Muqabil – Episode 17 28th March 2017 Written Update

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Parisas’s mother says that she is watching a beautiful translation of a bad dream. Her father says that i remembered that day when you said that i will not give permission toh enter that boy in my office. It’s all my son’s property, i will not allow Mehmood’s son (Armaan) to seige or capture his property. Parisa’s father laughs, while her mother says that stop it now. She that Nasreen is right, that my daughter is more intelligent than me. She knows that what and when she wants to do something in life. Parisa’s father says that there is no interference of Parisa here. That boy lover her alot. He can do anything as she says. Her mother says that Parisa has also given a big sacrifice for him, picked him up from ground to sky.Her father says that it’s so much weired when a boy loved our daughter before marriage,it’s just look like villan and after marriage, when he loves alot we feel happy. Shanaz (Parisa’s mother) says that she is worried for Salman( her son). What will happen for him? Parisa’s father says that there is no need to worry about, i understood onething from Parisa’s incident that we don’t see or children with thier point of view, we always see them with our point of view. He says that you just wait and watch Salman will also made us feel shocked just like Parisa. Mean while Salman come and says that yes i will make both of you feel shocked. He says that i also need someone in my life. His mother shows her shocking reaction.Salman says that she adopted Nadia and he is not having a gud relationship with his father. There was only Parisa with whom i fight a little bit but now she is also gone. Now i am alone.His parents laughs.
Arman’s sister while working in kitchen gives her mother sweet but she refuses to eat that. Arman’s father says that she has to distribute sweet in whole town. Arman’s mother says that why not! Bring sweets and distribute them in wholw town. Nobody has stopped him. Arman’s father says that what kind of a mother you are? You are not happy in your son’s happiness. She says that my son is not happy. His father says that somebody is forcing him. She says that yes, no one can understand children more than a mother. You are not talking like a mother, you are talking like mother in law. Your type of ladies have the problem of miscreableness. This anger of mother in laws ruins the happiness of home. His mother says that yes i am the only reprehens. You only shows your anger upon me. He says that what type of anger? I am happy and calm first time. She says obviously when son starts wearing father’s shoes than he will definitely feel happy. He says that i can’t understand what is your problem? You want this, when he refused from that u made home like hell and now when he is in good position, you are again making an issue. She says that you will not understand that what i am saying. His father says u keep consol , he will fulfill all your dreams. Arman’s sister says that Parisa’s and Arman had a good understanding between them. You don’t worry. Her mother calls her with anger and say to bring a plate. His father says that now tha problem is this that they had a good relationship, they made a good understanding and now they are calm. He says that i am very happy. Her mother says that listen to me you know that thing which burns the mother’s mothering into ashes? And that thing which make a dayan mother into mother in law. A lady can forgive everything but can’t forgive her disgrace. In this matter, she is more hard and strong than a man. Mehmood asks her what type of digrace is she talking about? She says that you will not understand this. Mehmood says ok then guide me about it. She says that sweet which you brought, that Armaan should bring to her and should serve her with his hands. That’s why i am angry and shocked.

Arman and Parisa come and say Salaam to everyone. Arman says that when children do something wrong than Allah due to mother’s reference beautitude that. He says that he knows that he made some decisons against her mother. Just pray for me , i need ur prayers. His mother prayed for him that he will get all happiness and will be successful.
While working in kitchen, Arman’s sister says Parisa to giver her red chilli. His sister calls everyone that she is bringing food and say Parisa to join them.

Arman’s father went to Molana and say to him that Holy Prophet(SAW) has accepted his prayers. He says that complexes are getting easier. I am having no guts to see my self in the mirror. I have seen calmness and happiness on my son’s face and i don’t need any other happiness now. Molana says that pray to Allah her frieght had also ended.

Arman come and asks Parisa that is she fine? Parisa says yes i am ok but why? Arman says that i thought it was my first in office so that’s why u’ll wakeup early. Arman says you have given me breakfast and helped me to get ready and given me tiffon for lunch. Parisa apologize and says that her novel was pending from many days that’s why she ended that last night. Arman says ok i am going now. It’s his first day, he don’t want to get scolded by her father. Parisa wished him best wishes and Arman leaves.

In office, Shanaz and Mehmood felt happy while seeing Arman working so hard. Parisa’s father invites Mehmood to his home for dinner and arrange a get together. Arman come and Parisa’s father say that everyone is admiring him. Arman says the i am trying my best and should also give my best. Parisa’s father gave Arman car keys from whick Arman refuses and says that he is happy with his bike but Parisa’s father say that ok you can take your wife for outing on it, she like it. Shanaz says that she is sending him his designer number and he has to go to give him his size for suits which she ordered. Arman says that it’s not included in finance manager’s facilities. Shanaz says that he has to attend meetings in which these casual suiting is not ok.

Everyone enjoyed dinner and had a good time with eachother.

Arman was quite nervous when Parisa’s father served him with the drink. He cheers him up and forced to enjoy a drink with him. Arman was drunk badly.

While sitting beside swimming pool Arman sings a song holding a flower in his hand. Parisa smiled while watching him and asked him that is there any problem? She says that u told me when you are in trouble you sing a song. Parisa asks what is he doing here? Parisa say to him to get up and should leave now for home. Arman gives him flower. Parisa asks him that from where he plucked the flower? Arman asks her for a hug and pushed her in the swimming pool and apologizes her and give her his hand to come out. Parisa recalls that what happened to her in past. Parisa give him his hand while recalling all that what Arman’s father did to her when she was a kid. Arman comes in the swimming pool, Parisa become a little bit afraid. Mean while Shanaz watch them and smile. Arman tried to come near to Parisa and Parisa pulled him back. Arman apologizes her. Parisa say to him that he is just like her father, a lousy person. Arman recalls all what Parisa told him about her past and cries.Muqabil song plays.

In morning, Shanaz came and asks Parisa that why is she sleeping in terrace and ask about Arman that where is he?
Shanaz calls Aftab to come hurrily and told him that i found Armans’s coat in the swimming pool and don’t know where Arman is gone? He complains that why he forced him to drink that much. He says he had not drunk that much. Shanaz says that he haven’t tried it before, its was his first time. Aftab says that you go and see he would rather be sleeping somewhere in corner. He says that he would rather gone to his home. Shanaz told him that his keys and mobile are in coat’s pocket. Aftab says that asks his parents Arman is there or not?

Arman’s mother shouts and says that Mehmood is carrying everything’s bad for her in his heart. She told him that Shanaz was also talking about Aftab that he is so lazy in home. Mehmood says that i am happy from your and Shanaz friendship. Arman’s sister says that he is consoling his husband infront of her friend that his husband is so nice to her. Arman’s mother talks about her son that he is a great guy. Arman’s mother talked bad about her husband to Shanaz. Mehmood says that you shouldn’t said that to her, she respect me alot. She says that all husbands are the same.

Parisa come and says that he is no where. Shanaz says that home was locked how he will be here? Aftab says that she has consoled herself. Parisa says yes and also says that she should sit like him. Shanaz says that he is also worried. Aftab says that the time we are wasting here, we should better find him. Parisa says where we should find him? In the morgue of hospitals. Shanaz say her to shutup. Parisa ask Shanaz where he will be? Aftab says that i will find him i promise. You will get him till evening. Parisa says i have lost him. Shanaz says don’t talk rubbish,just pray for him. He will never be found. Shanaz says she is gone mad. Shanaz asks her to come with her but Parisa refuses and says that she will wait for him. Shanaz says that we haven’t kicked him, he will be back. she says that we should not waste time while sitting here, just think he would rather be in some critical situation, we should find him. We should find him as early as possible. Shanaz says i know you love him alot but what you are doing is wrong. Parisa says that ok then take me to that beautiful jail. Shanaz says that she is angry. Aftab says that she hates me. If something happened to Arman, I don’t know what she will do?
Parisa recalls the time spent with Arman while sitting in garden.

Mehmood says that i have find him everyone, asked his all friends. Shanaz says that his phone is not reachable and we are helpless. Mehmood complains to Aftab that he had all this. Shanaz stops Mehmood.

Nadia forces Parisa to eat something. She says that she had prayed for him , he will be back. Parisa ask about her maid’s husband that he is in home or not and says that he get ready she has to with him somewhere.

PRECAP: Aftab says that he is our son also. Mehmood says he is your son in law and he is my son. Shanaz says that they may complains that their son is missing because of us. Nadia came and says that we found Arman. He is in hospital. Mehmood say to Parisa that he is his life and she shouldn’t tell anything to him. Parisa says no he is my life.

Update Credit to: Niki

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