Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 7 3rd December 2016 Written Update

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 7 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Arshi tells Savera she could never understand her. Savera says she is only respecting her because she is standing in her house. Arshi considers Mahgul as her brought up, and asks her to tell Mahgul leave that transgender where he belongs. Savera tells Arshi to solve her matters by herself; she doesn’t want her to create any drama at her house anymore.

Hassan asks Mahgul if she is angry with him. Mahgul asks if she can be angry with him. Mahgul complains that everyone is angry at her. He takes Mahgul to talk to each other, he says he knows her well and she thinks well before taking any step. She always sees all points of a matter, and must have thoughtfully taken the step. He knew her answer, she must have questioned herself and she has no answers; he is only afraid if she is confused. Mahgul clarifies she isn’t confused, she thought a lot and couldn’t really find an answer; what she only know is that she is a mother and can’t punish her child this way. Hassan says she has no answer; she isn’t confused either then… Mahgul says she is only afraid to walk the path no one ever did, no one is there with her to walk in any situation; she doesn’t even know its destination. Hassan asks what if there is no way and has to return. Mahgul was ready to wander in search of any way with her child. Tears fell off her eyes while she tells Hassan there is no question of returning; then holds his hand and takes the milk.

Mahgul was in her room when Arshi comes in and says she never realized Mahgul is stubborn as well. She has forgotten Zain didn’t return home all night, doesn’t she care. Mahgul doesn’t respond, Arshi was angry that she isn’t a stray dog that isn’t getting any attention. She questions what Mahgul wants. She taunts that Mahgul will now have to hear the claps of transgenders all her life. Mahgul boasts she will make her child reach positions where people will clap for him. She will only leave this house with her own wish, as its her legal right to stay in this house with her child.

Zahir asks Zain why is he trying to find the solution to his problems alone. Zain tells Zahir there is no way outside. Zahir asks him to trust Allah. Zain was hopeless. Zahir says the future is in his hand, of himself, Mahgul and his child. Zain wasn’t ready to own the child, and questions what if it was Zahir’s child. Zahir says he shouldn’t have left Mahgul alone atleast, she took a decision for herself and his ego was hurt this way.

Hassan and Savera sat in the restaurant. Savera wonders what they must do to solve the matter. Hassan says the issue has already been ruined, he himself is confused. Both Zain and Mahi seem right in their own places. Savera confirms if Mahgul is right. Hassan says at heart he considers Mahgul right, they have no solution to the matter and Zain and Mahgul must decide something about it. Savera agrees.

Zain ignores Mahgul’s call on his way. A transgender comes to beg him, Zain comes out and beat him badly then cries in the car.

At home, Arshi questions Zain where he had been all night long. Zain says Zahir must have told her about his whereabouts. Arshi asks why is he punishing himself. Zain says he has been punished already. Arshi accuses Mahgul, Zain says its not even her fault. Arshi tells him to announce the decision, either she leaves the child or he would leave her. Zain wasn’t ready to leave Mahgul. Arshi tells him to get rid of the child. Zain says this is the confusion, she is a mother and he can’t pressurize her. Arshi asks him to think about his family, how they would face people.

In the room, Mahgul was sleeping with baby. She wakes up to find Zain sleeping on the couch.
On breakfast table, everyone except Arshi was tensed. Mahgul comes for breakfast. Hassan offers her to join them, and calls Zain inside to speak to him. Arshi asks her to speak in front of everyone, why brainwash separately. Hassan sends Zain inside. In the room, Mahgul says Zain is also thinking like her, the difference is that he is still confused. He feels disgusted watching their child, and is bitter about him. She thought their child would strengthen their relation. Zain asks her to be clear. Mahgul says this is a riddle and she has got it answered, it is bitter. She loves him dearly, and would always love him; he loves her too as well. Its just that their thinking is different; although no one is wrong. She has taken a decision for her children, while he has taken it for the society. Zain asks isn’t she afraid of society, Mahgul replies she was but isn’t anymore. She isn’t a mother, she can’t be afraid; this child has provided her heaven beneath her foot. Zain says Mahgul can’t do anything alone, Mahgul was sure her child is there and may be Zain is there with her one day. Zain replies he can’t promise anything. Mahgul cries, saying she doesn’t demand him any promise. Zain asks what she wants, she says she decided to leave his life. Zain was taken aback, and asks if she is divorcing him. Mahgul says she doesn’t want a divorce. Zain was tensed. Mahgul clarifies she doesn’t want a divorce, but she can see his is being hurt in his presence. She doesn’t want to hurt Zain. Zain asks her to leave him, they will have other children. Mahgul stops Zain at once, she will try her best that she can make a place for their child. She understands the pressure of society he is facing. Its better for everyone’s specially his peace that she goes away with her child; she will still wait for change of his thinking. At night, Mahgul gets in the car. Hassan taps Arshi’s shoulder as they watch through their room. Zain stood in the balcony.

The next morning, Arshi comes to Hassan asking why he is upset. She complains he is never on her side. Hassan forbids her to show this reaction to Zain, he is hurt and needs time to compose himself. Arshi agrees but she doesn’t want any upset environment in her house. He leaves for office, as Zain and Mahgul aren’t coming these days. Arshi suggests him to get used to working without Mahgul.

At home, Savera enforced a smile. Mahgul forbids her to force a fake smile. Savera asks if he didn’t stop her. Mahgul says he did, but without her child. Savera asks if she can give him respect. She minds Mahgul when she left her father Mahgul was her courage, can her child become her courage. Mahgul was ready to live for her child. She won’t divorce Zain, but can not be sure of Zain. She confirms Savera is she with her; else she can live somewhere else. Savera assures her side to Mahgul.

Arshi stops Sanam in the way and asks if she is in a hurry. She asks if Mahgul has forgotten something here. Sanam was clueless. Arshi says she heard Mahgul even breathes with Sanam’s consent, Zahir hears their conversation. Arshi tells Sanam Mahgul has left the house, she can live without Zain but not the child. Mahgul is no more here, and Sanam shouldn’t visit this place anymore. Sanam was disgusted at Arshi and leave. Zahir follows her outside, feeling helpless about Arshi. He stops Sanam outside, and excuse her because of Arshi. Sanam was angry that his mother is fond of hurting others. She leaves to go to Mahgul. Arshi watches this and goes inside.

At home, Sanam was angry at Mahgul for not informing her about her decision. Mahgul only stared at her, and asks about her phone. Sanam says she forgot in office. Mahgul says there were atleast 12 missed calls and more than 38 messages. Sanam was angry about Arshi and asks why she didn’t discuss this matter. Mahgul says Zain wasn’t ready to accept him; she parted away from him because of her thinking. Sanam holds the baby, then asks Mahgul for a name for the baby. Mahgul wonders what they should name him.

NEXT EPISODE: Mahgul comes to office to continue her job. Zahir proposes Sanam. Arshi wasn’t ready to accept Mahgul again at home. Mahgul wakes up with a night mare in which Bubbly shouted at her, that she can’t bring him up well.

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