Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 16 1st December 2016 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 16 1st December 2016 Written Update Pakistani Dramas Written Updates on

Haider and Shella are both having where she asks him as to what he wants to ask he says that he wants it ask about those children who she left and married a non-Muslim, she says that she doesnot know anything of them and he says that how cruel can she be but she says that she was cruel only because he did not accept her love. She says that she made some mistakes but he says that it is a huge sin, she says that there is something a little more tense in her life right now as her son William wants to become a padre at which he says that she has destroyed everything in her life.he says that she has not thought of her children even once when she was leaving because if she now sees her children then she will understand as to how they have lived. He says that she married a non-Muslim knowing that she is not supposed to because everyone has some purpose in life and they are forced to fulfil it and she must understand as to what he will do.

In the morning some students are thinking of what they will do at the party and say that if that if they perform it then their class will win the first prise and they are in a query as to who would do the role of prince and they see William but then one of them says that he will not do it as he is a religious person.

Haider is talking to Shella saying that he will make everything right but she says that it is too late and he cannot do anything but Haider begs her to give him a chance as he is no longer bound by any limits and will do anything for her, his daughter hears it and goes away angrily, Haider puts down the phone and goes to his daughter.

He says that she is taking it all wrong but she says that he is having an affair, Haider hearing this gets angry and says that he didnot think that she would think of him like this but then she says that she herself heard him and he says that he will not present any sort of explanation to him and eaves.
Shella is sitting in her room and trying to call Haider and William and thinking of the moments she spent with Haider and how colorful her life was and what has it become.

Haider is thinking of what Shella said to him regarding what he had done to her and also what his own daughter said to him and is amazed what she thinks of him.

Shella is sitting in her room and thinking of what to do and then hers the sound of Azzan and starts to pray then when she is praying William enters and is angered to see her praying.

William hears a knock on the door and goes to open it only to find that it is a girl who barges in and then starts complementing his room but he doesnot understand the purpose of her coming into the room to which she says that there is a party at their collage and they would like that he perform the role of Prince but he says that he is not interested however the girl would not take no for an answer and says that she will remain in his room until her accepts her proposal to which he is forced to take a decision and he says that he will think about it and let her know.

She goes out to sit with her friends and says to them that he is a very simple guy and wold not take part, hearing this they all get confused as to then who would do the act after which she calms them that he said he will think about it.

Haider comes and sits at the table asking the servant as o why did Shella not come to the table to which he says that she did not come out of her room and he then asks the servant to go and check after which when he comes back he says that she is nowhere to be found in the house and then he says that he will look into it.

Tabassum aapa is sitting with her Husband saying that she is missing Haider and would like to meet them to which he answers that she can go if she likes and she says that she will go when he goes to visits their daughter to her university to which he says that he will go in a week, they both continue their work when he sees Shella and they both greet her after which Tabassum appa asks her the reason for coming and why did Haider not come. She then asks her if she would like to eat something or wants to rest, Shella says that she is tired and so Tabassum aapa takes her inside.

Afaq is talking to someone on the phone and is making a plan to meet someone and also asks her when they will get married but then they start a fight when shiza comes and stops them when Afaq says to her that she is the reason his mother was forced to leave them but then he walks out and Mansoor says that if he does anything like it again then he will throw him out of the house, Afaq says that he can if he wants to because he already did it to Shafaq
Shafaq comes and sits where Ruquyya is sitting and starts to ask her questions regarding Shella to which she says that her mother was not like this and she was forced to leave the house and go somewhere else, she then asks her

Tabassum aapa is sitting with Shella asking as to what the matter is and she says that her father is no longer the same and he is having an affair, Tabassum aapa does not believe her and when she asks as to who she is she gets the name of Shella and amazed to hear it inquiring if she is alive. Shella says that she wats to hear about that woman and then Tabassum aapa says that Haider loved her but he was not abe to get her so he sacrificed his love for baba jaan and then requests her to let go of this matter.

Haider is driving when he gets a call frm Shela who asks him if he is angry with her but he says that he was busy otherwise there is no matter. She then says that William is angry with her but Haider says that he will come and take a look at this matter.

Tabassum aapa is standing with Shella and requesting her not to stand in the way of the happiness of his father but she says that she does not want this and will not accept that woman in her life after this she leaves.

Haider s sitting with Tabassum aapa and asks if she said anything to them to which Tabassum aapa says that she is being possessive and will calm down, Haider says that he does not understand. Haider says that it is not the way but then Tabassum aapa asks him to calm down and rest.

Afaq and his wife come out to the dropping of a cup to see Mansoor angry threathing to kill anyone who did this, he gets angry at Afaq and then Shiza takes him in the room. Afaq picks up the paper and reads it then understanding as to what the matter is, his wife asks him and he says that his father killed his secretary two years ago and there is a news of it in the paper that will destroy his career.

Haider is sitting and asks Shella as to what the matter is and why did she leave the house to which she says that he is having an affair but he says that she does not know about it so she must not get involved in it but Haider says that he will have a nikkah with her and give her his name which he was not able to give before but then his daughter says that she will not go to that house if that is the case and leaves.

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