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In the morning, Mahgul smiles watching a mother play with her child in the park. She walks towards them, the child was disabled. Mahgul asks isn’t it difficult to bring up a special child, the lady replies that a mother can do anything. She asks if he is by birth like this, the lady says he was special before birth and doctors suggested to abort; but she couldn’t get peace this way. She has been granted this place of a mother; it’s her responsibility and not hopelessness. She says Mahgul would understand when she will have her own children. Mahgul comes to meet the child and leaves.

In the office, everyone come to condolences to Zain. He comes to his office.

Sanam was practicing her psychiatry. She greets Mahgul at the office. Mahgul says she needs professional counseling. Sanam opens her diary, and asks Mahgul to speak. Mahgul says she had a child, he isn’t normal; neither a boy nor a girl. She was just absorbing the fact, when her husband took her to a transgender and asked her to hand him over. Sanam confirms if he asked her, or took her consent. Mahgul replies no one asked her about anything, nor was she let to think about it. She was told to tell everyone her child is dead, but he isn’t dead. She never lied in her life, she always stood against stereotypes. The social stereotypes she has been fighting whole life, has become a question today. Why can’t she opt a child that’s hers. Zain is afraid of society, but she isn’t afraid; she doesn’t need anyone’s acceptance and can take care of her child. Sanam suggests accepting then, but mind that it’s the toughest of the paths and as an after effect what if her husband doesn’t accept. Mahgul agrees their difference of opinions will part their ways. Sanam confirms if she can live without Zain. Mahgul says the toughest would be to live without her child. Sanam clutches her hand.

In the way, Mahgul informs Savera she got a reply to her questions and is going to take her child back.
Bubbly offers them tea. Mahgul asks her child back, and Bubbly can’t say a no because he is her blood. Bubbly goes inside, dancing in celebration then laughs hysterically. She asks if they wonder she has gone crazy, so yes she has; out of happiness. She says she won’t keep him here, he isn’t her child; they have only seen children come here. This time she was heard today. Mahgul cries in elation, Sanam hugs her. Mahgul goes to take the baby into her arms. Bubbly advices Mahgul not to bring him back here. Mahgul promises, she would die but won’t send him here. Bubbly warns this is really difficult, but it would break the chains of social norms and new thinking rise resultantly. Sanam was thankful to Bubbly while leaving, Bubbly cries watching her empty hands.

Arshi was sitting with her friends, accepting condolences. Arshi says Mahgul is really strong to face everything that is why they sent her to her mother. Mahgul comes there, saying her child is alive and goes upstairs.

Later, Arshi cursed Mahgul in front of Hassan and Zahir. She was worried for the whole world. Zahir tells her to relax; Zain is returning home and would find a solution. Arshi was furious that she has brought a transgender home; she must have taken him to her mother. Hassan tells her to control her anger, this is sensitive matter. Zain asks what to handle? Arshi says his wife. Hassan tells Zain it’s nothing about getting tensed; Mahgul has brought the child back home. Zain was shocked. Arshi laughs, that she won’t discuss with Zain. Zain stops his mother. Arshi was angry at Zain’s tone, Zahir replies she pushes him by herself.

Savera was angry at Sanam for being Mahgul’s side. She asks why Mahgul dropped her to Arshi’s. Sanam tells Savera nothing was done, she spoke to Zahir. They have controlled Arshi right now, and Zain has gone to speak to Mahgul.
Zain comes to the room. Mahgul had fallen asleep, while the child was playing. It was night; Mahgul wakes up by the cries of the child. Zain also wakes up on the couch. Zain says he didn’t disturb because she was sleeping, can they speak now. He questions what it is. Mahgul replies it’s their child? Zain asks if son or daughter, if she has an answer. Mahgul stares at him, wondering how he can be so bitter. He asks how she would reply to the world if she can’t answer him. They can’t do this, like any other parent. Mahgul asks if parents throw the children who are disabled, or don’t have arms or feet. Zain says that example is different. Mahgul insists they have given birth to this child. Zain says she went with him to give him away. Mahgul questions who asked her, she was in complete shock. She denies her agreement; it was his decision; where is it justified. Zain asks her decision? Mahgul insists this is their child, they must keep him. Zain asks for her own decision, not theirs? Mahgul confirms if he decision is different? Zain looks down, and leave the room.

In the morning, Hassan asks Zain if he has seen the time. Zain was hopeless. Hassan says time is ruthless with everyone at some point in time. Zain was upset that he is already very hurt. Hassan advises him to talk to Mahgul. Zain tells Hassan she wants to opt the child, and wants him to give his name. Zain tells Hassan he didn’t ask Mahgul, and just took her there. Hassan was angry that Mahgul is different, he shouldn’t have gone their without discussing with her. He seconds Mahgul, this decision should have been their mutual decision. Zain asks what to be done. Hassan suggests taking a middle path, this is a difficult decision. Whatever decision he takes, it should not be an emotional one and assures his side with Zain.

Mahgul was playing with her child, Savera comes angry if she has really grown up being a mother. She takes the child in her arms. Mahgul smiles, then apologizes. Savera was angry and asks what Mahgul wants to prove. Mahgul says she only wanted her child back, no matter what. Savera asks if this is her decision, is she aware of after effects. Mahgul replies may be not; it has never happened before in life. Savera asks if she is ruining her life, because she wants to become a symbol for the world. Mahgul says she brought him here, because this is her child. Savera loves the child, then tells Mahgul this isn’t an easy path. Mahgul smiles, boasting its atleast a path. Both mothers smile watching the child play.

Zahir comes to Sanam. He tells Sanam to have informed him atleast, he could have been mentally prepared at least. She has no idea what a shock it was for the family. Sanam asks if it wasn’t a shock for Mahgul that she was taken to transgender’s place and told to hand the child. She know Mahgul since childhood, she can’t be handled this way. Zahir was shocked, and asks if this is Mahgul’s final decision. Sanam replies Mahgul does what she decide and this is about her child, no matter if Zain is with her or not.

Bubbly thinks her house is empty. Zain comes questioning why she let the child go, he had told to take the child away. She could have resided in any place. Bubbly mocks that Mahgul didn’t even get someone like her, he is a coward against Mahgul who is brave. Bubbly says they will get a position after what his wife is going to do. She smiles watching Zain’s fearful face, and tells him to go.

NEXT EPISODE: Arshi tells Zain to leave the child, else he would leave her. Mahgul says she thought their relation would strengthen after their child, but he might find it broken. Zain cries in front of Mahgul, Mahgul decides to leave his life.

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