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Shehrnaz tells Naseer not to go to shop anymore, she can’t see him insulted anymore. She confirms if Naseer doesn’t trust Shehrnaaz. Naseer says he shouldn’t have told her, as she is always angry. Shehrnaz murmurs Sherry also says this.

In the university, Shehrnaz was worried and shares with Ainee about her monetary issues, and wish to get some job. Ainee suggests to share it with Sherry, Shehrnaz was angry at once saying she can never bear anyone take pity over her. Shehrnaz looks towards a group of girls who either come in branded clothes, and when not in mood they leave the lecture and go for a hang out. The group comes to offer them hangout and treat. Shehrnaz angrily says she will give a treat this time. In the restaurant, Ainee scolds Shehrnaz but she comes to order icecream for everyone.
Naseer comes to apologizes Laila who forgives him.

At home, Sherry’s mother instructs the maid for sweet dish. Hina’s mother comes to join her, and discuss about Sherry’s wedding. His mother says they didn’t like any girl from so many proposals. Hina’s mother was sure to find a worthy girl for Sherry.

At the restaurant, the waiter informs Shehrnaz that her bills have already been paid. Shehrnaz stands up to see it was KK. Shehrnaz comes to KK and asks what he thinks of himself, if he thought they can’t pay their bills; she throws the money at KK and leave. KK tells his guest it was a misunderstanding. Shehrnaz leaves.
At night, Shehrnaz lay in bed thinking one day she will be rich. Future belongs to her, where time will be her slave. She turns the music on, and enjoys it. The next morning, Ainee was reading the newspaper and see a beauty contest advertisement.

In the campus, Sara asks Sherry if he is really innocent or makes up to be. He says she jokes well. Sara gets serious. She then asks about Shehrnaz, Sherry says he and Shehrnaz are just friends. Sara taunts he is mostly around Shehrnaz. Sherry was irritated about her discussion of Shehrnaz, she wants to be an actress and he sometimes motivates her. He was annoyed that he doesn’t concern what she feels. Sara apologizes for ruining his mood, and smiles as he speaks to her.

At home, Shehrnaz was irritated at continuous knocking of Ainee. Ainee gives her the news about beauty contest. Ainee says there would be biggies from fashion industry there. Shehrnaz was reluctant to go out of city for 15 days; and worried about her expenses. Ainee motivates her to go, as they would bear the expenditures. Shehrnaz was then worried about Baba’s permission, Ainee was upset that Shehrnaz always lose chances out of liabilities. She forces Shehrnaz to speak to Baba, as she might not get such a chance again. Shehrnaz looks towards her with determination.

At the campus, Sherry was angry at Shehrnaz and insists there are other things important in life as well. Shehrnaz says her career is the most important for her, she wants him to be his strength as she wants to move forward with him. She says she is informing him about her participation in a contest for which she is leaving the city; she needs him. Sherry holds her hand, and asks if she is going there alone. Shehrnaz insists she isn’t a child, and can take care of herself. Sherry says she is mistaken. Shehrnaz says he is jealous of her, as she would be future star. Sherry warns that pride isn’t good thing. Shehrnaz says she is practical, he doesn’t realize what a heroine charge for a film.

Naseer and Ainee bid farewell to Shehrnaz at the bus station.

In the campus, Sherry spends time with Sara.

Shehrnaz smiles while sitting alone in the bus.

It was night, Shehrnaz tells Ainee she is at a good rest house. She has already spoken to Naseer, and has told him she will come after winning. Sherry finds Shehrnaz’s phone busy. He disconnects. Shehrnaz asks Ainee to let her speak to Sherry and dials his number. Sherry was angry and disconnects the call. He then calls Sara. Shehrnaz try calling Sherry again, Sherry watches the interrupting call and thinks his turn was the last; he doesn’t care for her anymore and speaks to Sara. Shehrnaz dials Ainee’s number again and tells her that Sherry isn’t taking her calls. Ainee says he must only be teasing her; Shehrnaz should only focus on winning the contest now. Sherry takes Shehrnaz’s call now who complains why his number was busy. She inquires whose call was it, he asks if it’s important to share everything. He avoids her saying he is really tired. Shehrnaz thinks he would get fine in a while.

The next morning, Sara tells Sherry her dad suggested that day may be she got a good friend at university and stays happy. She introduces him to her father who gives his card to Sherry as well. A friend comes to see the card and asks if this man was Mehroze Hassan. Mehroze asks Sara about Sherry and smiles teasing her. The friend tells Sherry he is the owner of Mehroze group of textiles and Sara is his lone daughter; it’s a lottery for him. Sara is worth being related to. Sherry doesn’t understand, but his friend insists on him to think about his family and himself. Sara is a gem of a person.

Shehrnaz was working out in gym. Sherry compliments Sara in the restaurant and shares his love with her. He proposes her saying he and his family wants to meet Mehroze and invites him. Sara assures he would be there soon. Shehrnaz calls Naseer and cheers hearing his voice. Naseer says he is really upset without her; he was worried about her and asks for her preparations. He advises her to work hard, and get the best. Shehrnaz tells him to take care of himself. He takes a leave for shop.

At Sherry’s home, Mehroze and Sara were guests. Sherry’s mother introduces Mehroze with Minhas, younger of Sherry. Sherry’s father confirms the proposal. Sherry watches Hina upset.
In the contest, Shehrnaz takes different competitions.

Sherry was texting Sara when Hina comes to his room and questions what if Shehrnaz comes to know about his engagement with Sara? Sherry asks then what, an only ring doesn’t create relations. Sherry was irritated about Shehrnaz’s name, and considers that ring a mistake. He gets Sara’s call.

Shehrnaz was getting ready for the contest for the first day of beauty contest. The contestants introduce themselves and come for a ramp walk.

The engagement ceremony of Sara and Sherry take place.

Shehrnaz does the best solo ramp walk.

NEXT EPISODE: The judge asks Shehrnaz about defining woman in one world. Shehrnaz replies, woman is the beauty in the universe. Sherry and Sara were on a drive together. Shehrnaz was announced as the winner of beauty contest.

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