone for help. He says that he don’t needs anyone’s help. Parisa says that she is calling someone for help.

Parisa comes to Mehmood and he says that he will not come in and he will stay here somewhere in corner. Parisa ask him to take out his wildness so that he will leaves. He gave Parisa Arman’s swear and says he will never get to know about past. Parisa ask that if he get know about all. Mehmood says that he will die as Arman is his life. Parisa refuses and says that he is her life now and leaves and lock the door. Arman ask her to leave.

Mehmood returned back home. Zubaida ask him that why he is here, is everything alright and ask about Arman that he is fine or not. Mehmood says that why she is shouting and tell her that everything is ok. She says that why he left Armaan alone there. He says that he was not feeling well that’s why he returned back home. Zubaida says that he came back for his rest, if she would be there at his place, she will never left hhim alone. She says that she came back because of him. Mehmood says that they both are comfortable with eachother than why they are coming between them. Zubaida says that Parisa asked him to leave. Mehmood says yes and ask her that he don’t want to talk more on this topic.

Parisa’s mother ask Aftab to stop drinking and ask him to sleep. He says that he is feeling sleepy. She ask him that he has taken seriously what Parisa said to him? Aftab says that how much she love that boy? If he didn’t get him than what she would done to them. She says that he is getting jealous of her daughter that his wife didn’t loved him in this way. He says that he is happy that his daughter is settled and says that what has he done, that she started hating him. She says that he is too much drunk and ask him to take some rest. He says that he is badly hurt. She says that he was praying for her a minute before and now he is saying bad words for her. She says that father’s bad words will hurt her more. He apologizes and pray for her to keep her happy. She says to Aftaab that she love him and take him with her.

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