Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 10 24th December 2016 Written Update

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 10 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Zain was in office. Hassan comes to call him for meeting, then asks about Mahgul. Hassan finds her mobile off. Zain asks to wait for her for presentation, else he would take care.

At home, Sanam questions Mahgul why she wasn’t picking up the call, she had a meeting. Mahgul cries. Sanam sends Zahir to bring water; Mahgul tells them that no one is ready to get Noor admission. Won’t her child go to school, she has no reply to Noor’s questions of going to school. She asks Zahir if she has done something wrong. Sanam gives her water. Zahir asks her to look into his eyes, then questions if she wasn’t aware of such questions being asked by people. They insist that today he is a child, but tomorrow he himself would ask such questions. Sanam holds her face, and insists that its time to face everything and get answers to all these questions. Mahgul repeats that she can’t break, she has to face these situation and break the shackles chaining her Noor. Zahir assures his side, Sanam affirms they are with her at every step.

The next morning, Zahir brings Hania. Hassan asks about the problem. Zahir says its about Noor’s admission, Mahgul is really worried. Arshi curtly wonders when they would leave them. She goes inside, Hassan apologizes his sons sayings it’s not a woman’s nature to adopt. Zain asks Zahir about Mahgul, Zahir says he never discussed this to him in five years; but if he really cares for Mahgul he must live separately with her. Zain agrees that he is a coward, Mahgul means the same to him but he can’t still accept Noor. Zahir wonders if there is so much pressure of society that they can’t even do what they want to. Hassan says he didn’t talk to Zain, as he must take his own decisions. Zahir tells Hassan he took care of Mahgul, and leaves the table.

Arshi was sitting with Hania, Zahir comes to take her home. Arshi asks if he considered keeping Hania away from Noor; transgenders are never cousins. Zahir forbids her say this in front of him again, he argues with Arshi that time would teach her a lot. Arshi says she is afraid of the day that time teaches Zahir some lesson.
Zain was watching his photos with Mahgul in the room, sitting upset. Arshi comes there. Zain stands up at once, Arshi says he doesn’t need to hide what he is. She wonders till when he will waste his time in her memories. Zain says she hasn’t yet become his memory, she is still life. Arshi qualifies his life won’t move on, and if he doesn’t he would finish up. She is their mother, why they always consider her as their enemy. She is always in trouble watching him like this, he needs to come out of her trance; life has to move on. Zain calms her down, promising that everything would be fine.

Mahgul watches Noor sleeping then sits with a newspaper. She looks inside her books, then comes to office in search of something; looking in directories. She finds a card and was relieved.

In the morning, Savera comes home and calls Babban. She instructs him for a few things before leaving.

In the office, Hassan discuss about the meeting with Zain and Mahgul. Mahgul was absent, Hassan asks why was she lost even during meeting. Hassan sends Zain to his office then asks Mahgul about the problem. Mahgul discuss there is an issue, she would resolve but her mind is only stuck somewhere. Hassan asks about any help for Noor’s education. Mahgul says this is her fight, she won’t use any fake means as this fight is for every child like Noor. Hassan agrees. Mahgul asks for an off from him, she needs to find someone. Hassan allows her to leave now.
At home, Mahgul comes to Noor. He asks f she returned soon. Mahgul asks what’s he playing, Noor says he is creating a school. Mahgul promises that Noor would also learn, and if he won’t the teacher will come home. She gets a call from Savera, she informs Savera that she went to office but returned soon; she needs to find someone. She helps Noor in creating the building of school.

In the way, Arshi warns Hassan about his high blood pressure; as he isn’t that old. Hassan accepts he is aged. Arshi says Zain is wasting his time for someone. Hassan never understands about mothers, who don’t consider a father’s love for children; he is also worried for Zain and Zahir. Arshi inquires why he doesn’t do something. Hassan questions what she has done, except for pressuring them. This is taking them away from her. Arshi insists she will bring Zain out of his loneliness.

Zahir comes to Sanam in the room and stuffs her hand with a gift. Sanam asks what is this childishness, its not her birthday nor their anniversary. Zahir asks if only these are the occasions for gift. Zahir tells Sanam since she came into his life, every day of his life is special; when she called him in the morning she felt stressed so he thought about getting her mood good. Sanam tells him about a strange ring. Zahir puts the ring in her hand, Sanam calls it beautiful. She informs Zahir Mahgul got a solution for Noor’s studies, its someone whom she is looking for now. She recalls meeting a man, who told Mahgul he tries each year to send atleast send six children to school on scholarship. She comes to a school and asks about Mr. Mikaal. The lady says he has no time to come, and might come anytime. She sits to wait for him, then speaks to the children playing there. Mikaal arrives to school, kids run to hug him tight. He takes the children inside, and recognizes Mahgul. He asks for any help, noticing she was tensed. Mahgul says he told her that he teaches children. Mikaal says he actually helps children, Mahgul understands his take and asks for a help from him. She wants him to teach a child because he isn’t getting an admission. Mikaal asks whose child it is, and what is te reason. Mahgul gets teary, and then says it’s her child and issue is that he is neither a boy nor a girl; it’s a transgender. She breaks into cry, Mikaal was silent.

At night, Mikaal thinks about Mahgul’s words. There, Savera asks Mahgul if Mikaal said something, or was only silent. Mahgul agrees she was wrong that he would understand her. Savera was sure she would get someone. Mahgul wonders who would it be. Sanam suggests about giving an ad in newspaper. Savera suggests her to go abroad, Mahgul insists she wants to change the mind set here. Savera was sure God will make some way.

The next morning, Mahgul comes to Mikaal. He apologizes for coming too early. He tells Mahgul he was shocked hearing to her, she considered it a denial but it was not a denial. Mahgul asks what it means. Mikaal was confused wondering how can a woman hold such a burden over herself. Mahgul boasts of Noor as her child, and a mother can do anything for her child. Mikaal assures Mahgul about his side. Mahgul cheers, and thanks Mikaal. He tells Mahgul that money matters a lot, they can get a fake birth certificate of Noor. Mahgul was not ready to hide the truth, she wants to get every such child a right. He won’t take the way of any lie. Mikaal was ready to teach Noor with interest, but discuss they need to chose a curriculum according to Noor’s age. Mahgul wonders if he would be able to take time, Mikaal says if he got the intention, surely he would get time as well. He asks to meet Noor, but Mahgul wanted to discuss to Noor by herself first.

Arshi speaks to her friend. Her friend suggests Arshi about considering Kashmala for Zain and make situations such that he has to marry her.

PRECAP: Zain meets Kashmala, Kashmala shares with mother Sundus about Zain’s impact over her. Sundus says he is married already. There, Mikaal makes a new school for children like Noor. He often meets Mahgul, and compliments her too.

Update Credit to: Niki

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