Dil e Jaanam – Episode 5 29th March 2017 Written Update

Dil e Jaanam – Episode 5 29th March 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Qudsia (Eshal’s mother) cries while complaining that she stopped Eshal to not to go alone at night but she didn’t listened to her.Where does Eshal gone? Eshal’s Khala consoled Qudsia that her husband has gone to police station and gives her water. Qudsia says that she was innocent and doesn’t had any enemy.

Haris while standing in washroom thinks, what lacks in him that Eshal don’t believe in his love. He says that by giving some respect to his love Eshal should love him against his love. He says that living without you is like death, he is not alive. He recieves call from Faiza and she asked him that where was he? , she called him many times. Haris told her that he was in washroom that’s why he didn’t picked her call. He ask her that she is looking upset , is everything fine? Faiza told Haris that Eshal is kidnapped. Haris showed his shocking reaction and Faiza say him to come as early as possible. Haris says that he is coming in 5 minutes. Eshal’s Khala calls Rabia (Shavaiz mother) and told her that something happened like hell on them. She told her that someone has kidnapped Eshal, as she was coming to pick you up. She told her that police is here and they are telling the whole story to them. Rabia ask about Qudsia and Azeem. Khala tell her that Qudsia is not fine and everyone is so much upset due to this incident. Please come as early and possible, we are waiting for you people.

Rabia told his husband Rehman that someone has kidnapped Eshal last night as she was coming to pick up you and me. Rehman says that why was she coming alone.

Qudsia was crying, Mean while Azeem (Eshal’s father) came and say that he has to go to the police station. He says to Faiza that he will try his best that Police should take her statement in our house. He told everyone that they will recieve some call but they don’t need to speak anything to them. Qudsia says that she need her daughter at any cost. Khala asked Azeem that whom with he is going? Azeem told appa (khala) that he is going with Javaid and say Faiza to lock the door.

Haris came and ask Azeem where is Eshal? Azeem asked him that who told him about Eshal? Haris told that Faiza informed him about Eshal. He asked Azeem that Where is he going? Azeem tell him that he is going to the police station for report. Haris say that let’s go together then.
Khala consolled Qudsia as she was crying so much that her daughter will be back soon. She don’t need to worry about. Khala asked Fazia that why he informed Haris about Eshal? Faiza says that he is our friend and he has right to be informed about what all happened. What Uncle (Azeem) can do alone, that’s why i called him and asked him to come soon.

After a while, Rabia and Rehman came and says that what happened? Who kidnapped our daughter. Qudsia says to Rabia that they also don’t know as they are not having any enemy. Khala told her that she has gone to pick you both up, she was saying that she will pick her phupo by herself. Rehman complains to everyone that it’s their mistake that they sent her alone at night. They recieved call and got nervous but didn’t picked it.

Asma told Shavaiz that she met Mrs.Javaid and she was talking silly. She told him that she was saying that Shavaiz had a small office and now he is having a whole building.Shavaiz says that leave her , she is like this. Asma says that she is like this and when i told her that you have named that building on her name, then Mrs.Javaid say to her that what miracle she had done? Amsa says she was talking rubbish. Shavaiz says that he is going to drink water, she needs that. Asma refuses. She says Shavaiz to tell her made to bring coffer for her.Savaiz’s maid gets a call from zareena and get to know that Eshal is kidnapped. Shavaiz asked her whom she is talking too? And get to know that Eshal is kidnapped. He was shocked after listening this news. Shavaiz dropped the call and told Asma that he has to go. Asma asked him about what happened? Shavaiz didn’t told her and rush and say to her that he will tell her when he’ll be back.

Rehan ask Azeem to try to think that has someone taken revenge from her or she would be having enemies due to some fight? Azeem told him that nothing had happened like that. Azeem ask to Rehman to bring her daughter back, he will never send her out alone like this. Rehman says she will be back and had you told police about all this? Qudsia says that yes they had done a police complaint but as he know our police. Haris says that don’t worry, he has friendship with the DSP of this town, he had consolled him that they will check all the cars and everyone, they don’t need to worry about. Qudsia says that what is happening with my daughter. Tomorrow was her nikah ,what i will ans to people?, how she will prove her daughter innocent and cries. Khala says that pray for or daughter, she will be back. Haris calls police and ask about Eshal. He argued that 4 hours have been passed and you didn’t found her. He says that if something would happened to Eshal, it would be all your fault. What your Police doing? He says that he don’t want to listen anything. If he will not recieve the report in some hours than DSP will talk to them. Azeem got heart pain and become unconsious, everyone panics and ask to call the doctor.

Doctor came and says that he has taken stress that’s why he is in this condition. He gave some medicines and says that try to keep him out of every stress and let him take rest.

Shavaiz come and ask his mother that what happened to Eshal? His mother say him to go away. Khala says that why are you worried about her? What you have done is enough. His mother ask Shavaiz to leave. Qudsia says that she will never forgive him, if something happened to her daughter. His mother requests him to go from here. Shavaiz also requests everyone to tell him what happened? He asked that they had complained in police station or not. His mother says that It’s all because of him. Haris came and ask Shavaiz to come out with him, he will tell him everything and take him away.

Haris asked Shavaiz that he didn’t feel shameful before coming here. Shavaiz ask that who is he? Haris says that he is her friend not the enemy like him. Haris asked him why he has come? It’s all happened because of him. Shavaiz ask him to not to interfere in his matters, it’s his and his family matter. Haris says yes it’s your family matter but i am just telling you that it’s all happened because of you. Shavaiz says that can he go now if he has finished or he will give him permission. Haris says that the people who live in this house has given you permission to leave. Shavaiz leaves.

Rabia and Khala prayed for Eshal to come back.

Shavaiz while driving thinks about Eshal and about what his mother and Haris said to him.

Haris says to faiza that nothing can happen to Eshal. If something will happen to Eshal, he will die. Faiza ask Haris to pray for her and says that she is not getting that who had done all this? And didn’t recieved the call for money yet? Haris tell Faiza that kidnapping is not just for money. People has many reasons behind this. I am afraid that they will not hurt her. Faiza says that it’s now morning time and there is no news regarding her. She says that she is worried about uncle and aunty. Haris prayed for Eshal to return back home. Faiza ask him to return back home to take some rest. Haris says that he love Eshal and how he can leave her parents alone. When i will see her i will take rest. Faiza says that ask Police. Haris says that police had called him, they will come at 9 for your statement and go to meet her mother.

Shavaiz was asleep,In a while asma came and her maid ask her for breakfast but she refuses and ask her to lock the door and to ask for breakfast to Shavaiz.

Khala consolled Qudsia, and Shazia came and ask is everything alright? why police is sitting outside and asking something from that girl. She asked someone thefted in their house. Khala introduced Rabia as Eshal’s phupo and Shazia as Eshal’s mother in law. Shazia asked that what happened to them as they are looking upset. She says that they don’t need something if someone had thefted and taken all jewellery etc. She asked about the girl sitting outside and identify as Eshal’s friend. Khala tries to tell her that Eshal was kidnapped last night as she was going to pick up her phupo and faiza was also with her. Shazia showed her shocking reaction anad asked how does it happened? Khala told her about everything and about every situation. Shazia says that it’s not a small thing. Young daughter is kidnapped and don’t where is she? What they will do with her. Today was her nikah. What i will do now? What will i say to people and Asad will also not marry her when he get to know about kidnapping. Khala tries to consol her that she will come back, police is trying to find her. Shazia says that she is not understanding anything. Haris came and says that there is no fault of Eshal in her kidnapping, it’s all in your hand, you can move forward the dates of nikah. Shazia says that what you all are you talking about? You all are not trying to understand. She says that you are saying like this that she has been late from shopping. Haris says that you know about the situation, you have to be with us and you are talking rubbish. Khala tries to explain her but Shazia says what i will say to my relatives that whom we are arranging nikah is now kidnapped. She panics and refuses for nikah. Haris says that why are you ruining her life. Shazia says that her life is ruined now and leaves. Khala says that Qudsia will die when she get to know about this all.

Kidnapper come to Eshal’s room and ask her to eat food but Eshal refuses and ask him that who is he? He says that it’s our boss order and she had to eat it silently.Kidnapper blackmails her and leaves. Eshal run and ask that who they are and what they want? and cries.

Asia ask Shavaiz for breakfast but he refuses and just ask her to bring tea for him. Shavaiz called Yousaf and asked for his father and told him that when he will com e then he should inform him. Asma came and argues with Shavaiz that what he thinks of her. What kind of a lady she is, who cannot pick up her head infront of his husband.Who didn’t know any work other than home. She tell him that she is not that kind of a lady who didn’t know how to ask a question and how to answer it. She tell him that she needs to be known about his everything. She complains that he hasen’t given her happiness and she is bearing all this and she is still silent but she can’t bear this that her husband is out of the home whole night and she wouldn’t know that where is he? Shavaiz says that she knows where was he? Asma complains about Eshal that you feel sorry for leaving her. Shavaiz says that it’s very bad to hear that she thinks like typical ladies. Asma says that she has a right to know that where her husband is? She complains that she came in morning and slept outside. Shavaiz says that it’s your duty to ask me that why he is sleeping over there. Asma says that i know only thing after marriage that she haven’t a relaxant morning. She told him that she is not here to bear his problems. You married me. Asma says that the conversation between them is so much difficult. Shavaiz says that if ego will come between their relationship then there relationship will be in danger and tell her that he is going there again because Eshal was kidnapped last night.
Khala says to Haris that everyone has lost hope. Khala asked what police said? Haris says that police is trying.He asked about Asad’s and his family that had they recieved any positive report from them? Khala says that in this situation who will marry Eshal.Haris asked about Eshal parents and khala tell him that they are not ok. Shavaiz come and ask about Eshal, Khala says that they haven’t given him permission to come here. Shavaiz says that he has some relationship with Eshal. khala says that she don’t want to argue with him. If she will get any news about Eshal , she will inform him. Khala says to leave. Haris consolled khala and khala says him to take rest.

Azeem asked Qudsia about Eshal. Qudsia ask him to eat medicine. Azeem says that he is embarrased because of his niece. Qudsia says forgive him and just pray for ur daughter. Azeem says that why our prayers are not accepted. He says that he can’t understand he pray for her daughter to be back or to die. Azeem recieves a call from Police station to come and identify the body which they found as per identity he told him. Qudsia panics and asked who’s there. He told her that he is going to hospital for identification. Qudsia panics and cries and khala and Rabia consol her and ask her to sit and to not to worry. Azeem goes and see the body.

Rabia consolled Qudsia to be calm.Everything will be ok. Azeem and Rehman comes and Qudsia asks had you brought my daughter? Is she alright, she says that she just want to see her face. She just want to feel her. Azeem say to her that girl was not Eshal , just pray for her that she would be alright. Everyone thanks ALLAH.

Eshal was crying, suddenly a car came and someone come out of the car and move towards Eshal’s room. Eshal bacome afraid after seeing someone was in her room.He comes near Eshal and removed his hood from his head.Eshal was shocked after seeing him.

PRECAP:Rehman says that he can’t think that Shavaiz can do something like this. Haris panics that police hasen’t found Eshal yet. ASma asked about Eshal but Shavaiz says that he is not able to face his father.

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