Shehrnaz – Episode 4 23rd November 2016 Written Update

Shehrnaz – Episode 4 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Ainee was worried that nothing can happen to Shehrnaz now. Shehrnaz was upset that being a heroine is her childhood dream. They hear phone bell, Shehrnaz replies the call. It was the director congratulating her, as she has been selected as KK production’s next heroine. She has a final meeting with company and company will pick her up tomorrow. Shehrnaz runs towards Ainee excited and hugs her.

Laila scolds her manager; the manager says the dress isn’t present in the whole workshop. Shehrnaz’s baba brings the dress finally, asking if this is the dress; it was in a corner in store room. Laila scolds him for handling it to roughly.

Shehrnaz was waiting in the balcony when KK comes out. He tells her to call him as KK, Shehrnaz happily agrees. KK compliments her name, asking who chose it. She says her Baba named her as Shehnaz, but she changed it to Shehernaz. KK asks for its meaning, she replies it means the one residing in everyone’s dreams.

Baba returns to his workstation, thinking he was saved today Naseer Gul; had he been caught his earned respect should have lost.

KK keenly watches Shehrnaz read the contract. He says it’s for the first time she is going to sign a film’s contract, she will be the main lead of his film; is she excited? She excitedly says this has been her dream. KK hands her a pen to sign. He clarifies people consider him a righteous man of principles and is thus successful. Shehrnaz doesn’t agree. He says he is as bad as others in this industry; he only has a few rules. This showbiz industry is strange, she would understand the rules here; here not everything is visible. She must be thinking why he is saying this to her, he says she needs this film and he needs her. If poison is available in sugar coated films, it would still be a poison; it doesn’t matter who sells them.

Shehrnaz throws the pen, and minds him she would never compromise on her respect. If she has to be a heroine, she will be. KK reminds this is film industry, here nothing is ideal. People have to spend whole of their lives in a struggle to be successful. He won’t stop her, and is freeing her to test her luck; when tired she would return to him. Shehrnaz leaves.

In the college, Shehrnaz and Ainee were shocked about KK’s reality. Shehrnaz says she was in disbelief when she heard his demands. She wanted to snatch his face then, and narrates KK’s words that many girls aren’t even able to return their home after all the struggle. Ainee wonders where they would have gone.

KK sat in his office lost in thoughts of Shehrnaz. Bakhshi shows him some more girl’s photos. KK wonders how Shehrnaz rejected an offer that many girls are striving for. Bakhshi says girls from lower middle class are turned brave in hands of their situations. KK says he was making her a star and she was such an old fashioned. Bakhshi says men are all bastards, but each woman has different type. He asks KK to see some more heroines, KK wasn’t in a mood. Bakhshi leaves.

Sherry comes to Shehrnaz and complains that he called her a lot, but she didn’t reply. He asks about her film. She denies. He asks why wasn’t she selected, Shehrnaz says she was selected? Sherry asks if she herself lost the film, then laughs. Shehrnaz was angry that he was joking about her, then leaves.

Bakhshi tells KK he has mailed some more photos. KK says its about acting and not face; he asks Bakhshi if Shehrnaz would return? He replies it seems difficult.

Sherry comes looking for Shehrnaz explaining it was a joke. She was off mooded and turns to leave. Sherry stops her by holding her hand, Shehrnaz asks him to let her go, her mood is really off right now. Sherry complains her about her mood swings. He jerks her hand, allowing her to leave. She walks to the garden when she gets a call for an acting interview. Shehrnaz wonders which interview now.

A girl arrives at the campus, and asks two guys about dean’s office. Sherry stops the girl and corrects its on the other side. The boys had flee by then, Sherry clarifies the girl they were joking. The girl introduces herself as Sara, Sherry introduces himself as Shehryar Mughal.

In the evening, Shehrnaz returns. Baba complains her about not even calling him. Shehrnaz says she is sorry, and she isn’t concerned about anyone else in front of her dreams. She was determined not to die in this house. Baba goes to serve food. Shehrnaz comes to her room upset. There was a bouquet in her room; she goes to ask who sent this. Baba says a man came to give them. Baba didn’t know who these were from. Shehrnaz finds a card n the flowers, they were from KK. She throws the bouquet away in rage.
Shehrnaz calls Bakhshi to speak to KK. Bakhshi asks for a message. Shehrnaz warns him no matter they send a bouquet or a whole garden, she won’t care.

In the interview, Shehrnaz sits in the waiting area when the manager brings her the script. Shehrnaz asks about the character and role, and inquires about this girl’s psyche. The manager says she would get to know about everything when she is called inside.

Laila scolds Baba for ruining the design of her dress. Naseer says he thought she would like it. Laila shouts at him to remain as a tailor and not be a designer.

The interviewer likes Shehrnaz’s acting and considers her suitable for the character. They finally tells her this role is of heroine’s friend. Shehrnaz shouts at them for not informing her before. The director asks if she is any star that she is misbehaving this way, and laugh at her attitude. Shehrnaz leaves. Laila reminds Naseer this is her place, and she would cut her salary to pay the cost of this dress. Naseer keeps on pleading her.

In the college, Shehrnaz watches Sherry with Sara. She calls him and inquires him about Sara. She says her mood is really off, Sherry asks her to tell something new. She ask about the girl. Sherry tells her she is Sara, he was just guiding. Sherry reminds they are her senior. Shehrnaz takes him out somewhere as she needs to speak to him.
In the restaurant, Shehrnaz tells Sherry she went for an audition and they offered her a character of heroine’s friend. She boasts about getting into the character and remembering the dialogues. She says KK was better who gave her an offer for film atleast. She was only frustrated of his situations. Sherry says they could have discussed this all at university as well. Shehrnaz says there people watch them together and think they have an affair only. Sherry suggests she is afraid of people, Shehrnaz boasts she is never afraid of anyone but her Baba.

Bakhshi comes to tell KK Shehrnaz called. KK confirms if she is coming. Bakhshi tells him what she said. KK says alright, and smiles at Bakhshi to leave.

Shehrnaz tells Sherry its really difficult to achieve one’s position in film industry. She tells Sherry she wants to live her life well. Sherry was uninterested.

At night, Shehrnaz lay in her bed recalling the laughters of directors in audition. She goes to answer the knock at door, Naseer returns home. Shehrnaz asks where he had been, then notices he was worried. She asks the reason. Naseer says Laila scolded him today because he changed the design of a dress. Shehrnaz watches the dress saying this is really nice. Shehrnaz forbids him to go to shop from now on, its her last semester and she would later get a good job. Naseer was worried for his earning and says he would apologize tomorrow. Shehrnaz tells him to leave the job. Naseer insists one can’t feed himself with emotions. Shehrnaz murmurs Sherry also says this.

PRECAP: Shehrnaz was worried about Baba and wasn’t ready to go for 15 days. Sherry warns Shehrnaz she isn’t doing right, but she doesn’t agree. Sherry was irritated as Sara’s continuous discussion about Shehrnaz and says they are only friends. Shehrnaz comes to KK in the restaurant, saying they could pay their bills themselves. She throws the money over his mouth and leave.

Update Credit to: Niki

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