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Sanam complains Mahgul for coming over after a long time, and asks if she would eat something. Mahgul denies. Sanam suggests something is wrong, Mahgul shares with Sanam that there is a girl behind Zain. Sanam asks Mahgul till when will someone ruin his life for her, why is she reacting; their relation is just by name and nothing else. She insists on Mahgul to move forward, as God has provided her with a good option. She insists that Mahgul doesn’t own the options of everyone’s life. At night, Mahgul was unable to sleep well, and thinks about Sanam’s suggestions of moving on.

The next morning, Hina asks Savera why she came so late. She discusses about their daughters; Savera wish her Mahgul’s life is settled. Hina assures that Savera has been Mahgul’s strength, its her back that left him un fearful.

Magul was calling Zain, while he sat in office with Kashmala there. Kashmala takes Zain’s permission to ask something, then questions why he gets lost watching Mahgul. He likes her? Zain interrupts Kashmala to be respectful, as she is his wife. Kashmala was thoughtful for a while.

Mahgul comes to the room where Noor was seriously ill.

Kashmala discuss with Arshi that it must be painful for Zain that Mahgul happens to be in office. Arshi discusses she doesn’t know how to deal the situation. Kashmala suggests speaking to Zain out of office, Hassan hears the conversation. In the room, he asks Arshi why she wants to ruin this girl’s life. Arshi asks what her mistake is if Kashmala likes Zain. Hassan says Zain would never agree. Arshi wonders how he would stay alone, for a lifetime. Hassan was sure Zain would not do this. He warns Arshi to be careful, as this might take her son away from him.
The next morning, Kashmala calls Zain. He was in the car, and asks if something important. Kashmala apologizes for discussing about Mahgul, Zain says one is only angry if there is some relation and they are only colleagues. He disconnects, leaving Kashmala furiously breaking her phone.

In the hospital, Mahgul insists on Noor to eat the slice when Mikaal comes to meet him. Mahgul complains Noor didn’t abide by Mikaal’s instructions. Mikaal complains Noor for not eating anything, then goes to get the chicken soup he brought.

Sonia asks Kashmala where is she going. Kashmala says she is going to music school with Zain. Sonia warns Kashmala not to push herself in that blinded well, Zain is not interested in her and she is being obsessed with him. Kashmala leaves.

Later, Sonia calls Zain inside but he was in a hurry and takes a seat outside. Sonia says since Kashmala isn’t home this time, that’s why she invited him at this time. She asks him not to mind what she is discussing with him. Kashmala is way too much obsessed with him, and has started to love him. She is really stubborn, and doesn’t want her to discuss this with anyone. In these years she hasn’t accepted any other proposal. Zain wonders what can he do. Sonia says either he can clearly deny her proposal, or may marry her.

In the office, Zain gives instructions to his team. Mahgul gets a call from Mikaal, she was thankful to him. The meeting was dismissed. Later, he stood beside his window when Kashmala arrives and notices his bad mood. He discuss with Kashmala that he considered her a friend, and she loved him. Kashmala questions what Mahgul did to him, whom he had loved. She insists everyone know about Mahgul and Mikaal, only Zain is blindfolded. She asks him consider with justice, he would know who is worse.

Arshi comes to Savera who stands up for her. Arshi asks if she is shocked to see her, won’t she offer her a seat. Savera says Arshi won’t accept it. Arshi was moved by the peace of Savera’s place, Savera inquires if its jealousy. Arshi warns Savera what Mahgul is doing has gone unbearable. She can’t wander around with Mikaal, still being Zain’s wife. Savera considers Arshi as crazy. Arshi curtly accuses Savera to trap Mikaal and get a transgender brought up. Mahgul comes to interrupt Mrs. Arshi, as she wouldn’t respect her anymore. Arshi says this is the last time she came to advice Mahgul take Khula. Mahgul denies, wondering what Arshi would do. Arshi curtly replies there would be clapping for her child when he grows up, what else and leave the house.

Zain was sitting besides wall thinking about Mikaal and Mahgul arriving together. Arshi comes in to ask when she came in. Arshi complains he didn’t realize, and urges him to live his life like anyone. Zain looks at her. Arshi insists Mahgul is enjoying her life to full; she got an alternative for father. Why would someone do so much without any interest? Zain was sure Mahgul doesn’t do this. Arshi challenges him to ask Mikaal about it, he would also agree. Arshi suggests Zain to leave Mahgul and hold hands with someone who is ready to give him with all the happiness, Kashmala is a nice girl.

A servant comes to inform Mikaal about Zain’s arrival. Zain stood in front of a painting by Noor when Mikaal comes there. Mikaal says this one is by his son, Noor. Zain taunts if really, he felt Noor was Mikaal’s son. Mikaal clarifies he is only taking care of Noor. Zain wonders why he has such soft corner only for Noor, when there are a number of disabled around. Mikaal asks the reason for bitterness in his tone. Zain accuses Mikaal of having stolen Mahgul and Noor. Mikaal warns he respects Mahgul a lot, and won’t hear a word against him. Zain was sure Mahgul would never love him. Mikaal says Zain was just pointing a finger at Mahgul, and now what he wants; to get rid of his confusions, or deter about his love. He demands Zain to own them, or leave them. Zain considers this as his and Mahgul’s personal matter. Mikaal insists his Noor is also involved. Zain holds his collar, but Mikaal calmly says this won’t be helpful.

In the office, Hassan was discussing with Mahgul but she sat lost. Hassan was concerned and asks about any problem. Mahgul says that Hassan might dislike what she is about to say, whatever his wife said to her at home is unacceptable. She doesn’t want Noor to get an effect of all this. She can no more work here, she doesn’t have a choice and she quit. She leaves the office.

7 Years Later, Noor reads the tables with Mikaal in his class room. He comes to play with the kids in the stadium but the children bully her there. Noor runs away crying. Mikaal just entered the park and watch Noor crying. Noor asks why everyone makes fun of him, he needs answers. Mikaal takes him to car, ready to reply him. On a signal, a transgender comes to beg.

Mahgul was in office when Mikaal enters the office. She was concerned about Noor. Mikaal clarifies Noor is actually not alright and asks her to think calmly. He says Noor was a bit more emotional, he thinks it’s time to share the truth with him and shares the whole story. He suggests to Mahgul that they must clear everything to Noor. He is going to come in a difficult stage, he might break if this reveals to him later. Mahgul was worried and asks if Mikaal would be with her, Mikaal says Mahgul alone should speak to him.

PRECAP: Mahgul cries in front of Savera that she has always hidden Noor, but today the world is mocking her. Arshi asks Hassan why he always wants to disgrace her; Zain married Mahgul without their consent. Hassan clarifies without Arshi’s consent only. Noor comes to Mahgul grown up as a son.

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