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Sanam – Episode 19 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Naila brings the phone to Farhan, as his mother in law is crazy after taking him to shopping. Farhan clearly denies, but Naila tries to convince him. Farhan was irritated, and tells her to leave him alone.

Haarib helps Shabnam walk in the mall. Shabnam discuss with Haarib about Naila’s distrust. Haarib shares that now shopping is done online or through calling designer collection home. Shabnam calls herself the traditional one. She only wishes to live her happiness. Haarib forbids her being hopeless; she has to play with his children yet. Haarib looks towards a bride and groom dress. She selects a blue coat and selects it for Farhan.

In the evening, Aan brings Shabnam to bed complaining she didn’t rest. Shabnam asks for a glass of water, and urges her to see the shopping for her and her son in law. Aan asks if they came over. Shabnam makes up that they are modern people. Haarib asks her to take rest now. Shabnam plans to take the luggage tomorrow. Aan insists they will send everything, what’s the need for her to go. But Shabnam wasn’t ready to agree.

At night, Aan looks outside the wall. Haarib comes from behind and places a hand over her shoulder. She was first afraid, and then stops herself from hugging him. Tears fell off her eyes as she says she thought he has left. Haarib assures he always want to live with her and Amma and will never leave them alone. He asks if she has option to marry someone else, who would she? Aan replies Haarib, Aan-Haarib and hugs him. They part away. Haarib holds her hand, saying he only heard at some point in life a man gets helpless, today he has seen. They hug again.
Shabnam calls Aan to hold the luggage. She watches Shaukat sitting in front of him. Shaukat Qureshi says the foundations of this marriage is weak, she got everything but not love. Shabnam wonders if love is found in market? Shaukat Qureshi says she must look around herself for those who love her selflessly; if love is brought from market one has to pay for its price for a lifetime. Shabnam confirms if she is mistaken; Shaukat Qureshi says yes. Shabnam was annoyed that Shaukat Qureshi always has problems with her. Shaukat Qureshi asks what she got after coming here, tensions, worries and heart problems. Shabnam was worried, while Shaukat Qureshi disappears.

The next morning, Ayla arrives at Shehroze’s apartment. She clarifies she came to take him along, he is aware of her stubbornness. Shehroze says he is aware of every of her act and has left her. Ayla was teary, and promises to change herself. Shehroze wonders what the need to change is, she already lost a loving husband, and a friend. Ayla apologizes, saying she needs his help. She loves Haarib dearly, and wants to spend each of her life’s moment with him. Shehroze asks how? Ayla suggests Shehroze about the option of Halala. Shehroze was enraged and forbids her use him for her own interests. He feels angry of himself, but he won’t support her anymore. Ayla turns to leave with a hope that he will come, and goes downstairs saying she is waiting for him downstairs. Shehroze shuts the door over her face, saying they aren’t friends anymore.

There, Naila calls Farhan as he was leaving outside. She insists on Farhan to agree to this marriage. Farhan tells Naila about Sara’s cunningness, she was well aware about their problems and greed as well. He wasn’t ready to get convinced. He already has experience of one marriage, and Aan never has a place for him in her heart.

At Sara’s place, Naila clarifies to Sara that this proposal is almost finished. Naila says they are practical people, selfish one’s; and their children follow their footsteps, just as Sara did. She leaves it upto Sara to talk to Farhan. Farhan replies Sara he is busy; and wants to get rid of this proposal. He has nothing to do with them. He wasn’t ready to listen to Sara, as everything about their property came out to be a lie. Sara says they have invited a huge social circle; he can’t do this. Farhan wasn’t ready and hangs up.

Farhan speaks to property dealer about Aan’s house. The dealer shows them the copy of rent agreement. He thinks Aan is right, Sara lied to them.

Haarib brings Shabnam to Farhan’s home. She was happy that she has brought Aan’s groom’s dress today. No one answers their door bell. Haarib points at the lock on the door. Shabnam was worried, but Haarib says they must also be busy in preparations. She suggests about calling them and waits here. Shabnam tries the call but no one replies. Shabnam was tensed.

There, Sara shouts at Naila that she won’t get trapped. Naila denies saying a no to them; Sara must end the proposal if she is so worried. Sara wonders why is Naila so cold. Naila forbids her blackmail her emotionally and stands up to leave. Sara wasn’t ready to let Naila leave. Naila snatches her phone, and asks if she is even aware who she is. Sara’s husband stood behind and hears Naila accuse Sara to clear way for herself and Haarib. But her son isn’t Faisal who would own someone’s ex as his wife. She turns to see Faisal, and advices him to be a respectable man and even show Sara what respect is. Faisal says his relation broke with her the day she left him and his family. He only came to Pakistan for Fatima, and doesn’t care about anyone else. He asks Sara to bring Fatima, Sara tells him to leave. Faisal says I pity you, before leaving.

In the car, Shabnam asks Haarib if he would keep her respect. Haarib didn’t understand. Shabnam requests him to hide this for hers sake; he shouldn’t share with her that they couldn’t meet them. Aan would be angry and would deny marrying. He should go to them at some other time to hand the things over.

NEXT EPISODE: Aan comes to stage in bridal costume. Haarib goes to Farhan’s place and finds the house locked. He returns to inform Shabnam they have left already.

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