Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 17 8th December 2016 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 17 8th December 2016 Written Update Pakistani Dramas Written Updates on

In the morning Haider is saying that he wants to take Shella but she says that she will not go back as she has none there, Haider gives in and says that he will not change his decision because of her and asks her sister to take care of her. He leaves and Shella starts to cry, Tabassum aapa consoles her and asks her to stop crying at which she Shella says that did not she not notice how much her father has changed as he will not even listen to her and does not think of her but then her uncle says that she must not get emotional as matters can be solved by consulting. She asks her aunt to help but she says that she cannot help her and doesn’t want to.

Mansoor says that he is thinking of going to the cm house and she brought him here to which Shiza says that they had to come here and then Mansoor says that this Scandal will prove to be very difficult them but then Shiza says asks as to who had the photos to which he says that he killed the reporter and then says that Sohail proved to be a traitor as he trusted him unconditionally and now he will go to kill him himself.

Shiza gets a call from someone and says that the one who showed his pictures the name of this guy is Asif, then he asks if she can find what is the connection between them.

The girl says that William has goes somewhere and has even locked his door, the rest of her friends say that he will not come but the girl says that they must give her a chance as she will talk to him and sort this matter herself.
William is standing in front of the priest wh is very angry at him for even thinking of acting in the play he says to William that he wants him to preach the massage of god and he wants to act in a play at which William excuses himself and when the father leaves he dry’s his tears.

Shella is sitting with Haider and asks him the whereabouts of Shella at which he says that she is in Hyderabad with Tabassum aapa, Shella says that she is angry with him because of her but he says that he wants to make up for his mistakes which confuses Shella and she asks him as to what he has in mind as she does not understand what he wants to say.

He says that he wants to have a nikkah with her and give her his name as she has suffered a lot and he will protect her from now on, Shella says that it is not as easy as he thinks because their children are now elders and it will be more difficult but he syas that he will take her back to her home and the home of her father. He says that he also has another surprise for her which he will share with her after some time.

Afaq is in the bed with Saher and she asks him if he has tried to reach out to his father but he says that he does not want to even think of him, Saher gets shocked and inquires for the reason to which he says hat there is not love between them and his father always did bad with anyone and always beat his mother ad flirted with Shiza at which she gets embarrassed and says that she said a lot of bad things about his mother and asks for his forgiveness at which he says that whenever he tries to come near her he always remember his mother and the things which he did to her and this made him angry and he took the frustration out on her and he sorry for that but he was not able to control it.

Shella is sitting and thinking as to how will William understand it and go with her and Haider to the haveli she decides to call him but he declines the call and when she again calls her picks up and she asks for his forgievness but he says that he cannt understand and talk with her. Shella calls Haider saying that William is angry with her and she doesnot understand what to do. Haider asks her to calm down as he will talk to William.

Shella is in the room packing her stuff when Tabassum aapa comes and says that she has set the table for breakfast but she says that’s eh already ate the breakfast at which point Tabassum aapa says that she is angry with them for not helping her and she says yes but she is going home only to stop the woman from entering and destroying he house.

Shafaq is in her room when Ruquyya comes with some fruits and asks her to eat them as Haider Bhai said to take great care of her at which she asks the reason but Ruquyya says that she must ask this from Hadier then Shafaq asks for something to read as she is getting bored.

William is being followed by Noor who is requesting him to do the role but he says that he has not got the permission from father at which she taunts him saying that does he do all his work with the instructions of father at which he gets angry, Noor says that she told all her friends that he will come and if decline then she will leave collage.

Shafaq is reading the newspapers when she reads some article and decides to call Haider asking him to come to the Haveli right away as she wants to talk to him about something and he agrees to come.

Asif goes to Sohail saying that he is in danger as Mansoor’s men are looking for him at any and every place but he has tried to hide and the he says that they will find him, Sohail says that he will also try to kill him but he will do everything possible to hide.

Haider is sitting with Shafaq and understands the matter and agrees to help but says to her that this matter is not easy as it seems and he will do everything that he can for the boy.

Shella is packing her stuff when Miss Afzal comes and says that she has started packing the same day she handed the resignation at which Shella says that she will do it bit it bit as she has a lot of stuff. She asks Shella the reason for resignation at which she says that she plans to go her village as she has some relatives.

Haider comes home and sees Shella sitting he says that he is happy at her return but she says that she will not let that women come into her house to which he says that she herself introduced her as Miss peter of the collage as a very good teacher to which she says that she was good before she came ito his life.

William is standing with the friends of noor when she comes and is amazed to see him and they do not let him go but he asks as to who will be the princess but he wants it to be Noor.

Haider is talking with Sohail and says that Shafaq is well and he will try all that he can to help him also and he must believe in God and keep calm.
Shiza is sitting with Mansoor and says that he will again prove himself innocent and get out of this matter but then he says that no one can defeat him. she asks the reason to which he says that only those can be defeated who have an owner but then she asks that does he fear his master.

Shella is sitting on the table eating but when she hears about where Haider will eat she gets mad and leaves the table.

William is sitting and having lunch with Noor saying that he is only doing this role because of her and otherwise he would not have accepted it. they start talking and the she asks him about what he does when he has to make a decision to which he says that he leaves it on time.

Haider is sitting with Shella and says that he brought the ring twenty years back when he wanted to marry her.

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