Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 20 29th December 2016 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 20 29th December 2016 Pakistani Dramas Written Updates on

Shiza is at her house thinking for what and how much sacrifices she has made for Malik Mansoor,she stood by him and also did what he said but he did not care for her and that she was right as he also made her Shella, she thinks of what Shella said to her that he does not care for the respect of women and only wants them as servants.

Haider is thinking of much quickly time has gone by thinking of how much time he has spent with his daughter and he will always remember her cries laughter grief. He thinks of what she once said regarding marriage, he says that her words are like arrows piercing his heart, that if the parents make one mistake in their upbringing then their children do not forgive them.

Shafaq is thinking of hat Sohail said to her regarding the world and how she went to kill her friends, she begins to cry in her room.

Haider is lying on his bed but is not able to sleep so he gets up and sits on the bed but even that does not change his mind so he goes to the lawn and finds Shafaq there, he inquires as to what the matter is and she says that she was getting scared and then he asks her to go and rest.

Shella opens her eyes at the hospital and finds Miss Afzal there, she asks her as to where is William, Miss Afzal says that William was in the hospital all night and Haider was also there, but hearing this then Shella says that if Haider comes again then Miss Afzal must not let him in.

Mansoor assistant says that he has some meetings with the women and there is also a women Rally at which he has to go and it will be better if his wife is with him, hearing this he thinks of what he has done and leaves.

Afaq gets in the room and his wife is coughing simultaneously, he asks her as to what the matter is, but she does not answer and when he touches her he realizes that she has very high fever, but she says that she will not go to the doctor and wants to die. hearing this Afaq asks as to why is she saying this at which she says that she wants to die because he beats her and does not treat her well. but he says that he is going psycho and she says that she wished that she could also go like Shiza as she has left his father.

Shella is lying on the bed when she asks William as to why he will not talk to her, he says that she has kept secrets from him as to their religion and their connection with Haider,he asks her as to what is their relation with Haider and why is he caring for her like some lover, Shella doesnot answer his questions and he leaves.

Shiza opens the door to find Mansoor standing there, he inquires if she’s still angry but she tries to close the door, Mansoor stops her saying that she knows that he never apologized to anyone but has come to her door to apologize but she says that he has only come because he has some hidden agenda but she says that she does not believe what he is saying and she now knows that he does not love her and they have separated their ways and he will get the Divorce papers.

Haider is sitting with the doctor who is saying that she has a tumor in her head and is they do not operate it quickly then her life may be at risk. He comes out and Miss Afzal asks him as to what the doctor said and he says that she has tumor and the doctor wants that they should operate it as soon as possible, he says that he will talk to her by himself but she asks for a minute and when she tells Shella that he wants to meet her she asks her to tell him that she does not want to meet him and he must leave, but he hearing this comes in and asks her as to why is she punishing him but she says that his daughter is telling the truth and she must not come back into his life.
Afaq brings a bowl of water and applies a piece of wet paper on her for head at which she says that he must go to sleep but he says that he will not go anywhere, he starts to cry and when she asks him he says that he remembered a hideous truth of his past and says that when they were little they gave a whole bottle of syrup to their younger sister believing that she will get better but she died and it was because of them.

Haider is praying when Tabassum Aapa comes and asks for the health of Shella at which he says that she has brain tumor and it is at a critical stage, she starts to cry and says to Haider that he wants to meet her.

Mansoor is walking thinking of the notice from Shiza and is thinking of what secrets she has regarding her and she must be taken care off

Noor comes to the hospital and asks for the condition of Shella and starts to talk to her, she says that he went from the hospital yesterday and has not come back at which Noor says that she will find him.

William is standing at the edge of the cliff thinking of the bad decisions he has made and then jumps off but some people bring him out.

Shafaq is lying on the bed when there is a knock on the door and then she opens it at which it is Ruquyya and she asks her is she should bring breakfast at which she says that she is not hungry but the agrees to eat and starts to get ready.

Noor is yelling at William about her mother but he says that she must not talk about her in front of him, at which she gets angry and saying that mother has brain tumour and he must go to her.

Mansoor is sitting in his office when his assistant comes saying that there political position is not strong and there are also some things circulating regarding him and his wife and after hearing this he gets angry.

Shella is on the stretcher being taken to the operation unit when she thanks Haider and Miss Afzal, when she asks for William and suddenly he comes asking for his forgiveness but then he says that he will never talk to her like this.

Wiliam is sitting when he gets a call from father who says that he must come to the workshop as this is his last chance and he will be responsible for the events that follow. But he does not listen to him.

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