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Fatima hears Naila scolding Sara and accuses her about loving Haarib herself. Fatima interferes that Sara only loves her father and runs upstairs. Sara stops her in the corridor and scolds her. Fatima apologizes as she dislike Naila and Farhan, Sara locks her in the room.

Shehroze was angry, Haarib tells him to control his anger and think about a way out. Shehroze insists on him to tell Aan about the truth. Haarib forbids Shehroze to call Aan, as Amma at once spot tension over Aan’s face.
Aan gives medicine to Shabnam, and insists on her to take rest. Shabnam was not ready, as it is too early. Shabnam asks if she talked to Farhan, and wonders they didn’t call. She insists on Aan to call Farhan, Farhan watches the call but doesn’t pick up, and instead calls Naila. Aan rings again, Naila tells him to let it go. Shabnam was upset.

Shehroze was annoyed at Sara for trapping Aan. Haarib was also furious over Farhan, Shehroze asks him to call Aan and tell her about the truth. Haarib makes a call to Aan. Shabnam takes the call instantly, thinking it was Naila. Haarib introduces himself, and asks about her medicines. Shabnam assures she did. Haarib tells her to take care of herself and not to take any tension. Shehroze inquires Haarib why is he upset. Haarib says she is waiting for Farhan’s call, and wonders what if even after knowing Farhan’s reality Amma and Aan let go of him; he is afraid what if Aan and Amma also suspect him of being in love with Aan. Shehroze insists on Haarib to listen to his heart and do what he wants to, he will have to regret later. He leaves.

Shabnam speaks to Shaukat’s photo that she has fallen alone after coming here, people here are really fake. Aan comes there with milk, and asks what her father said. Shabnam was upset that he was silent. Aan smiles she never used to let him speak, she complains Shabnam for not listening to anyone. Shabnam confirms if she is forcing Aan into something. Aan laughs that it was only a joke, she then lay to sleep.

At night, Aan comes to balcony. Haarib was walking alone on street when she comes outside. She tells him about her worry for Amma. Haarib advises her to take care of Shabnam well. Aan asks why Haarib doesn’t sleep whole night, she tells him to get to sleep else… Haarib asks what? Aan turns to complain Shabnam about her son then. Haarib stops her. Aan tells Haarib that whole family is afraid of Shabnam’s anger. Ayla spots them from window and heads to go outside. Shehroze wasn’t ready to let her go, Ayla wonders if she should sit back silently and hurries outside.

Aan and Haarib sat silently in the park. Aan asks if he is angry. Haarib says no. Aan wonders why she thinks so? Haarib says he is just tired. Aan calls Farhan as a rude one. Haarib agrees. Aan considers it her luck, her amma engaged her to such a weird person. Haarib insists on her to speak to Amma. Aan tells Haarib its not in her hands. Haarib tells her to never live a situation, accepting its not in her hands. Aan counters that sometimes one has to compromise, but Haarib says these compromises turn a person to loser else she would also repent just like Ayla did.

The nest morning, Ayla was watching Haarib, Fatima and Aan playing in the park. Aan asks Fatima what she wants to share for so long. Fatima says Farhan is a bad person, he was talking lose about her and Haarib both. She hates him and his mother. She tells them that Naila said Haarib is also going to marry Sara. Haarib denies, as Sara is already married. Aan takes Fatima along. Aan brings Fatima home, but she goes to take a round on cycle. Ayla now watches Sara come to Haarib. Sara wanted to speak to Haarib, and says he is so far away from her. Ayla comes downstairs and takes Fatima into her arms. Ayla points at Haarib and Sara, Fatima says that’s her mama. Haarib tells Sara she brought these differences, and they would never be gone after what Sara is doing. Ayla tells Fatima that Sara and Haarib would go far away after getting married, leaving Fatima with her father. Fatima was upset and runs upstairs. Haarib demands Sara about confessing whatever she has been doing. Sara asks him to be clear. Haarib says he is just waiting for the right time.

At home, Fatima calls her father crying. She tells him that Sara is leaving them both, as she is getting married. She confirms her father if he also wants this, he replies he never does but he can’t even stop her. Fatima wonders why is he a coward to tell mama that he loves her, and insists on him to come here.

Aan was working in the kitchen when Fatima comes in. Aan serves her with Kebab, then notices Fatima was crying. Fatima tells Aan about what Ayla said to her. Aan assures that there is nothing like this, she knows about Haarib who loves her lot. She tells her to scold anyone who says this.

Ayla comes behind Sara and Haarib, while Sara was complaining Haarib. Ayla says this is what Haarib is used to. Sara was shocked to see her, Ayla introduces herself as Haarib’s wife. Haarib corrects it was ex-wife. Ayla and Haarib argue, Sara tells them to keep her out but Ayla blames Sara for being responsible about all the differences between them. Haarib calls Ayla insane. Aan comes there with Fatima, Ayla accuses Aan. Aan questions if she asked Ayla to bring up such misunderstandings and take a divorce from him. She asks her to take her Haarib along, Sara and Ayla always accuse her. Haarib isn’t a child, he understands what’s good for him and what not. He can’t live or leave anyone, just on her or her mother’s call. She joins her hands, as she and her mother never thought about Haarib in a bad way. She leaves crying. Fatima accuses Sara and Ayla for making Aan cry and runs towards her. Haarib follow.

Fatima was running across the park and hits a car on road. Haarib, Sara and Ayla come to hospital, holding the injured Fatima. Sara was badly crying. Haarib hurries with the medicines for Fatima. At home, Aan was crying on phone while she speaks to Haarib. Haarib says Fatima is unwell, she should pray for her and take care of Shabnam. Aan cries. Ayla stood behind him apologetic. Haarib shuts her up, she got Aan lose her job, Amma had a heart attack and now Fatima… he is even ashamed to think that Ayla was once his wife. Ayla was left crying. Doctors come to discuss something with Sara and calls Haarib in his room. Sara was crying, Haarib consoles her and takes her to doctor. The doctor tells them about a clot in her head, they would decide about the surgery if she comes to consciousness. He wants Fatima’s father’s signature on a consent form. Haarib clarifies he isn’t her father, the doctor asks them to call her father.

NEXT EPISODE: Fatima’s father comes to hospital. Sara cries in front of Haarib. Farhan misbehaves with Shabnam, Aan tells Shabnam to understand atleast now. Shehroze tells Haarib to marry Aan.

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