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Haarib drove upset while thinking about Aan. He reaches home in frustration and calls Shehroze. Shehroze was concerned, Haarib says Ayla is crossing her limits. Shehroze tries to relax him as they can speak about it. At Shehroze’s place, Haarib asks Shehroze what is Aan’s mistake in all this. Shehroze asks him to take a seat, but Haarib doesn’t agree. Shehroze says he didn’t realize Ayla would go to such an extent. Haarib says Aan lost her job when she was about to get married, Shehroze is supporting Ayla and must tell her to control herself.

At home, Shabnam was cleaning around, thinking about hiding al photos of Shaukat Qureshi. She watches him standing in the other room, and asks if Aan seems happy to her. Aan was going home through rickshaw.

There, Shehroze questions Ayla if she still thinks herself as innocent. Aan isn’t the culprit; she is only a neighbor to Haarib. Shehroze says Haarib wants to marry Sara, not Aan. He tells Ayla that Aan is engaged and if she neglects Sara like this she would marry Haarib. Ayla apologizes that it was only her anger. Shehroze tells her to understand she is mistaken in her craziness. Ayla says a sorry to Shehroze, and asks him to get seated. She requests him for a help, and make her meet Sara. She wants to see Sara. Shehroze says she must make her meet Sara, to spare Aan from her.

Shabnam opens the door to Aan, and tells Aan she cleaned all the house today. Aan tells Shabnam there is some renovation work going on in bank. She tells Shabnam to have dinner; she isn’t hungry and has already eaten. She comes to washroom and tears her termination letter, flushing it out then cries hard.

In the kitchen, Aan denies having food. She tells Aan that Nabeela called her to take Aan out for picnic and she agreed. Aan says she is really tired, and there are some problems in office as well. Shabnam tells her to get ready, then requests her to have a bite. Aan was upset watching this.

The lawyer speaks to Haarib who can be his enemy like this. Haarib says they are both aware who can be responsible, but right now they need to save the respect of an innocent girl. The lawyer asks Haarib to send the proofs to him.

Shehroze comes to meet Sara with Ayla, and introduces Ayla as Ayesha. Shehroze asks Sara about her relation with Haarib. Sara says they are restless to get married. Ayla says she saw Haarib with some other girl. Sara says she is Aan, Haarib’s neighbor and her cousin’s fiancé.

Outside the cinema, Farhan asks Aan if she liked movie. Aan says she doesn’t like movies. Farhan tells her he loves her. Aan asks if he isn’t a peaceful person. Farhan comments her memory is really strong, then speaks to Aan about her future planning. He asks Aan to get a house, they would live in a separate house. Aan speaks to Farhan that she wants to live with her amma, there is no one to take care of her. She was worried and asks Farhan to understand. Farhan calms her down and was concerned about the society. Aan says she doesn’t care about society. Farhan gets to order something.

The lawyer shows Haarib the complaint notice to Aan’s bank. Haarib wish its result comes to be positive. Ayla was watching photos with Haarib and Aan. Shehroze confirms if she trusts Haarib and Sara’s relation. Shehroze asks Ayla if she still loves Haarib, Ayla says she hates Haarib badly. She will leave only when Haarib is as lonely as she is. Shehroze tells Ayla that Aan was really innocent. He then watches the photos of Haarib and Aan together on the laptop as Ayla goes to get something to eat.

Aan was crying in bed and disconnects the call on mobile. It rings again. She tells Haarib to stop calling her, she doesn’t want to lose her left over respect. Haarib says he wants to repay, and will solve the matter. He never wants her to be disgrace, its Allah who keeps respects. Haarib was sure the management would apologize her for trusting photoshop photos. He is trying to get original photos. He says it’s too much to ask, but she should manage not to tell Amma. He can’t afford she gets this tension.

The next morning, Aan hurries to leave as Amma prepares breakfast for her. Aan hurries towards the breakfast while Amma keeps on stopping her. Amma takes the breakfast and heads towards the park. Aan teaches the children in orphanage. At home, Amma watches Aan’s lunchbox and calls Aan’s phone, she wasn’t picking the call up. She then dials bank’s number and asks to speak to Aan. The lady says Aan isn’t in office; Shabnam was worried where she has gone. Shabnam was confused. The lady tells her Aan was terminated from her job yesterday. Shabnam was taken aback, and walks with the support of a wall. She was upset and tries Aan’s number, worried for her safety. She comes out of the house and goes calling Haarib. Haarib smiles at Shabnam’s call, but Shabnam had already fallen on the floor. Haarib was worried and reaches hospital where Shabnam was being treated. The doctor asks him not to disturb them she is very critical. Haarib asks what happened to her, the doctor replies its heart attack. Aan comes to hospital and looks towards Haarib with questioning eyes. Haarib asks where she was, and why she didn’t tell Shabnam about the truth. Aan says she didn’t tell Shabnam. Haarib shows her the missed calls, and asks why she didn’t pick up the call. Aan begins to cry as she didn’t tell Amma about anything and hugs Haarib. Haarib apologizes for accusing her pointlessly.

Farhan and Nabeela had arrived. Farhan drops the bouquet. Haarib leaves Aan, while Farhan leaves the hospital in rage. Nabeela goes behind Farhan. Haarib hears their conversation. Farhan was enraged, and says he hates such women who have affairs before marriage. He only divorced Kiran because she has premarital affair. Nabeela asks him to think about his future, after Shabnam’s death they will own the whole property of Aan. They shouldn’t leave the opportunity. Shehroze had also arrived at the hospital, and asks Haarib about Shabnam. He asks Haarib who were they, Haarib says Aan and Shabnam are again a target of Sara’s hatred and this time also, he is responsible. He tells Shehroze this guy is Aan’s fiancé. Shehroze says Aan has a right to know the truth. Haarib agrees, then wonders how can he speak to Shabnam about it in such a time. Shehroze assures Haarib about handling the matter. He was in a disbelief that Sara is also in plannings like Ayla, Sara always say they are about to marry. Haarib negates any such stories. Shehroze tells Haarib to spend as much time with Aan and Shabnam as needed, he will take care of everything else.

Nabeela asks Aan if Shabnam is conscious. Aan cries saying Haarib spoke to doctors. Farhan taunts that Haarib is closer than needed. Nabeela warns him to behave himself, and must realize what to say and when. Aan advices her to be careful, especially in public places after all Farhan is her fiancée. She takes Farhan aside. In the waiting area, they all were seated. Doctors come to inform Haarib she is out of danger. Haarib requests to make her well, they can take her anywhere in the world to get treated. The doctor assures they have all the facilities, but is out of danger. The doctor forbids them to discuss any problem with her, she shouldn’t get any shock. Haarib weeps thankfully. Aan looks towards him, then at Farhan then smiles at Haarib.

PRECAP: Haarib takes care of Shabnam and Aan. Haarib was ready to throw the unwanted people out of his life. Aan tells Ayla that she is the reason to bring her and Haarib close. Farhan comes to deter Aan and Haarib to meet, and grabs Haarib’s collar.

Update Credit to: Niki

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