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Sara offers something to Haarib at home. Haarib says he is hungry, what she can cook for him. Sara happily goes to cook for him. Haarib comes to kitchen and compliments she looks good while cooking. Sara asks how his mood is so good. He asks about Fatima, Sara says it’s her friend’s birthday. Sara offers to cook the meal, Haarib doesn’t like bothering others. Sara remember they used to force him bunk the classes of a teacher who liked him. She recall complaining about Miss Shaheen and then got her terminated. Harib curtly asks if this is what she has been doing to Aan as well, why she brought her proposal without discussing with him and he wants to meet that cousin. Sara says she can’t take him there, as she doesn’t consider it right. He must first decide, if he is really a son of Shabnam, a brother or a neighbor. Haarib leaves.

At night, Aan asks Shabnam when she would hide her family, won’t she invite their family in her wedding. Shabnam considers them worthless. Aan says she doesn’t want to marry leaving her family behind. Shabnam tells her to marry Khurram then. Aan was upset about Shabnam’s odd behavior with Shama that she complained on call. She insists on telling the truth to everyone. Shabnam gets dizzy at once; Aan helps her and give her water. Aan was worried and goes to call doctor.

There, Shama cries in front of her brother. Her husband laughs at her. Khurram was hearing this. Shama cursed Shabnam and Aan and breaks her relation with Aan.

The doctor says Shabnam’s BP was high, and writes some medicines. She asks Shabnam if she took some tension, then instructs Aan to take great care of her. Aan agrees to any of Shabnam’s decisions. Shabnam hugs and kisses her.
Sara calls her aunt. Nyla. She suggests her to get the engagement done soon, should she speak to Shabnam. Sara tells her to come with Farhan tomorrow. The engagement ceremony takes place at Aan’s home. Sara takes photos. Shabnam says they hadn’t informed her, she didn’t arrange for anything and not even a function. She had an objection that Aan and Farhan didn’t get to a chance to meet. Sara takes them for dinner to club, Nyla insists this dinner would be from them.

Nyla asks Shabnam to let Aan and Farhan talk to each other separately. Aan was reluctant then goes with Farhan. Farhan likes the peace of society. Aan asks if he likes silence. He says he likes peace. Aan gets thoughtful, he inquires but she denies. Farhan confirms if she is happy about this decision. Aan says it was so hurried. Farhan considers it a divine decision. Aan says this is a strange feeling, she is wearing the ring before meeting him. Farhan says if they were living twenty years ago, she must be saying this after wedding. Aan smiles. Farhan was relieved, as he thought she didn’t know to smile. He wishes he could have met her earlier, she must have been his wife then. Haarib watches them speak to each other, while passing by. Aan introduces him to Farhan.

Haarib comes to club with them. Shabnam introduces Nyla to Haarib. Nyla says she heard a lot from Sara about Haarib. Sara interrupts, and shows the engagement ring in Aan’s hand to Haarib. Shabnam explains Nyla did this is such hurry. Haarib was restless, and slaps a glass of water after gulping it.

It was night, Aan stood with candle when Haarib comes there. She asks where he had been for so any days, they brought food for him too. Haarib forbids her come here this way, she is engaged to someone else and he doesn’t want people to think bad for her. He leaves, Aan follows him across the street. Ayla watches her calling down the street. Aan finally stops Haarib, Haarib says his fiancé wouldn’t like this. Aan says she can’t leave her friend alone. Haarib says she has left him alone. Ayla takes their shot together. Haarib tells Aan he is left alone, left with nothing; he thought he got a family in her but he couldn’t understand about it in time. Haarib says feelings aren’t narrated. Aan was confused what she doesn’t understand. Haarib tells Aan he loves her, he can’t live silent anymore. Aan was shocked, taken aback.

Ayla calls a friend of her who was a media reporter. Ayla tells her about Haarib cheating her, and her divorce. Ayla asks her friend about help, and forwards Haarib’s photo to her.

Haarib and Aan separately sat alone. Shabnam comes out, and notices Aan to be worried for some reason. Aan denies being worried. Shabnam was happy about Farhan’s proposal, she had wished for such a husband for Aan only. Aan tells Shabnam to get to sleep now.

Ayla smiles watching the news being created by her friend, at home. The next morning, Aan gets a call from her boss and goes to his office. There, Haarib opens the laptop and was shocked to see a photoshopped photo of him with Aan. Aan’s boss questions her about the news, she denies calling it a lie. The manager suspends Aan as this is about their bank’s reputation. Aan denies being in these photos and cries; but was helpless. She tries to convince the manager, but the decision had been taken. Haarib sat taken aback in his seat. She returns from job and calls Haarib. Haarib confirms if she is fine, what has happened. Aan cries that nothing has left. Haarib hears car rush behind her, and asks where she is. Aan questions what she would do meeting him, but Haarib tells her to stay where she is.

In the restaurant, Haarib offers Aan a seat. Aan was upset that she lost her mother’s earned respect. She wonders how she would face her mother. Haarib was speechless; he only apologizes her and was ready to accept any punishment she has to offer. Aan cries holding her head. Haarib assures she is educated and may get a number of jobs around. Aan says this isn’t as easy and leaves.

NEXT EPISODE: Shehroze introduces Ayla to Sara, Sara assures she is marrying Haarib soon. Shabnam gets a heart attack, Haarib and Aan cry in hospital. Nyla was greedy of Shabnam’s property after she dies.

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