Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 22 13th January2017 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 22 13th January 2017 Written Update Pakistani Dramas Written Updates on

Mansoor walks into a police station and the inspector is amazed to see him, Mansoor asks as to really he thought that if he got transferred Mansoor would not find him, he says he knows his power but the police officer says that he does not understand at which Mansoor asks as to what did they do with the body of Shafaq but he says that they threw it in a deserted place at which Mansoor says that if he finds out that he had something to then he will be killed.

Shafaq is trying to call Saher but she is not picking the phone which makes her nervous as she thinks that her father might have done something to her.
Noor asks William as to why is he not drinking his coffee he answers that he does not want to do anything anymore, Noor starts to taunt him saying that he should then be in a grave yard at which he gets angry but Noor says that he must think of the present hearing this he gets angry, Noor says that she wants to tell him something at which she says that she had a lot of dreams regarding the future but it all changed when her parents died and then she did not had the love which they had for her, hearing this William realizes but still says that he will not talk to her at which she forces him to understand his mother’s condition .

Saher is in the bed and then picks a call from Shafaq who is worried and asks as to why did she not come at which Saher says that she was being followed when she left the house so she came back thinking that he had people following her. Mansoor finds her and starts to question her regarding the one on the phone hearing which Afaq also comes and takes her into the room, asking as to who was she talking to but she even denies it hen when she gets a call he picks it up and is amazed to hear the voice of Shafaq, asking as to where she is she requests him to not hurt Saher as she will tell him everything, hearing her he gets angry.

William is walking towards the Shella’s room when he hears both Haider and her talking which makes him get angry ad he leaves. The nurse comes begging for forgiveness as she got late and asks as to who the handsome boy was at which she says that it might be William and Haider runs to stop him.
William is just about to walk out of the door when Haider comes running to him and stops him trying to explain the situation to him but he doesn’t want to understand and leaves leaving Haider stunned.

Shella is sitting when Haider comes and she asks as to who was at the door and he says that it was William and she asks as to why did he not come at which he says that William does not want to listen to him and he fears that he might not be able to make him understand.

William is crying in a church when the father comes asking the reason at which he is crying, William says that eh only loved his mother but she loves someone else. Father says that the shining of sun and moon is for everyone and not for only one person he asks if he understands love at which William says that it is the love between each other but Father says that it is the sacrifices and help that they do for each other but William says that she loves someone else at which Father answers that he cannot stop the wind from giving benefit to other.

Saher comes and stands beside Afaq after a moment he apologizes to her at which she sas hat does he talk the same way to Mahrukh at which he says that he does not talk to her and will not if she says to him. He says that he is thinking that they can go and visit Shafaq.

Mansoor walks into the office and asks for the schedule at which his worker says that Haider s a very active social worker but these days he is busy in the care of one of his relative some woman named Miss Peter.

Noor walks into the room of William and she is happy and when he asks the reason she says that he got the admission in the collage at which he is left shocked and when he asks the reason she says that Haider uncle did this, he gets angry saying that Haider is also trying to suppress him but she makes him understand and takes him to his mother.

Shella is coughing when Haider is constantly helping her and when he stands at the door seeing William gets amazed and goes to apologize to his mother and starts to cry at which Haider and Noor ask him to stop it as she needs his smile and then Haider goes away.

Shafaq is standing in the lawn when she hears the sound of fire and runs inside Ruquyya also comes running asking Shafaq if she is alright as the fire was fired in this house, Suddenly Saher and Afaq walk in and then she greets them both and is happy to see them at which point they all start to talk about the cruelty of their father and pray that no one ever gets a father like they have.

Haider walks in the room where William is sleeping and Noor is pressing the legs of Shella and constantly yawning, seeing this he asks her to go to sleep as he is with her and then she goes to sleep, he sits with Shella all night, In the morning Noor comes and asks him to take some rest but he says that he is fine at which point she urges him to take rest and William also gets up after which he goes to sleep.

Noor sits with William and says that while they both were sleeping Haider was awake all night and stayed with his mother at which point William also gets embarrassed and realizes his mistake. Noor says that if one realizes the mistake then they should also talk to solve them.

Haider is resting in his bed and gets a call. He picks it up to find that it is Mansoor at which he gets angry saying that why the hell did he dare to call him, Mansoor asks that he is the one who gave refuge to Sohail and is also the one who has Shafaq at which Haider gets angry and says that of he has the power then he can come and take Shafaq from him.

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