Sanam – Episode 17 2nd January 2017 Written Update

Sanam – Episode 17 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Nabeela strictly demands Shabnam a date for Nikah on Saturday. Shabnam sends Aan for tea, Nabeela asks Farhan to take a seat but he wasn’t ready.

Sara cried besides Fatima. Fatima wakes up to see her parents besides her. Sara goes to call the doctor. Fatima’s father assures to be with her forever.

Outside, Farhan speaks to Aan that they are going to get united; he wants her to understands about his likes and dislikes, whom he wants to meet and who not. He isn’t very social and doesn’t like meeting a lot of people. Aan says they are really social, when they used to live in their old neighborhood… Farhan asks which neighborhood. Aan tells him about her family. Farhan was confused and clarifies if they didn’t live in Kuwait and her father was an engineer. Aan clarifies her family is butcher; their rent also comes from the same shop of her father. Farhan confirms if she doesn’t work in a bank? Aan replies they fired her. He asks about the house. Aan replies this house is temporary; Amma sold their old house and shifted here to marry her in a good place. She gives Farhan his turn to share about his reality. She tells him not to worry, as butchers aren’t really dangerous.

Haarib and Shehroze were having food together. Shehroze wonders why Haarib is staying with Sara. Haarib asks why is Shehroze with Ayla, just for humanity. Shehroze tells him that Ayla still dreams about living with Haarib. Haarib says Ayla and Shehroze are staying in the same apartment for months now, doesn’t he consider it wrong. Ayla’s intentions aren’t suitable for him at all, he hasn’t seen as negative child.

In the kitchen, Aan wonders why Farhan couldn’t make a place for himself in her heart. May be its because he doesn’t love her, she doesn’t like him. Shabnam comes there. Aan offers her a chair, and asks why she didn’t take rest. Shabnam was fed up of taking rest. She assures that she if fine now, and thinks if Haarib has eaten something or not. Aan hurries at once.

Ayla watches Haarib’s balcony from the window. Shehroze says if she tries to chase something so hard, it will run farther away. Ayla says she is really close to Haarib, just getting into his house is left.

Haarib tells Aan about Shehroze’s arrival, he has eaten already. He asks her to place the food in fridge, he will eat tomorrow noon.

Ayla asks Shehroze where he is going with the luggage. Shehroze replies he is going back, to go and help his friend. He clarifies Ayla that he wanted to change her, but he was mistaken. Ayla wonders if she should stay here alone. Shehroze advices her to return home and not to spoil her life. Ayla was tensed.

Haarib notices Aan was lost, and confirms if everything is fine. She turns to leave but Haarib asks what happened. She breaks into cry and hugs him. Haarib was concerned. He holds her face, and says whoever made my Aan cry won’t be spared now. Aan repeats if he said my Aan? Haarib withdraws his hands, then apologizes. He explains he doesn’t want her or amma to get away from him, because of any of his stupidities. Aan cries that she is getting away from him, its her Nikah on Saturday. She shares she doesn’t want to marry Farhan, she doesn’t love him. Haarib asks doesn’t she love anyone, since ever? Aan says her love never show any belonging, she doesn’t like Farhan.
Shehroze rejects Ayla’s call while driving.

Aan tells Haarib she had no idea about her condition. Haarib says he was silent only because of her, as he thought she liked Farhan. Aan clarifies she doesn’t like him at all. He isn’t worth her love. Haarib says had Farhan told her about his past he would have convinced her to marry him, but… he is really not worth her. He considers Aan’s sixth sense being really strong, as he and his mother are betraying Aan and Amma. Aan asks what lie? Haarib tells her that he is already married, and father of two; he divorced his wife and returned from Abu Dhabi. The worst part is, he is marrying her out of greed for house and property. Sara is responsible for all this. Aan was shocked.

Ayla lay on the couch, disturbed. She calls Sakina, and Shehroze aloud. Then calls Haarib’s name loud and sits to look around.

Haarib was upset about Aan’s worries. Aan was ready to tell Amma about everything. Haarib wonders what she will get, they have been betrayed. Aan says she would tell Amma about is reality. Haarib forbids her tell Amma anything, she won’t be able to bear this. He has tried a number of times, but Amma would be heartbroken. Aan was determined to tell Amma about everything. She asks if she should marry Farhan. Haarib wish he never has to see her marry anyone else. Aan confirms again. Haarib says he can’t see her belonging to someone else. Aan demands a reason, Haarib say she is a straightforward and true person; a disloyal person doesn’t deserve her. Aan requests to share it with Amma. Haarib agrees, but advices her to be careful. Aan leaves.

There, on the bed Shabnam thinks she must advice Aan not to stay out of house till so late. Her dates have been fixed. She speaks to Shaukat’s photo that it’s a result of their prayers that Aan is going to get married. Aan returns home, and goes calling Shabnam. Aan hears her speak to Shaukat’s photo. Shabnam makes her sit, and shares her happiness about her marriage with Farhan. She notices Aan’s worries. Aan says she is looking at Shabnam’s simplicity. Aan leaves her side and goes to shut the curtains. Shabnam advices her to stay at home this late, and stay obedient to her husband. Aan comes to make her easy on bed. She herself lay awake, wondering how she should share this with Amma. Shabnam wakes up to find Aan awake. She tells Aan that girls are always nervous because of marriage, but Aan seems to be tensed. Aan denies. She diverts the topic to Shabnam’s cough at night. Shabnam assures that Farhan would really keep her happy, he isn’t bad at heart; men are bitter by tongue only. She takes Aan into her hug.

In the morning, Farhan shares with Nabeela about monetary status of Aan. Nabeela was sure she is saying this only because of Haarib. Farhan wonders why is she marrying him if she knows Aan already loves Haarib. Farhan clarifies if Aan doesn’t really own anything, he will leave this place at once. Nabeela wanted to speak to Sara about it first.

Haarib was wondering how Amma must have reacted. He was waiting for Aan’s call, then thinks about not calling. He wonders if he was mistaken by sharing the truth.

PRECAP: Shabnam was preparing for Aan’s wedding. Farhan was playing video games carelessly. Aan calls Sara to accuse her. Shabnam requests Aan to get married happily.

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